Everything You Need to Know About Ponytail Hair Extensions | How To

 What Are Ponytail Extensions?

Let’s go straight to the point: what are ponytail hair extensions?

Well, just like any other types of hair extensions, ponytail extensions are a safe way to get a longer & fuller ponytail with no commitment. We all know ponytails are a quick and versatile hairstyle that helps us out whenever we’re in need of a time-saving and fun look on the go.

However, sometimes our hair can end up being too short or thin for a good ponytail.

That is where ponytail extensions come to your rescue. Ponytail extensions are one piece wrap-around extensions which come in different lengths, colors, and textures depending on your preferences. These extensions have a clip attached at the base used to secure the extensions in your hair. Ponytail extensions are a quick and easy solution for thin or short hair and they instantly add volume, texture, and density to your ponytail. It also comes with a thick strand of extra hair that you can wrap around the base of your ponytail to conceal the fact that you’re wearing extensions.

How Do You Install Ponytail Extensions?

As an online hair extension company, our main focus whenever designing new extensions is practicality. At USA Hair, we believe hair extensions shouldn’t be a stressful experience. You should be able to install and remove your extensions whenever you want, easily & safely. 

So you may be wondering:

  • how to install ponytail extensions?
  • Will a ponytail extension look realistic?
  • How to put in a wrap around ponytail extensions?
  • How to put a ponytail extensions in short hair?

Installing ponytail extensions is an easy task which takes mere seconds. First, tie your hair into an even ponytail. Then, grab your ponytail extensions and attach its clips into the base of your ponytail. Continue to wrap the extensions around your ponytail and then use the extra strand of hair on the side to wrap around the base of the ponytail so you can secure the extensions into place. Secure the wrapped extra hair with bobby pins and you’re done!

How Much Do Ponytail Extensions Cost?

The price of USA Hair ponytail extensions start at $75 and can go up to $250. There are different types of ponytail extensions, and the price will vary accordingly.

For example, USA Hair’s synthetic ponytail extensions are only $75 and sold in over 30 shades. Synthetic hair is a great choice if you’re on a budget. It’s also the hair quality we recommend for those who never tried hair extensions before. It’s a great starting point & the hair doesn’t look fake despite being made of synthetic fiber. On the contrary, synthetic hair sold on USA Hair looks real because of the materials being used. Contrary to other hair extensions website, our synthetic hair has been developed with our unique patented technology where the hair is manufactured in a realistic & natural way despite synthetic hair being used. However, keep in mind that you can’t apply hot tools on synthetic hair. The hair will melt because synthetic hair can’t receive any heat. Therefore, should you be ordering synthetic ponytail extensions, remember that you can’t change the style of the hair using hot tools neither can you dye the extensions.

If you want versatility when styling or coloring your ponytail extensions, we recommend you try human hair ponytail extensions. Human hair quality is the second hair quality offered on USA Hair after synthetic hair. It’s for those who want to have an even better hair quality & wish to be able to style their extensions with hot tools without any issues. USA Hair’s ponytail human hair extensions are $250 per set. 

USA Hair ponytail extensions are available in different hair colors:

We also carry ponytail hair extensions in different hair lengths: 18 inches ponytails and 20 inches ponytails,.

Pros of Wearing Ponytail Hair Extensions:

There are many pros of choosing ponytail hair extensions as your go-to fix. From easy installation, longevity to guaranteed realistic results, USA Hair ponytail hair extensions have every advantage you could possibly think of. To fairly consider if a product is right for you, you have to weigh the pros and cons of it and see if it fulfills your expectations. Below, we compiled a list of all the pros of wearing USA Hair’s ponytail extensions: 

#1 Ponytail Hair Extensions Are Comfortable:

Perhaps the most important advantage of wearing ponytail extensions is that they are really comfortable. You can wear ponytail extensions all day long without any discomfort or itchiness. Ponytail extensions will always feel comfortable in your hair when applied correctly. USA Hair’s ponytail extensions are lightweight and easy to attach & secure to your hair. Plus, unlike permanent extensions, you can install ponytail hair extensions whenever you please in mere seconds! 

#2 Ponytail Hair Extensions Are Affordable:

One thing we’ve observed when it comes to hair extensions and their general costs is that ponytail hair extensions are much cheaper than all other extensions. They could possibly be the cheapest on the market regardless of quality since they’re so frequently and widely available. That makes it super easy to buy ponytail hair extensions whenever you want and in whatever color, texture, or length you’re looking for without breaking your bank. Another bonus we couldn’t possibly forget mentioning is that you only need only one pack or bundle of ponytail hair extensions to add enough volume and texture to your ponytail. That’s right; this means you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy 5 or 6 packs as one pack is sufficient enough for one person. It’s safe to say ponytail hair extensions couldn’t get more affordable than they are now.

Synthetic ponytail extensions on USA Hair weigh 140 grams, and human hair ponytail extensions on USA Hair weigh 125 grams.

The price for synthetic ponytail extensions is $75. And the price for human hair ponytail extensions is $250.

#3 Ponytail Hair Extensions Are Easy To Use:

Not only are they shockingly easy to install, but they’re also effortless to maintain and detach whenever you please. The installation process is so easy and quick that it won’t take you more than a minute or two of your time. That makes it absolutely perfect for everyday use, whether you’re going to work, school, or even a party. To install them, you only have to follow these few steps. First, tie your hair into an even and tight ponytail. Then wrap the ponytail hair extensions around the base of your ponytail using the small clips attached at he top. Wrap the extra bundle of hair around that which will act as a hair tie to secure the extensions into place. Use bobby pins to set everything into place. Now, isn’t that the easiest installation process you’ve ever heard? It only takes minutes and is super easy and comfortable. Since ponytail hair extensions are secured tightly and are very lightweight, it’s breezy to maintain them throughout the day without any need to touch up again and again. It’s also unbelievably easy to remove them, as all you have to do is take out the bobby pins and pull the clips of the extensions out in seconds!

#4 Ponytail Hair Extensions Are Time-Saving And Versatile:

If you’re a person is always on the go, ponytail hair extensions are perfect for you. That’s because the quick and super easy installation saves so much time of your day due to the fact that it takes just minutes. This factor makes ponytail extensions completely ideal for everyday wear. Want to polish your look a bit before going to work? Wear your ponytail. Can’t figure out time saving and easy hairstyle to wear to school every day? Wear your ponytail. Have a Sunday brunch to attend to and can’t figure out a look that’s casual but dressy at the same time? Wear your ponytail and add waves or curls to it. Ponytail hair extensions are the answer to basically everything! You can experiment with so many different types of ponytails due to the versatile collections of colors, and lengths available at the market. Ponytail hair extensions are definitely going to be your new savior.

Cons Of Wearing Ponytail Hair Extensions:

The way you style your hair can honestly make or break your look, and the right hairstyle can do total wonders to your appearance with just your hair and a little bit of styling magic. When it comes to quick and easy hairstyles, a ponytail easily tops the list and that is the reason why it is the hair equivalent of a best friend to many people. 

USA Hair Ponytail hair extensions are your solution to getting a beautiful, long and thick ponytail in a snap of your fingers.

But be warned, ponytail hair extensions come with a few downsides as well. Before you actually make the purchase, it is best to know all everything about ponytail extensions. Here are a few cons of wearing ponytail hair extensions. 

#1 You Cannot Wear Ponytail Hair Extensions For Too Long

It happens quite often that people buy and wear hair extensions as somewhat of a permanent solution for hair loss, lack of volume, or to achieve amazing length in the blink of an eye that. There are hair extensions that you can get installed to last for a long period of time, like sew-in hair extensions or micro-loop hair extensions, which give you a long-term answer to your hair requirements. Unfortunately, ponytail hair extensions are not that kind of hair extensions, as they are installed with a clip or bobby pins, and velcro straps, and these are not a permanent fix. Plus, you can only wear these extensions in ponytail form which isn’t very comfortable when going to sleep, so you have to take them off when you’re done with the occasions.

#2 You need to find the right shade

Seriously, we can’t stress this enough. A ponytail hair extension really plays a vital role in creating a look for you in terms of hairstyling. For this reason, it is important that you get the absolutely precise shade that matches the color of your own hair, otherwise, it would look pretty awkward if a ponytail of different colored hair is protruding out of your head. Hence, it is crucial that you match the color of the extension to your natural hair before you buy them.

The good news is that USA Hair’s ponytail extensions are offered in over 30 shades. Whether you’re looking for black ponytail extensions, brown ponytail extensions, blonde ponytail extensions, or ombre ponytail extensions, you’re sure to find your perfect shade on USA Hair.


We also have a free color match service! To find the right color on USA Hair, here are your options:

  1. Get 2 free color swatches by mail
  2. Order samples (include gift card!)
  3. Order our full color ring (includes gift card!)
  4. Send us a selfie for our personal recommendations!

It’s fast & easy to get the right hair color on USA Hair with our color match service!

#3 Wearing Ponytail Hair Extensions Can Restrict Your Hair

Though ponytail hair extensions are a very good idea if you are wishing for an instantly long ponytail with gorgeous volume, they can restrict your hair if you keep them on for too long. The ponytail hair extensions work by wrapping the top of the hair extension to the base of your natural ponytail to increase length and volume, therefore your natural hair is required to stay tied into a ponytail for as long as you wish to wear the hair extensions.

#4 Ponytail Hair Extensions Do Not Guarantee Long Lasting Durability:

You know what happens a while after trying our hair into a ponytail. It eventually comes loose and drops down from its original position, giving off an unattractive and messy look. The same can be the case with a ponytail made with hair extensions if worn for too long. It could be weighed down, and since they are inserted into your hair using clips/bobby pins and velcro, too long of wearing time or too much movement or swishing of the hair can jerk the attachments into coming loose.

Since ponytail hair extensions are often used for extra length and volume, it also means extra weight. In addition to that, they are attached directly to your natural hair, which means that with the extra weight, especially when worn for a long time, ponytail hair extensions can tug at your hair which can weigh them down and cause irritation.

When To and When Not To Wear Ponytail Hair Extensions:

A person can easily get luscious, thick and long hair in discreet yet safe manner just by wearing hair extensions. There are many types of hair extensions that can be used to dramatically change your appearance. One of the most loved and widely used types of hair extensions are the ponytail hair extensions. The reliable ponytail hair extensions allow you to try different ponytail hairstyles.  It is necessary to know about when to and when not to wear the ponytail hair extensions. Sometimes wearing ponytail hair extensions to an event can totally ruin your hairstyle as well as your mood. So if you want to know about when to and when not to wear ponytail hair extensions, then this is the right place for you.

When to Wear Ponytail Hair Extensions:

These are the events that are appropriate for you to wear ponytail hair extensions.

#1 To A Date:

Wearing ponytail hair extensions to a dinner date or just a casual outing date with your significant other would be a great idea. You can try different types of cute and sophisticated ponytail hairstyles that you can carry around all day as well as feel comfortable. 

#2 To A Casual Office Party:

Ponytail hair extensions can be your go to option for a casual office party of a hangout with your colleagues. You can try the classic loose ponytail for the simple occasion which will be easy to handle and appropriate for the event as well.

#3 To An Engagement Party:

An engagement party is the best event to try out new ponytail techniques with the ponytail hair extensions. Try different hairstyles and unique looking ideas to get those head turning at the engagement party.

When Not to Wear Ponytail Hair Extensions:

These are the events where you should definitely not wear ponytail hair extensions, or it can be a total mess. 

#1 To The Club:

Wearing ponytail hair extensions to the club or to any dance floor can be a total mess. The hair extensions can come off or get loose while you are dancing or just randomly swaying around to your favorite beat. So it is definitely a bad idea to spend your time wearing the extensions and getting the hairstyle ruined at the end anyway.

#2 To A Pool Party:

A pool party is quite literally the most inappropriate place to wear ponytail hair extensions. Getting into the pool will wet the extensions and will weigh them down which will eventually come off due to the weight of the water.

#3 To A Slumber Party:

Even though you will try your best to stay up all night and have fun with your girls, watch movies and talk your heart out but at one point all of you would get tired and get ready to hit the sack. At that point, taking off your hair extensions will sound like the most difficult task and sleeping with them won’t be the most suitable idea, due to the Velcro straps and the bobby pins annoying you while you sleep.


What Are Some Styles That I Can Make with My Ponytail Hair Extensions?

The best thing about using ponytail hair extensions is that they provide you with instant additional length and totally gorgeous volume in the blink of an eye, with close to no effort at all on your part. You just have to clip and tuck the ponytail hair extensions and bam! Instant hair upgrade in a snap of our fingers! The added length and volume in your hair allows you to try multiple different styles, which is a total plus point. Here are some super cool and easy hairstyles that you can make with your ponytail hair extensions.

#1 The Classic and Chic High Ponytail:

Whether you are going on a casual daytime date or your graduation party, the classic high ponytail will always be there to back you up. You can always rely on a high ponytail for an evergreen, classically chic look that will be time-saving as well.

#2 The Stylish Ponytail Braid:

This one refers to two different hairstyles with the same name, both of them being super cute. One option is that you can braid your hair on the sides of your head and then tie the length into a ponytail, which will be an elegant idea for an event like a wedding. The second option is that you can tie your hair into a ponytail and then braid it for an effortlessly cute hairstyle.

#3 The Elegant Bubble Ponytail:

This hairstyle is a total darling because you do not have to put in too much effort into it, but the results are absolutely to die for. Just secure your hair extensions around your ponytail and then tie rubber bands on appropriate intervals to create the bubble effect.

#4 The Sleek and Classy Low Ponytail:

For events which are a bit more formal, this is the right hairstyle. The classy low ponytail is the perfect statement for a sober and formal look, which you can go for while attending a formal office dinner or a business meeting. Add a little twist for a fancy, romantic touch to the hairstyle that you can wear to a nighttime date.

Installing ponytail hair extensions to your head opens up multiple opportunities for you when it comes to hairstyling, and enables you to try many different hairstyles that you were not able to try before due to lack of either length or because of insufficient volume. Here are some amazing and beautiful hairstyles which are totally convenient to make, so now that you have got your ponytail hair extensions, you can go exploring and try as many hairstyles with them as you wish to!

What is the best brand of ponytail hair extensions?

The best brand of ponytail extensions are USA Hair ponytail extensions. Our ponytail extensions are soft, easy to use, and sold at affordable hair extensions prices.

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