The Ultimate Guide to Clip-in Hair Extensions

What are Clip-in Hair Extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are the temporary kind of hair extensions that you can use to amp up the look, volume, length, or texture of our hair in just a few minutes. They are either made up of synthetic hair or completely natural hair. They are attached to your roots with the help of small   clips. With the help of these clips, you can temporarily but securely attach these clip-in hair extensions to your own hair for whatever occasion you want. 

They are safe and easy to remove, making them perfect for teenagers and young adults as well. The varying length, volume, texture, and color of the clip-in hair extensions are few of the reasons why so many fashion and beauty enthusiasts swear by them. 

Clip-in hair extensions are even perfect for newbies because of how user-friendly and easy they are to install.

what are clip in

Clip-in extensions are one of the safest and easiest types of hair extensions you can use. Basically clip in hair extensions are horizontal hair wefts of different sizes with small clips sewed at the top of these wefts.

They are available in a range of colors, thicknesses, and lengths that are suitable for all types of hair except for those with severe hair loss, very damaged hair or very short hair (under three inches long).

Clip in extensions are very safe to use for everyday life and can even be used on young teens for very special occasions a such as prom. You can wear clip ins as regularly as you like, from once in a while to everyday use.


How Much Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Cost??

As the hair extensions have gained so much popularity over the past few years, you can literally find them everywhere, from high-end boutiques to dollar stores. Clip-in hair extension are the most easily available hair extensions but not all stores and retailers sell the highest quality hair extensions.

It’s not a simple case of ‘the more expensive the better’ as some stores will have a high mark up on a very cheap product so you should consider all of the options before making a purchase, not just the cost.

A good quality set of clip-in hair extensions can range from $90 to $150 depending on what kind of hair, length, and volume you have opted for. Do not fall for scams selling cheap quality hair extensions at a higher price rate. The retailer should be able to specify the type of hair and source of hair without any hesitation.

At a physical hair extension store, always make sure to touch and feel the hair extensions to know if it’s fake or real for your 100% satisfaction before making the payment. 

At we sell the most premium quality hair extensions at the most reasonable prices in the market. We have a variety of color options, lengths, and types of hair for you to choose from. We deliver throughout the US and have a hassle free return policy for the satisfaction of our customers. We also offer the possibility to buy a small sample before committing to buying the whole set. When you order your sample we also include a gift card that can be redeemed when you purchase your full set. 


What should I look for when getting clip-ins?

Since the market of hair extensions and clip-ins is very large and versatile, it can be hard to recognize exactly what kind is the right one for your hair, needs, and lifestyle. Here is a list of points to consider while shopping to help you make the right choice. This isn’t so long that it bores you, but it’s long enough to cover all the details and questions that must be wandering around your head while shopping for clip-in extensions.


  • Real or Synthetic?

A tough yet common dilemma people have when buying clip-in hair extensions is whether they should buy synthetic hair extensions or real hair extensions. That decision depends mainly on how much money you’re willing to spend, how long you want them to last, and how much time you can spend on their maintenance. Read on to find out the pros and cons of synthetic hair clip-in extensions and real hair clip-in extensions so that you can easily weigh your options.

Pros of Synthetic Clip-in Extensions:

The main advantages of synthetic hair clip-in extensions is that they’re affordable, easy to maintain, and variable in terms of color and texture.


  • Cheap: Synthetic hair isn’t very hard to acquire since it’s developed from man-made fiber and that makes it comparatively much cheaper in cost. Also, synthetic clip-ins are commonly made from a plastic called Kanekalon. Kanekalon is available in just about any color and that saves you the very pricey and lengthy process of hair coloring.
  • Range of colors: As we said before, synthetic clip-ins are easily available in any color you’d prefer, and at a very affordable cost. So whether you want to dress up for Halloween or it’s a costume party you’re going to, you can get extensions in any color of the rainbow that you want. Since synthetic hair extensions have been through many treatments and processes already, one thing to keep in mind is that these extensions cannot be dyed or bleached again. However, since they’re all so very affordable, you can buy multiple different colored sets to please your mood.
  • Set style: Even though synthetic hair is completely artificial, all the treatments and processes make it look realistic and available in different textures ranging from the tightest curl to the sleekest straight.
  • Low maintenance: Since these extensions have undergone so many treatments to maintain their shine and softness, you won’t need to wash them as regularly as real hair extensions. They’re easy to handle, easy to store, and you can wear them as often as you please.


Cons of Synthetic Clip-in Extensions:

The main problem with synthetic hair clip-in extensions is that you can’t change the style, color, or texture in any way possible without damaging it and also, they can’t nail the authenticity of real hair clip-in extensions.


  • Hard to change the style: Synthetic hair doesn’t need to go through any more processes or treatments than it already has, which means dying, bleaching, setting, or heating your synthetic hair extensions will only damage them. It’s definitely recommended to avoid heat styling these extensions as they are made of plastic and will instantly melt. 
  • Look and feel: Some companies do sell very high end synthetic hair extensions that look very realistic and feel very soft. However, if you have any experience with wigs and extensions, you can instantly tell the difference between real hair and synthetic hair. It has a noticeably plasticky feel and often times, the shine can look too fake. Synthetic hair also frays very easily and becomes frizzy after a period of time.


Pros of Real Hair Clip-in Extensions:

Real hair clip-in extensions have many benefits. You can style them  however you want, they look very real and authentic, they last longer, and you can dye them whenever you please. We would recommend going for Indian Remy hair clip-in extensions since they are the best in quality and feel. They also last shockingly long for their slightly lower price. 


  • Styling: No one wants to be stuck with just one style forever. That is why the real human hair extensions available at USA Hair allow you to change your hairstyle as much as possible. You can use any heat styling tool  on real hair extensions to go from curly to wavy to straight whenever you feel like changing up your look. However, it’s important to not let the temperature go over 250 degrees Celsius on any heating tool to avoid any damage. Remember not to heat style your extensions too often and if you do, always use a heat protectant to maintain the softness and shine of your real hair extensions. 
  • Look and feel: You can find realistic and soft synthetic hair on the market but it’ll never be as good as the real thing. Real hair extensions have the authentic appearance and soft feel that no other extensions will ever be able to imitate. Often, some vendors can scam you by giving you real hair that is mixed with synthetic hair to sell their cheap product at a higher price so it’s important to check by running your fingers through it to see if it tangles easily. You can also tell the difference by looking closely for any synthetic fibers that stand out from between the bundles of real, soft hair. 
  • Lasts longer: Although real hair is comparatively high maintenance, it can last many years if you take care of them the right way. You can also lengthen their lifetime by deeply conditioning them and trimming the split ends if you feel that they’re losing their original shine due to being exposed to sunlight, pollution, heat, or any harsh chemicals.
  • Color: We all like to change up our look dramatically once in a while, and what better way is there to do it than dyeing your hair a brand new color? You can avoid the scary commitment by just dyeing your real hair extensions. It’s important to avoid box dyes and remember to buy the lightest shade of the extensions available if you plan on dyeing them a bright color since that diminishes the need for bleach. We wouldn’t recommend bleaching or dying your extensions too much since the human hair will react just like your own would.


Cons of Real Clip-in Extensions:

The cons of real hair clip-in extensions are very existent, but they can easily be avoided by taking good care of your extensions and keeping it away from direct harm.

  • Expensive: Real hair extensions are admittedly much more expensive compared to other extensions but that can be justified by the extra benefits they have in terms of durability, versatility, and authenticity. 
  • Damage: Since human hair extensions react to anything just like your own hair would, it’s predictable of them to become damaged by environmental pollution, harsh chemicals, and heat. Using them too often can easily damage your extensions. This damage can be avoided by using high quality shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products while washing and taking care of your extensions. Keep your extensions soft and shiny by using essential oils. Avoid heat styling your extensions too much or at least without the use of heat protectant. A harmless way to style your real hair extensions into different textures is to use overnight rollers.
  • Variation: Since real hair extensions come from different, single donors, you can expect a slight but noticeable change in texture in every different batch. However, virgin hair, as in hair that hasn’t been processed at all, is also available on the market and you can see the different textures in them. This can make your hair look strange and uneven when it comes to texture.
  • High maintenance: As we mentioned before, human hair extensions are just like another bundle of your own hair which means you have to treat them just like your own hair. You have to wash them using high quality shampoos and conditioners and keep them moisturized and soft using serums and oils. This can be a hassle for people who don’t care to spend much time on their extensions and prefer hassle-free extensions with synthetic hair.


  • The Right Shade?

Many people buy clip-in extensions for the purpose of blending it with their own hair to add more volume, length, and texture. That can be easy if your natural hair color falls under the typical category of colors 1 to 10, which ranges from darkest black to lightest blonde. Picking the right color may be is an easy task but pinpointing the exact shade of that color to match your hair can be a trickier job since you don’t want your hair to have uneven patches of different shades throughout. It’s possible that you may have different undertones and highlights that differ your hair shade from people with the same hair color. Orange or yellow undertones can make your hair appear redder, and that completely changes the hair shade.

Picking the right colors is easy however there are different shades that make up all the wonderful variations of hair colors.

Some vendors differentiate their shades by numbering their colors with different numbers or alphabets. For example, color 1 has shades 1A, 1B, etc or shades 1.1, 1.2, etc. This makes it easier for customers to browse for the right hair color and pinpoint the exact shade that they want to buy their extensions in. However, each company has different methods of this so it’s best to ask the vendor and understand their method beforehand instead of making the wrong purchase and regretting it later on when you see that it doesn’t match your hair realistically.

Each company may have a slightly different method so it’s best to ask them beforehand so that you don’t end up making a mistake and buying the wrong color as often it is difficult to return hair extensions.

USA Hair offers a color matching service, you can simply upload a selfie on our website and we will recommend the best color for you. Alternatively, you can order color a few swatches or even a full color ring to see our hair colors in person and make the best decision for you.

Fortunately for you, USA Hair has a very safe, quick, easy, and free return policy which allows you to return your extensions back to the company if you’ve changed your mind with no hassle and at absolutely no cost.  Also, if you feel confused about which color, length, and type of clip-in extensions to buy from USA Hair, you can just email us and we promise to have our hard working team at your service to walk you through the process and help you come to a safe decision. 


  • The Right Length?

Although it’s a dream dreamt by all of us to have hips length hair extensions, it isn’t really practical as it can easily become very pricey and super hard to maintain. You must consider your lifestyle and preference while choosing the length and we recommend going no longer than 12 inches than your natural hair for your first set of clip-in extensions unless it’s very short. 

As you would expect the price increases dramatically the longer you go. With synthetic hair this isn’t too much of a big deal as the hair is created artificially so it isn’t difficult to extend the hair to whatever lengths people want.

Obviously, you can expect the price to get higher the longer the extensions are. This won’t be too much of a problem with synthetic hair extensions as they are easy to attain and create longer lengths of, which is why the prices don’t increase too dramatically. However, the case isn’t the same with real hair extensions.

Human hair extensions in longer lengths can be extremely pricey and another thing to remember is that not too many vendors sell longer lengths of human hair extensions.

A tip to never ever forget is that your extensions should be the same length, if not longer a bit than your natural hair since it would look really strange if they stopped shorter. You also have to consider the length of your head which naturally makes the hair tapered, which means the clip-in extensions that are typically the same length when in a bundle, but when installed will look shorter at the top of your head and longer at the bottom. That will give you a layered look.


Matching Extensions With Hair Color?

Some people wear clip-in hair extensions of different color than their natural hair as an affordable and easy way to have highlights. Some even go for more than one color to step their style.

If you want a bright and exciting colour, then synthetic clip in extensions may be the best option as they are available in a wider range however if you feel like you would want to change the hair texture often, by adding curls or straightening to match whatever style you choose, using human hair extensions would be better.

If you want an eye-catching pop of color, then synthetic hair is the best option for you because they are easily available in more colors. However, if you want an adjustment of texture and easy styling option, then human hair would be the best choice. In case your hair is already highlighted and you want extensions of the exact shade than its best to get hair extensions of the same hair color that your own hair and ask a stylist to color them the same as your highlights.

Balayage is the hottest new trend in the world of hairstyles. Just like an ombre, Balayage is a style in which your hair starts with a dark color and flows to a lighter one. This hairstyle can also be modified or upgraded with the help of hair extensions, you have just got to have the right color of extensions. For those who have a Balayage style and are looking for hair extensions, then the best idea is to get hair extensions of color that match the lightest part of your hair so the top part is covered with the darker part, and the ombre looks more volumized. 


Installing Clip-In Extensions

The most commonly loved extensions are clip-in hair extensions because they are temporary and you don’t have to commit to anything permanent, giving you the freedom of changing hairstyles whenever you want. Plus, they are affordable and are super easy to use. You don’t need a hairstylist to install in your clip-in extensions; you can even do it yourself, using simple tools with the help of this easy guide.

how to put clip in

Prepping Your Tools:

  • Complete Set Of Clip-In Hair Extensions.
  • Paddle Brush.
  • Clips.
  • A Mirror.

The process isn’t anything too hard, the tricks are to just to have all the tools close by so that you can continue easily and free of interruption, without constantly having to stop and look around for the tools.

Start From The Bottom

The correct way to go is to start from the top of your neck then go upwards towards the top of your head. As you keep going upwards, the size of the extensions will increase so that you install the larger ones on the larger parts of you head. Then you can make your way up with the larger wefts and smallest ones one each side of your head. 


Go With Sections

First and foremost, make sure that your hair is combed through properly so that no tangles or tears will be a bother while installing your clip-in hair extensions. Next, part your hair horizontally, starting from the nape neck. Then, attach the clips along your parted hair close to the roots and voila! It’s as simple as that. Repeat the process until you’ve reached the top of your head and all the extensions are applied satisfyingly. For best results, remember to comb the extensions as you apply them in order to avoid tangles. In the application of any and all kinds of hair extensions, one should strictly remember to fairly and gently comb through their hair extensions sufficiently so that they do not get tangled, as tangles or knots can do serious damage to your hair extensions, in terms of appearance, quality, and lifetime all at once.

While working with just the bottom section, make sure your own hair is combed through and there are no knots or tangles, then take the small piece of clip-in hair, open the clips and attach the hair to either side of the section and then close the clips.

Be Careful About The Partings:

It is experimented and agreed upon that while putting on clip-in hair extensions, the best results are produced when the extensions have a gap of 1 inch in between in, so make sure to leave a 1-inch distance as you install your extensions, for maximum result and luscious volume.

It’s All About Blending

All the above mentioned pointers should have your clip-in hair extensions installed in just the right way. Whatever way you style your hair in while wearing your extensions, remember to smooth them out so that the clip part doesn’t stick out. This is to make sure that your clip-in hair extensions are blended well and properly with your natural hair so they give off a natural look instead of looking like a bad, artificial hair do.

The best part about clip-in hair extensions is that they are so easy to apply. If, while installing to your head, you happen to accidentally misplace one of them, do not worry at all. Just remove them by unclipping them and readjust it to the right place, and clip them in again.

Most kinds of hair extensions are easy to style with hair gels and creams, giving you the opportunity to create as many styles as you want, for many different looks.

Styling Clip-in Hair Extensions Like Real Hair

The best part about wearing clip-in hair extensions is that you can install them whenever you want and you are ready to go. To add a little bit of oomph to your hairstyle and make it look a lot more voluminous, just add a few wefts of hair extensions and you are ready to steal the show. Curl or straighten your hair prior installing to save more time while getting ready.

how do i stlye clip in

Match the texture of hair extensions with your real hair so they look completely blended and natural. Once the hair extensions are added, style them a little more to completely bring the whole look together. It is easier to style them when you have natural hair extensions sing hot tools.

With human hair clip in extensions, it is a little bit easier to style the hair once the clips have been installed but again you can do this beforehand and then click them in.

Just make sure your hair extensions are hidden within your hairstyle and no clips or bonds are peeking through. Whether you wear your hair down or put your hair extensions inside a ponytail. Attach small sections of hair extensions at the roots of your braid to make them look full and voluminous. 

If you have synthetic hair, just opt for mattifying creams to reduce the shine of fake hair and blend them in with your natural hair. Do not use heating tools if your synthetic hair extensions do not support heat and use as fewer products as possible to void any damage to your hair extensions. Use bobby pins to securely hide the clips to make your hair naturally long, and voluminous. 

If you’ll properly take care of your hair extensions and keep them in a condition, they won’t look any different than your beautiful natural hair and blend in perfectly.


How to Install Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest kind of hair extensions to wear on your own. You can easily put them on and take them off whenever needed. All you have to do is to section off your hair from the crown of the head and securely attach the clips of each weft around the roots of the sectioned part. Keep the one-inch gap between the partings and attach three to four rows of hair extensions in a similar manner to increase the length and volume of your hair. 

There is a variety of written and video tutorial on the internet that you can access with the help of Google, YouTube, and Instagram. These elaborate tutorials will help you through the whole process of installing clip-in hair extensions without any hassle. 

Play around with the length and texture of your hair as well as the volume when working with clip-in hair extensions as the temporary nature of these extensions makes them easy to experiment with. Just make sure to conceal the clips of your hair extensions for a natural and carefree appearance. Once you get the hang of how to wear clip-in hair extensions, you will see yourself reaching out for them a lot more than you expected. Yes, they are that addicting, but in a good way. 


Clip-In Extensions Lifetime

These are the temporary kind of hair extensions, which means you can install them easily on a daily basis and make use of them when you want a change of style for the moment.

The lifetime of clip-ins depends on how well you treat them. Treat them good and they will stick around for a good while. Synthetic extensions will have your back for about 4 to 6 months if you use them around twice a week. However, human hair extensions hold up for a long while since you can take care of them just like natural hair. Any human hair extensions from will last for a handful of years if you treat them with love and care. 


Washing Clip-In Extensions

Like every other thing, hair extensions get dull and dirty as well over time, and they require treatment and washing. How to wash your clip-in hair extensions, you must be wondering? Well, don’t you worry anymore, because here is how to wash your clip-in hair extensions easily?

The most appropriate time for washing clip-in hair extensions is after every 15 uses, which would make it hard once a month if you are a regular user. In the case of human hair, however, you may have to put in a little more effort and attention when it comes to taking care of human hair extensions because they collect dirt just like natural hair, so it’s best to wash them after every 5 uses or so.

Remember we told you that synthetic hair is made from artificial fibers, therefore you don’t need to treat them like natural hair when you wash them. All you really want to do is cleanse them of any extra dirt or debris from while you have been wearing them.

Washing Synthetic Extensions: 

The washing process for synthetic and human hair extensions is different. Since synthetic hair is made from artificial fiber like polymer, they do not require intense washing, you just need to get excess dirt off of the extensions and for that, a simple cleansing process would do. All you have to is rinse them with warm water but make sure not to get them in any tangles or knots otherwise that could cause serious damage. After this, cleanse it with a gentle shampoo and you are good to go. The key point is to remember that you must be gentle when handling the extensions; you wouldn’t want your hair extensions to rip or tangle, or to get knotted. Washing your synthetic clip-in hair extensions do not require any complex process or advanced products like any creams or serums, or even a conditioner. After air drying the extensions, carefully brush through them so they remain untangled and smooth.

Washing Human Extensions:

Now moving on to washing human hair clip-in extensions, you won’t have any problems washing these because the process is just like how you wash your natural hair. Wash them with warm water and a gentle shampoo, followed by deep conditioning, but make sure you don’t get any products on the root or it’ll wear them down. Like synthetic hair, these need special attention too in terms of tangles. Gently dry with a towel. For best results, you can apply a little serum, Jojoba oil, or Argan oil to the hair when it’s slightly damp for a beautifully nourished look. Get thick hair extensions for thicker hair today!


Care Instructions for Clip-in Hair Extensions

Majority of the people dismiss the idea of wearing hair extensions just because of the extensive aftercare process. Some kinds of hair extensions do require quite a lot of care and time but with clip-in hair extensions, it is quite simple. You just have to keep a few things in mind to elongate the life of your hair extensions and always keep them look as fresh as new. We are going to discuss how to take care of your hair extensions and store them properly to make the most out of them. 

how to maintaince clip in

The care process is quite hassle-free. The is no special step in the aftercare regimen that you wouldn’t do to your own hair except the storage part. So, let’s get started with how to take care of your clip-ins at home 

#1 Use Less Heat: 

First thing’s first, if you have synthetic clip-in hair extensions, don’t use heat on them. Even though some synthetic hair extensions can be resistant to heat but it’s best to avoid it to prevent any damage. 

For natural hair extensions, you can use heat styling tools but make sure to not overuse it to prevent any permanent damage. The same goes for your real hair, the less heat you’ll use on your hair, the healthier they’ll stay. Air dry your hair extensions to avoid the exposure to a blow dryer hot air and minimize the use of heat on your hair extensions. 

The best heat settings to work with is 150°C to maintain that healthy shine. The higher the temperature goes, the drier your hair becomes. Allow your hair to properly cool down before retouching any of the styles. It will minimize the damage and help you maintain your hair extensions in the best condition. 

The most important thing to keep in mind before using heat on your hair extensions is properly using a heat protectant. Make sure your hair extensions are completely dry and have no styling products like oils, mousse, or hair spray that can literally fry the top layer of our hair. It will not only damage the color and texture of the hair but also cause split ends. 

#2 Wash and Style with Care:

Washing hair extensions depends on the kind of hair you have opted for. Synthetic hair extensions do not require a lot of washing and cleansing. Washing them once after 25 to 30 uses is more than enough as they are more prone to drying and damage. With human hair extensions, you will need to wash them after every 15 to 20 uses to make sure they are not dirty and heavy with all the product build up. 

Even if you wear your hair extensions on a daily basis, you do not have to wash them regularly. Since these hair extensions are not attached to the roots, there’s no possibility of sebum build up. Whether you wash them after every 20 uses or every month if you don’t sport them daily, your human hair extensions look fresh and luscious for a long time. 

Gently cleanse your hair between your hands to lather up the product and break down any dirt. For styling, just be careful to not overuse heat and styling products to prevent your hair extensions from deforming. Be careful with brushes and combs and stroking your hair extensions roughly can cause micro-tears in the shaft of the hair. 

Choose the hair texture that you know you would be willing sport every day to avoid using heat every day. This will not only keep your hair extensions looking healthy but also save you a lot of your time. A lot of people use wet to dry method to style their hair extensions where you manipulate the texture of the hair when they are wet and they are curled of straightened when dry. This is a time taking process that takes quite a lot of manual effort as well. The best trick is to invest in the hairstyle and texture you would love to wear more often. 

#3 Use Sulfate-Free Products:

Sulfates are one of the main ingredients of most shampoos available in the market. The problem with sulfates is that they are way too good at washing away the grease and oils that they leave the hair dry and brittle in the end. A lot of companies are getting sued for using a high amount of sulfates in their products, causing long term damage to their customer’s hair. 

Since our hair extensions are not attached to the roots, they take a lot of time to get better, if ever. Look for sulfate-free, natural shampoos that are not only gentle but also very nourishing to your hair. Sulfate-free shampoos will not rip off the natural oils from your hair and keep them smooth and bouncy for a longer period of time. A lot of drugstore brands also have sulfate-free shampoos which means you do not have to empty our wallet just to take care of your hair extensions. 

Opt for safe and healthy options to keep your hair extensions in the best condition. 

#4 The Lesser the Better:

Hair extensions are made up of dead hair as they are not attached to the roots, which means they cannot repair themselves. Use fewer products on your hair extensions while styling them to avoid any damage caused by the chemicals present in the products. 

Using too much product can also dull down and mattify your clip-in hair extensions which will make them look cheap and unnatural at a glance. So, the lesser product you use, the better your hair extensions stay. Use products on your natural hair instead of hair extensions if necessary and blend your hair extensions in later. 

#5 Brush Them Gently: 

Generally, it is advised to brush your hair around 100 times a day but sometimes it seems a bit too farfetched. Brush your natural hair and clip-in hair extensions at least twice a day to maintain the shine and smoothness in your hair. Detangle your hair extensions with your fingers first and then brush it with a tangle teezer or paddle brush gently to completely smoothen out your hair and get rid of any frizz and stubborn knots without causing any damage. 

#6 Properly Store Them: 

Always take your clip-in hair extensions off before sleeping so you don’t damage the clips. Brush them properly and hang them on a hair extension hanger so they stay smooth throughout the night. Cover it with a dust bag if you intend on storing for a long time. With a little care, you can use your extensions for a long time. There are also different kind of storage boxes available for hair extensions that you can use for storing away you clip-in hair extensions 

Styling Your Hair With Clip-In Extensions:

Now that you have the required length and volume with your clip-in hair extensions, you can make any hairstyle that you desire. You can find inspiration for many different and creative hairstyles that you can make with your clip-in hair extensions all over the internet or gracing the pages of multiple magazines. However, styling options for synthetic hair clip-in extensions and human hair clip-in extensions might be different from each other and might have certain requirements and limitations. 

For synthetic hair extensions, you will have options limited to a certain extent as you cannot apply heat on them, therefore eliminating the option of using any heat tools on them for styling, like a straightening iron or curling iron, etc. To tackle this issue, synthetic hair clip-n extensions are offered in already styled sets, so that you can browse through several different and interesting options in terms of style that will help in nailing different looks for you according to different occasions. 

However, if your extensions are in need of a more than just a touch-up, the best and the safest option is to visit a hair salon and get them cut professionally.

Human hair extensions, fortunately, provide you with a wider variety of styling your hair as they can stand heat just like your natural hair, so you can heating tools for a number of hairstyles for many occasions and looks, whether it’s a fancy wedding look or a casual date night. 

Hair extensions boost your confidence and allow you to try head-turning hairstyles with volume that will leave everyone in awe. Let’s discuss some styling options.

Where ever you choose to store your clip in extensions just make sure that they are put away nicely and not rolled like a pair of old socks remember you paid good money for them and so treat them like a gift so that they can last you for ages.


Hairstyles with clip-in extensions

Clip in hair extensions are ready to go hairstyle, which means that once you put them in you can literally leave and head out for the day without any extra thought.

You could also do so many more styles with clip in extensions than you may have been able to do with your natural hair due to the added volume and length that you now have at your disposal.

hairstyles with clip in

Braiding With Clip-In Extensions?

No matter what the season of the year it is and no matter what kind of event you are going to, a braided hairstyle always seems to be the right answer since braids are quite versatile and can be styled into many different and beautiful ways. Your clip-in hair extensions will help you elevate your braid with various upgrading options, all you have got to take care of is to make sure that the clips are covered, otherwise, it’ll mess up the whole look.

One example of braiding with clip-in extensions is the classic French braid. With the added length, texture, and volume your French braid will be boosted into an even more beautiful look. French braids are a great option when you wanna keep it simple but look neat and chic at the same time.

Another totally cool braiding idea with your clip-in hair extensions is using the extensions for a little pop of color. If you use clip-in hair extensions as highlights in your hair, they would definitely come in handy when upgrading any braid. The strand of different color than your natural hair would stand out in the braid, giving it an utmost stylish look. If you are one of those bold person’s that want to go a little wild with the colored braided hairstyle, you can try multiple colors at once. Don’t be afraid to try this look out, it would totally give you a bunch of confident points. 

Some braided hairstyles that we would surely go for while wearing clip-in hair extensions are a braided ponytail, a Halo braid, or the trusted French braid accessorized with a headband.


The Best Clip-In Extensions For You?

Choosing the right kind of hair extensions for yourself doesn’t depend on what’s popular. As we discussed, the factors deciding the right hair extensions for you are your requirements, lifestyle, and of course your budget. There are hair extensions available in the market that suit all of these aforementioned categories. For your ease and comfort, you might want to check out sellers that offer a sufficiently vast variety of types of hair extensions. Here, will swoop in and save the day with a satisfyingly wide range of multiple kinds of hair extensions that will suit all your hair extension needs. 

Make sure you have your requirements sorted out before you actually purchase the extensions. Here are a few points that you should follow and you’ll be ready to buy the perfect hair extensions for you. 

What you need to clearly know before making the purchase is:

  • Your desired length.
  • Your desired thickness.
  • Whether you want human hair or synthetic hair.

What Kind of Clip-Ins You Should Buy

The variety that clip-in hair extensions are available in is pretty wide, and they are quite commonly available so that it might leave you in somewhat of a fix as to what kind of clip-in hair extensions you should buy. But don’t you worry, if you have your priorities and your requirements figured out, you will have no problem in finding and buying the right kind of clip-ins for yourself.

what types of clip in

Clip-in hair extensions have gained a massive amount of popularity among users of hair extensions all over the world. They are super easy to use even if you are a beginner and are temporary so you can use them as you please.  So no matter what your style and preference are, the range of clip-ins will definitely have something for you in store too. 

Whatever your personal style is you are sure to be able to find a clip in extensions that matches and accentuates your inner being.

Cutting Clip-In Hair Extensions:

When you wear your hair extensions for a long time and have been using them frequently, they tend to wear down and get a bit uneven at the end, especially if they are made of human hair. To keep your clip-in hair extensions even and balanced, and to keep up their quality, it is a good idea to trip them properly whenever needed so they do not shed and wear down. 

Even if that is not the case, it is a possibility that you want to cut the extensions to change your style a bit. If you’re not sure about how to cut the extensions the right way, here’s how.

 It is important that you keep the hair flowing down straight while you cut them, so you don’t end up with a messy and unbalanced result. Start with spraying the hair with a little water and brush through them gently to get rid of knots, then divide the hair into sections. Keeping the hair between your index and middle finger to keep them straight, start trimming carefully from below the fingers. Cut until you reach your desired length or style.

However, if your extensions are in need of more than just a touch-up, the smart choice would be to go to a salon and get them cut professionally according to the latest hairstyle trends of the year.

Where to Find the Best Hair Extensions:

There are so many places both physical and online where you can find hair extensions, especially the clip-in ones. Some are great and some brands just scam you into buying cheap products at a high price range. If you want premium quality hair extension at a very reasonable hair extensions prices rate, then is your place to check out. Wherever you reside in the USA, you can order any kind of hair extensions without any hassle.

Compared to many other hair extension vendors, we offer high quality products at a very affordable price rate. With a hassle-free shipping and return policy, we are deemed as one of the best hair extension retailers throughout the US. At you can get your hands on different types of hair, lengths, colors, and textures. Our highly trained, professional customer service team is always available for our loyal customers. We deliver your desired hair extensions at your doorstep so you do not have to run from salons to hair boutiques to get the kind of hair extensions you want. 

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We hope you have completely understood the concept of clip-in hair extensions, what they are, how to choose them, how to install and style them perfectly, and how to take care of them. With the help of a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will be able to make the most out of your clip-in hair extensions and elongate their life to the max. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the and get your carts filled with the best hair extensions of your choice and transform your look instantly. 


Now that you know about how easy and addicting it is to use hair extensions to instantly transform your look no matter what hairstyle you want to sport, you might be concerned about the side effects. Well, the only side effects of clip-in hair extensions are that they allow you to alter your look without any extensive hairstyling process and make you look breathtakingly gorgeous in a matter of minutes. 

If you are a newbie then chances are that you are a bit skeptical, once you get the hang of it, you will never want to turn back. 

Let us talk you through the process of buying, storing, and taking care of your clip-in hair extensions so you can make the most out of them. 

At, we are all about the best quality hair extensions that is easily available to everyone throughout the US. By the end of this detailed guide, you will be all ready to invest in your first set of clip-in hair extensions, we bet! 

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