Halo Hair Extensions Ultimate Guide UPDATED 2021

What Are Halo Hair Extensions Exactly?

Hair extensions have been a part of men’s and women’s beauty regimen since the ancient time. The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra had a passion for different kinds of hair extensions and wigs that she would use to protect and beautify her hair. 

One of the most used and loved hair extensions is the halo hair extensions. So, if you are looking for what are the Halo hair extensions, how to use them, and where to find them, then you have come to the right place. 

Halo hair extensions are one of the many kinds of hair extensions available in the market. The name pretty much explains the look of these hair extensions which looks like a halo that you wear on your head to achieve the look you desire. These are considered as the easiest kind of hair extensions to be installed and literally take a matter of seconds to give you a head full of long, luscious, and beautiful hair. They are made up of high quality hair that is attached to a thin wire in the shape of an “O”. The hair part on the extensions covers your head from ear to ear and the top half of the wire sits on the crown of your hair that you can later conceal with your natural hair.  

The halo hair extensions have taken the beauty and fashion industry by a storm because of its easy and hassle-free application. From celebrities to social media influencers to beauty enthusiasts, everyone is getting their hands on the halo hair extensions to transform their look instantly, quite literally. 

Where and How the Halo Hair Extensions Did Were Made: 

The use of wired hair extensions dates back to the ancient times but they were not known as Halo hair extensions at that time. As the years passed, people switched to several different modes of hair extensions and wigs. However, Jose Eber, the renowned French hairstylist was the one who brought back the wired hair extensions in the 90s and enhanced the design of it after years of experimenting and research. He created a unique headpiece that celebrities would wear to glam their hair, which he called “The Secret Hair Enhancer”. 

After that, a bunch of companies came up with different versions of the halo hair extensions and claimed to be the originator of this style of hair extensions. The demand for halo hair extensions grew more and more with the popularity of this through Jose Eber’s excellent marketing and advertisement skills. 

So, if we look at this way, this revolutionary kind of hair extensions have been around in the market for the last two decades. How amazing is that? In the current era, you can find halo hair extensions made up of synthetic and human hair both with a soft wire that would not hurt your scalp. For premium quality, halo hair extensions on any length, volume, and color check out USAhair.com.

What Are Pros of Halo Hair Extensions?


Halo hair extensions get their name from their simple and convenient application method. With halo hair extensions, you can get gorgeous length and volume of your dreams in an instant without even having to go through any pain or hassle. When it comes to discussing the benefits of halo hair extensions, there are many that we can mention. We are sure that when you will be done checking out this list of pros of getting halo hair, you will be wishing to get them as soon as you can if you haven’t already.

#1 Halo Extensions Do Not Damage Your Hair:

It is pretty natural that something that offers a lot of benefits also comes with a few downsides as well. Well, before you worry about what possible damage halo hair extensions can cause to your natural hair, let us assure you that there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong with these extensions. You just have to slip and attach the band of extensions to your hair, which is a pretty harmless and super easy process. So if you are contemplating getting halo hair extensions, we totally recommend doing so.

#2 They Are Efficient for Saving Time:

It might seem like we are fan-girling over halo hair extensions, and let us be honest, we might even be doing that. Really, we just cannot stop gushing about how absolutely awesome and easy halo hair extensions are. The best thing about them is that they are so easy to apply; you just have to attach the band of extensions to your head by slipping it on. It is just like putting on a hairband, which saves you a whole lot of time and effort. No adhesive or tools required, just brush your hair well to avoid tangles, slip on the band, and you are good to go!

#3 Provide Comfort and Blend in Well:

Since halo extensions do not require any adhesive, any heating, or any tools in order for them to be installed in your hair, they provide you with total comfort. In addition to that, there are no clips or bulky tools attached to the wefts of hair extensions for installation, thus resulting in another cool quality of halo hair extensions which is that they don’t cause discomfort while you wear them. That way, not only do they promise total ease but they also blend in well with your natural hair, acting almost invisible.

#4 Halo Extensions Give You Natural-Looking Volume:

Like we have mentioned above, halo hair extensions do not have any clips or other tools attached to them to install them in your head. The wefts of hair are attached to a simple band that you slip on your head like a hairband, which blends in with your hair almost invisibly and gives you beautiful length and volume so well blended that it looks natural. So if you are looking for hair extensions that will save you time and which you can wear for a considerable time period without any discomfort or permanent commitment, then halo hair extensions are the answer to all your hair extension needs.

#5 Won’t Weigh Your Hair Down:

Now, this amazing feature is also due to the simple application method of halo hair extensions. Since the wefts of hair are attached to just a simple band, which is made of a thin wire, you can wear them for a long time without a care in the world. They are pretty lightweight and gentle; they don’t tug at your hair or your scalp and don’t weigh your hair down, which definitely acts in favor of halo hair extensions.

How Do Halo Hair Extensions Work?


Most people in this era are usually familiar with hair extensions with clips. The idea of hair extensions attached to a wire might sound a bit confusing, but trust us, it is not! Halo hair extensions are the easiest kind of hair extensions to work with. 

The best part about halo hair extensions is that they are made to fit the head of the wearer. The custom made design of these hair extensions makes them perfect for the user as they fit their head just in all the right places. Everyone has a different head shape and size, therefore, halo hair extensions have to be made specifically to fit the head size of the wearer. You can’t really share these hair extensions but that is a good thing because sharing hair extensions is not the most hygienic thing to do. 

The hair part of the halo hair extensions is set in the exact same area where you would normally put your clip-in or tape-in extensions. The back of your head has the most hair which is perfect for concealing the band of your halo hair extensions. The bare wired and of the hair extensions lies on the crown of the head that you can conceal with the hair around that area. The easy installation process of these hair extensions makes these the best option for celebrities and fashion enthusiast all around the world. 

Once the hair extensions are all set in place, they will stay like this for the rest of the time you have them on. Users have termed the halo hair extensions as the best kind of hair extensions to sleep in as they do not tug on your hair while sleeping. However, it is always advised to take off your hair extensions before going to bed but if for some reason you forget to take them out, they would not hurt your hair or your scalp. 

You can also secure your hair extensions at the back of your head with the help of your hair. It will also help them conceal the wire even better and look flawless when you make a ponytail of or a bun. A lot of companies sell halo hair extensions that have a band of your hair color so they blend in naturally. The wire will not be protected and might come off if you do not secure it properly underneath your hair. The best way to hide the wire if it still shows somehow is to pull a few strands of hair from underneath and cover the wire with them. Once they are 100% secure, halo hair extensions will not come off until you take them off on your own. This is the most fool-proof method of transforming the look of your hair and adding a bunch of volume and length to your hair. 

Some people also like to use the flip method to install their halo hair extensions, and wear their extensions upside down for a fluffier and more natural look. This also works the same way but just looks a lot more natural and voluminous. At USAhair.com you can get your hands on the best hair extensions that you can use to add volume, length, and texture to your hair instantly. 

If you want to know to maintain your halo hair extensions, then keep on reading. 

5 Quick & Easy Tips on How to Maintain Your Halo Hair Extensions:


If you want your halo hair extensions to always look perfect and a good as new, then you need to maintain their quality and increase their longevity with a few quick and easy tips. Here is all you need to know about the maintenance and aftercare of halo hair extensions that will add to the life of your hair extensions. 

#1 Only Wash Your Halo Hair Extensions When Needed: 

Washing your hair extensions too often can cause them to dry out a lot faster. Hair extensions are not attached to the scalp with roots which means they cannot repair on their own. Make sure to wash your hair extensions only once or twice a month. For the best results, use sulfate and phthalate-free shampoo to keep your hair extensions away from any chemical exposure. 

#2 Do Not Condition Your Halo Hair Extensions Too Much: 

We know that you have been advised to deeply condition your hair extensions for better shine and health of the hair. However, over conditioning, your hair extensions can weigh down the hair. The continuous buildup of oil and moisturizing agents on the shaft of the hair can make them look greasy and difficult to manage as well. Condition them once a month and apply a deeply hydrating mask once a month to keep them in an ideal state. 

#3 Always Brush Your Hair Extensions Thoroughly Before Washing: 

Our hair extensions get tangled as our natural hair does. Always make sure to detangle your halo hair extensions before you proceed to wash them. Use a soft paddle brush or a tangle teezer to get rid of all the knots and smoothen out your hair. This step will prevent your hair extensions from matting and breaking. 

#4 Consider The Type OF Hair Your Halo Hair Extensions Are Made Up of: 

It is very important to choose the right kind of hair type for your lifestyle. Get your hands on the kind of hair you will be easily able to take care of. It is best to invest in human hair extensions but if you cannot take care of them then synthetic hair is a good option as well. 

#5 Invest in A Good Quality Set of Halo Hair Extensions: 

If you are spending your money on hair extensions, then spend on some good quality sets of halo hair extensions. At USAhair.com you will find premium quality halo hair extensions in every length, color, texture, and volume o suit your preference. 

How to Spice Up Your Halo Hair Extensions the DIY Way:


Are you one of those people who are big on personal styles and appearances, who like to modify things a little bit in their own way to suit their style statement? Well, we have some good news for you! If you have decided to get halo hair extensions and are wondering if you can make some by yourself, then let us tell you, you totally can! You can create your own halo hair extensions and save a bunch of money. Not only that but you can also have the halo extensions customized just right, according to your requirements and preferences. From dividing your hair extensions into the right size of sections to putting on your DIY halo hair extensions, we have got all that you need to about DIY halo hair extensions right here. Here is how to spice up your halo hair extensions the DIY way!

Tools That You Would Need for DIY Halo Hair Extensions:

For the best DIY halo hair extensions, you will need these few simple instruments that you can acquire easily from the right stores. That is not the only good thing; these tools will not burn a hole through your pocket and will help you achieve the halo hair band of your dreams!

#1 Hair Extensions Wefts:

Firstly, you will need wefts of hair extensions that you would be combining together for your DIY halo hair extensions.

#2 Fishing Line Wire:

Moving on, the next most important tool that you would need for designing your own halo hair extensions is a fishing line wire with which you will be making a band for the extensions.

#3 A Pair of Scissors:

Of course, scissors are required for all the cutting and clipping you will be doing to get your hair extensions and band just right.

#4 Sewing Needle:

You will need a sewing needle to sew in the fishing line wire into the wefts of hair in order to form the halo-shaped band.

#5 Hair Sewing Thread:

You will definitely need the right kind of thread with which you can sew hair extensions together or to the band so that sewing would not cause any damage or inconvenience.

Steps for Your DIY Halo Hair Extensions:

Making your own halo hair extensions is a totally cool idea because by doing that you can get hair extensions that are customized and made based on your ideas. With the DIY method, you can upgrade your halo hair extensions for a better and exciting look. If you’re looking for a guide to the DIY style, then we have got you covered. By following this handful of convenient and amazing steps, you will easily be able to create your very own band of halo hair extensions which will be exclusively for you, having been designed just according to your liking and needs. The process is actually pretty easy, so let us get right into it!

Step #1 Cutting the Wire into Appropriate Sizes:

The first thing that you need to do is cut the fishing line wire in accordance to what length would properly be wrapped on your head, like a headband, so that you can slip your hair extensions on your head. Make as many bands as you wish to so that you can have hair extensions providing just the right length and volume of hair. Don’t make too many for one application though, otherwise, the hair extensions can look bulky and unpleasantly artificial.

Step #2 Sew The Hair Wefts Into Bundles:

This step may be optional, but if you do wish to adjust the thickness of the wefts of hair to get the perfect hair extensions, this is the right time to do it, before attaching them to the wire. If you want your hair extensions to be any thicker than they already are, then what you need to do is sew some of them together, just enough to reach the desired thickness. When done with this, your extensions will be ready to be attached to the wire.

Step #3 Attach The Wefts of Hair To The Wire:

Now it is time to sew the fishing line wire through the ends of the hair extension wefts so that they can be attached. Repeat the process until you have completed an entire band of hair extensions. Make sure to check beforehand if the band fits your head correctly, in case you need to make any adjustments.

Why Should I Wear Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo hair extensions are the hot talk of the town, and here’s why you should wear halo hair extensions.

#1 No Hair Damage:

Since halo hair extensions don’t require any glue or hefty tools to be attached, they don’t cause any damage to your hair.

#2 Provide Total Comfort:

Halo hair extensions are installed in your hair just with a discreet band, they don’t cause any discomfort and you can wear them throughout the day.

#3 Time Saving:

The quickest way to get the instant length and volume adjustment in your hair is by using halo hair extensions. All you have to do is put them on like a hairband and voila! Instant hair upgrade without any hassle!

#4 Various Styling Opportunities:

Now that you have the hair of your dreams with your halo hair extensions, you have various styling opportunities to create multiple looks!

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