How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost in America? Complete Hair Extensions Pricelist in USA

So, you’re wondering how much are hair extensions? How much do hair extensions cost? Which hair extensions are the cheapest? Well, that’s a very broad question! But don’t worry, in today’s blog post, we’re going to give you the exact answers you’re looking for. We’re going to break down exactly what affects the price of hair extensions, and then we will literally give you the price of hair extensions so that you can understand how much do hair extensions cost!

If you don’t wish to read our long blog post, no hard feelings! We have a hair extension prices table below where you can see the different prices for each type of hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Prices Table 

This hair extension price chart will show you the price of hair extensions. So if you’re wondering how much do hair extensions cost, your answers are in this hair extension price table below!

Type of hair extensions

Hair Extensions Cost

Hair Extensions Installation Cost

Total Hair Extensions Cost

Synthetic Clip-in Extensions Cost




Human Hair Clip-in Extensions Cost




Remy Hair Clip-in Extensions Cost




Synthetic Invisible Wire Extensions Cost




Human Hair Invisible Wire Extensions Cost




Remy Hair Invisible Wire Extensions Cost




Synthetic Hair Ponytail Extensions Cost




Human Hair Ponytail Extensions Cost




Remy Hair Ponytail Extensions Cost




Human Hair Tape-In Extensions Cost




Remy Hair Tape-In Extensions Cost




Human Hair Sew-In Extensions Cost




Remy Hair Sew-In Extensions Cost




Human Hair Micro-loop Extensions Cost




Remy Hair Micro-loop Extensions Cost




Human Hair Fusion Extensions Cost




Remy Hair Fusion Extensions Cost




Human Hair Nano-Rings Extensions Cost




Remy Hair Nano-Rings Extensions Cost




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For those of you who are curious to know more about the cost of hair extensions and what affects the price of hair extensions, you can keep on reading below for more explanations on the price of extensions!

What affects the cost of hair extensions? 

The price of hair extensions can really vary depending if you get them online, at a local salon or even at the mall! Generally speaking, the cheapest hair extensions are on the internet. With Amazon, eBay, and other third party marketplaces, it’s quite easy to get your hands on cheap hair extensions at ridiculously low prices. The quality won’t be that great at this price (obviously), but it may be suitable for specific people. Depending on what you need exactly, you may or may not like to wear cheap hair extensions purchased off Amazon or eBay.

Here at USA Hair, we don’t believe in offering cheap hair extensions despite how low the prices could be. We’d much rather offer to you quality hair extensions at affordable prices. Despite not being the cheapest, hair extensions are great value! The reason behind this is that we are the supplier of thousands of hair salons and hairdressers. As a result, it doesn’t make sense for us to offer cheap hair extensions since our business clientele requires high-quality extensions. 

Broadly speaking, it seems hair extensions at local hair salons and malls are considerably more expensive than what you’d find online, even for the same hair quality. The reason behind this could be because the hair salons or the shops in the mall have lot of overhead costs. This is a common trend in all industries: online shops seem to be better at selling their goods at lower prices than in conventional stores. Unsurprisingly, running an online business comes with less expenses than running a convention brick & mortar store. As a result, it would be reasonable to expect getting better deals when shopping online versus in-stores or in hair salons. 

So, what really affects the price of hair extensions? How much is too much for hair extensions? How to know if hair extensions you’re thinking of purchasing are overpriced or not?

Let us start by going straight to the point; how much hair extensions cost can really differ based on three factors:

  • length of the hair extensions
  • type of the hair extensions
  • quality of the hair extensions 

Hair extensions are sold in different hair lengths. The shorter the hair length, the cheaper the price will be. As it turns out, 14 inches hair extensions are really affordable when compared to longer hair lengths such as 22 inch hair extensions.

The type of hair extensions will also play a huge factor in how much the extensions will cost. There are different types of extensions offered: clip-ins, invisible wire extensions, tape-ins, etc.

Lastly, the quality of the extensions will be the most determinant factor in how much the extensions will cost.

To breakdown the cost of hair extensions in much more detail, we put together the table bellow. Here you can see how much hair extensions cost, broken down by all the different types and even installation costs!

The hair extensions price chart above should be enough for most of you to understand how much do extensions cost in general. Keep in mind that the prices above for hair extensions are in USD currency and the prices are for the hair extensions sold on USA Hair exclusively. As mentioned earlier, you can probably find cheaper hair extensions that the prices listed above, but the hair quality will take a huge hit. We know, because as a national hair extension retailer with over 10 years of experience, we tried selling all different types of extensions, including the cheapest ones possible. We stopped a few years ago selling the cheapest hair extensions, and decided instead to concentrate solely on our high-quality human hair extensions at affordable prices.

Another thing you may notice by looking at how much do hair extensions cost in America is that the price of hair extensions will also be influenced on whether you need somebody to install them for you or not. For example, temporary hair extensions on USA Hair can be applied & removed safely at home. It’s pretty straightforward, easy, and quick to install our temporary extensions. Our temporary extensions are the following: clip-in extensions, invisible wire extensions, ponytail extensions, and hair toppers extensions. These extensions are great if you don’t want to bother having to book an appointment at the hair salon to get your extensions installed. It’s perfect if you never had extensions before, or if you simply wish to wear extensions occasionally with no commitment.

On the other hand, you’ll notice in the hair extension pricelist above that some hair extensions require a technician to install them and this comes with an additional cost. This is a bit tricky, since every hairstylist and hair salons have their own rates. We can only give you exact prices for the actual price of hair extensions sold on USA Hair. As for getting them installed, we can only give you an approximative price. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that every hairdresser and hair salons have their own rates.

Therefore, we can conclude that the cheapest hair extensions are temporary extensions such as clip-in extensions, invisible wire extensions, ponytail extensions, and hair toppers extensions. It’s easy to be the cheapest type of extensions when you don’t need to pay someone to install them for you. As for the permanent hair extensions cost (the ones a hairstylists need to install them), they will automatically be more expensive than the temporary extensions because of the additional labor cost.

All prices of hair extensions are listed on USA Hair. You can easily navigate among thousands of different types of hair extensions in different hair shades & lengths.

Who is wearing hair extensions? 

You may have seen celebrities trying out various hairstyles from short bob cuts to long Rapunzel hairstyle at star-studded events like MET gala, private parties, and award shows be it Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and other beauty icons who are all about fashion and glam but the question is – how do they manage to pull off such versatile hairstyles at every event? All credit goes to hair extensions that is indeed a girl’s best friend. 


how much do hair extensions cost
Hair extensions cost


Whether you want to rock long hair with bangs or add some volume and color to your hair, this is where hair extensions come to the rescue. At USA Hair, we’ve got you covered with hair extensions ranging from clip-in hair-extensions to lace front women wigs. We’ve got a variety of hair extensions, and wigs to choose from but before you plan on buying, read on how to select the perfect hair extension/wig that’s meant for you. 

In this short blog post, we’ll explain how much hair extensions cost. If you don’t feel like reading, simply visit our online hair shop for a complete list of hair extensions costs. Keep in mind that the cost of hair extensions will vary depending on where you’re buying from. The cost of hair extensions can range from $20 to $2000. It’s a huge price range. It’s virtually impossible to answer accurately how much do hair extensions cost. We can only cover the cost of hair extensions on USA Hair.

Human Hair versus Synthetic Hair 

Before we move on to discuss the different types of hair extensions, it’s important to distinguish between real human hair and synthetic hair. This is a big factor when determining how much hair extensions cost.  

Human Hair Extensions is composed of real human hair that’s collected from a donor. It looks natural and has a shine of its own that is different from synthetic hair. But human hair extensions cost more! 

Moreover, real hair extensions are easy to play with whether you want to cut, style, or combine it with your natural hair. 

The hair extensions are smooth and sleek, doesn’t tangle and you can wear it for a long period without getting it damaged.


These are all reasons why USA Hair’s human hair extensions are the best-selling extensions, despite not being the cheapest offered! The cost of human hair extensions on USA Hair is lower than what you’d find in a traditional brick and mortar store.

On the other hand, synthetic hair extension is made up of artificial fibers that make it look almost identical to the human hair. Although the density of the synthetic hair is thin, it’s relatively cheaper than real hair and it can withstand weather conditions that cause frizzy hair.

However, it’s difficult to style synthetic hair if you want to go for curls and other hairstyles that requires styling with hot tools.

In short, human hair extensions cost more but they are the ones that look the most natural. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions cost a lot less, and it’s a great choice if you’re on a budget but still wish to get longer and fuller hair safely & quickly.

Cost of Hair Extension in America

When you’re thinking to buy hair extensions, you may notice that hair extensions cost vary greatly from one seller to another. In America, there are thousands of hair extensions companies, so we can’t answer accurately the cost of hair extensions for each company. But generally speaking, the cost to get hair extensions will depend on these 2 factors:

1) Cost of Hair Extensions

2) Installation Price of the Hair Extensions – Permanent Hair Extensions Cost

When buying temporary hair extensions such as clip-ins, invisible wire extensions, and ponytails, you won’t have to spend additional money to get them installed. These extensions are called “temporary hair extensions” because you can apply them yourself quickly and easily.

As for semi-permanent hair extensions cost, you’ll have to get them installed at a professional hair salon experienced in installing hair extensions. The price on installing semi-permanent extensions at a salon will depend on the hair salon you’re visiting, but here’s an approximate price range:

Permanent Hair Extensions Cost – How Much Are Hair Extensions At a Salon

Hair Extensions Category

Permanent Hair Extensions Cost At A Hair Salon

Sew-in hair extensions cost at a salon


Tape-in hair extensions cost at a salon


Micro Beads hair extensions cost at a salon


Nano Beads hair extensions cost at a salon


Prebonded hair extensions cost at a salon


At USA Hair, our main aim is to cater to the wishes of beauties who want to get hair extensions at an affordable rate and look effortlessly chic. 

We don’t compromise on the quality of the hair extensions and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed with our high-quality, and top-notch range of hair extensions.

All of our hair extensions are protected by a hassle-free return policy. In short, if you don’t like the extensions purchased from USA Hair and you respect our return policy condition, you can easily return them for a full refund.

The cost of hair extensions on USA Hair is lower than your typical hair extension store because don’t deal with any middlemen, so we can pass on the savings to you.

We also have a free color match service! To find the right color on USA Hair, here are your options:

  • Get 2 free color swatches by mail
  • Order samples (include gift card!)
  • Order our full color ring (includes gift card!)
  • Send us a selfie for our personal recommendations!

Quality of Hair Extensions

Back in the golden days, Hair extension used to be a luxury but not anymore now! The demand for hair extension/wigs has increased and more and more are now into buying them. Different retailers offer extensions at a cheaper rate and their quality isn’t great but at our online store, we believe that you shouldn’t get what you pay for. Our High-quality hair extensions are marked at a stellar price which means you no longer have to buy hair extensions that cost you a small fortune.

how much are extensions
How much are hair extensions?

Factors To Consider Before Buying Hair Extension

Choosing the type of hair extension alone isn’t enough, you need to consider deciding factors like environment, the color of hair extensions and whether you should go for permanent extensions or not.

#1: Type of Hair Extension

While there are many hair extensions to pick out from, it’s always better to select human hair than synthetic hair extensions because they can be treated just like your hair. You can style, blow-dry, color and do anything to spice up your hair without worrying about damaging the extension. Human hair extensions are offered in both temporary extensions and semi-permanent extensions. The cost of temporary human hair extensions cost less than permanent human hair extensions but  both of them cost more than  synthetic hair.

If you use synthetic hair, you can neither use heating tools to style them nor color them as it could damage the hair. In addition to that, heat and friction can also result in melting and damage of your hair.

Even though synthetic hair is cheaper than real human hair, it doesn’t last for long and can get easily damaged since they are made up of synthetic fibers. They last for a few months while human hair extension has a greater life-span and durability as long as it’s taken good care of. 

#2: Pick the right color for Hair Extension

Most people tend to go for colorful and peculiar hair extensions, only to later end up as a rainbow unicorn. To go for a color that blends with your natural hair color is the wise thing to do. If you want to go for ombre and balayage, it’s best to consult a hairstylist who could dye or highlight your hair extensions. 

#3: Lifestyle and Environment

Many of us are guilty of ignoring this crucial factor. Before you opt for a particular hair extension, you need to consider your lifestyle and the environment. 

Ask these questions: Do you go out in the Sun often? Do you swim daily? Do you use hair-styling tools frequently to curl or straighten your hair? If yes, go for Keratin hair extensions that don’t snap off your roots. 

#4: Permanent Hair Extension Versus Non-Permanent Extension

Is it worth to go for permanent hair extensions? It depends on your preference but you need to know that permanent extension can lead to hair damage if you abuse using them. 

When you use hair extensions that are healthier and thicker than your natural hair, it can break off your existing hair due to the pressure. Therefore, your natural hair should be more or less the same texture as the hair extension so that it can withstand the pressure. Different hair extensions come in different textures, and weights so make a wise choice when it comes to picking out hair extension. It’s advised to select more than one weights of extension because a singular weight extension isn’t enough. 

#5: Go to an Expert

Once you’ve made up your mind in getting permanent hair extensions, make an appointment with a styling expert and get ready for a 3-4 hour session at the salon. After the completion of the process, you can go for a haircut. Now, you may be wondering why go for a haircut after getting hair extensions to make it look longer? The haircut will ensure that your extension blends seamlessly with your natural hair and look gorgeous.

#6: Take care of your Hair Extensions

Just as your natural hair needs love and caring, similarly your hair extension needs to be pampered, otherwise, it can damage your hair. You need to have proper hair products that don’t dry your hair extensions. 

Types of Hair Extensions

Different types of hair extension are available at our online store. Each has its characteristics and cost. They are as follows:

1) Micro-loop Hair Extensions

Micro-loop hair extensions are also referred to as micro bead hair extensions or micro link hair extensions. They are made up of 100% real human hair and they are light-weight and comfortable to use. They are attached to your hair using a small metal bead.  A tool is used to tightly secure the bead to your hair so that the extension doesn’t fall out. 

How many extensions you would need?

You would be needing 80-140 strands for a full head coverage. A pack of extension contains 20 strands so you might be needing 4-7 packs. The cost of micro-loop hair extensions can be found by visiting USA Hair.

Micro-Loop Hair Extensions Installation Cost

If you’re entrusting the job to be done by your hairstylist, a hair expert would charge $2-$5 per strand so for 100 strands, the total cost would be around $150-$500.

Precautionary Measures

You need to take care of your hair extension once you’ve installed them. Wash your hair the same way you wash your natural hair and make sure you don’t use any harsh products that could damage your hair. Every 2-3 months, you would need to re-position your hair extension since your natural hair grows, and this would move the micro-beads.

2) Fusion Hair Extensions

It’s also known bonding or pre-bonded hair extensions, they are attached to your existing hair by using adhesives like glue. It will take around 3-4 hours to apply and can be done by a trained hairstylist. A heat clamp tools is used to install them, it melts the glue to attach the extension to your hair. 

Fusion Hair Extensions Installation Cost

The cost of the fusion hair extensions is the same as Micro-loop hair extensions. The cost of fusion hair extensions can be found by visiting USA Hair.

Precautionary Measures

Care needs to be taken once you get fusion hair extensions. They also have to re-position every 3-4 months.

3) Clip-In Hair Extensions

The clip-in hair extensions are hands down one of the popular hair extension that is easy to use without the need of a hairdresser. Unlike other hair extensions, you can quickly remove them and use it whenever you want to without any hassle. 

The clips are fixed to this base of hair wefts of different sizes so all you’ve to do is to clip the pieces of hair extensions to your complete head in just 15 minutes.

The clip can easily be opened and closed without any difficulty. You don’t need a hair expert to clip  them for you. In this way, you’re saving a great amount of money that is otherwise spent on expensive hair salons. 

What’s noteworthy about Clip-in hair extension is that you don’t need glue or any application to apply it which means that no chemicals, heat or pressure is involved. You only have to clip them onto your hair. They also last longer than other types of extensions. 

Clip-in Hair Extensions Cost

The synthetic clip-in hair extensions cost around $60, however, you can’t style them since they are prone to heat damage if they are exposed to hair tools. If you want better hair quality when it comes to clip-in extensions, we recommend human hair clip-in extensions. The cost of human hair clip-in extensions is higher than synthetic clip-in extensions, but that’s because they are of better quality. Clip-in extensions made of human hair, they look natural and blend really well with your hair for a dramatic yet natural result! Despite the cost of human hair clip-in hair extensions being more expensive, it’s still a best-seller on USA Hair!

Precautionary measures

It’s up to you whether you want to go for synthetic hair extension or real hair extension considering the upsides and downsides of both of the extensions. If you’re looking for affordable hair extension go for synthetic otherwise real hair extension is your best friend.

Our clip-in human hair extensions don’t require a lot of maintenance, unlike other hair extensions. You have to wash it only if you’ve used it quite frequently or to the point that they have become difficult to manage due to product build-up. Only use the hydrating hair products on them. 

If you’re thinking to style your hair, it’s possible to curl, straighten or dye your hair but before you do, make sure that the hair tools that you’re using are set to a lower heat setting to prevent hair damage. Don’t forget to use the heat-resistant hair spray before using heating tools.

If you properly take care of them, the hair extensions will last for longer. It all depends on what products you use and how frequently you wear the extensions. The cost of clip-in hair extensions can be found by visiting USA Hair.

4) Tape-In Hair Extensions prices

Tape-in extensions are one of the expensive hair extensions used by celebrities, they are also the best for thin hair. The extensions are attached to your hair using tape strips. They need to be installed by a trained hairdresser. If the hair extensions aren’t fixed properly, it would fall out.

Moreover, the extensions are re-usable and can blend with your natural hair. It’s high-maintenance which requires patience and effort. They take about 1 hour to be installed. 

Tape-in Hair Extensions Cost

The cost of tape-in extensions varies according to the length and color of the hair extension but it’s between $150- $400. The installation cost is between $150-$250

Precautionary Measures

If you’re using tape-in extensions, the tape can easily be removed if you use shampoos that contain harsh chemicals. Here is the list of the things that you take care of before opting for tape-in hair extensions:

1) Buy a sulfate-free shampoo that is safe for your tape-in hair extensions. Before installing them make sure your hair is cleaned twice using a clarifying shampoo and no other product like conditioner is used. 

2) If you’re planning install tape in extensions, make sure that your hair isn’t treated chemically one week before the appointment. It’s best to avoid treating your hair chemically by dying it or going for keratin treatment. 

3) After you’ve successfully got the extensions, don’t wash your hair for 72 hours. This will help the adhesive to stay for long. 

At the time of washing, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. If you want to use other hair products makes sure they are harmless or doesn’t make your scalp oily otherwise the glue will not adhere to your hair. It may not last long if you have an oily scalp.

The hair extensions can last for long only if you take care of them. Remember that if you have an oily scalp, it will last for about 6 weeks. The cost of tape-in hair extensions can be found by visiting USA Hair.

5) Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions are also known as hair wefts that are commonly used black women since they love to wear tight braids. It’s not an easy process to wear sew-in hair extensions so you need to go to a trustworthy hairdresser. 

The sew-in extensions are applied by braiding your hair into cornrows and the weave is sewed into the cornrows by using thread and needle. The weave hair extensions are suitable for a person who has thick hair because the way it’s applied causes pressure to your hair, therefore, it wouldn’t work so well with thin hair texture.

Sew-in Hair Extensions Cost:

The price of sew-in hair extensions is between $150-500$.

Precautionary Measures

After getting your favorite hair extensions, you need to take care of your hair well. It’s important that you use deep conditioning products to hydrate your scalp and edges.. As for styling, you can easily experiment with different styles if you’re using human hair extensions.

Every 2 months, it’s best to remove the hair extension since your natural hair is in a phase of growth. You can wear a full weave hair extension for about 3 months.

6) Hair Wigs and Pieces

At USA hair, you’ll find a variety of hair wigs and pieces that are easy to wear because you don’t have to clip it into your natural or sew it into your hair, all you’ve to do is to apply it topically to your hair without doing extensive work.

If you want to conceal your baldness, hair loss or try a versatile style you can’t go wrong with wigs or hair toppers. 

We’ve got lace front hair wigs that look natural and real. It could act as a replacement to your natural hair or if you want to try a different look and change your hair colour and style.

On the other hand, hairpieces come in different shapes and forms such as ponytails, hair loss toppers, etc. They can be used to make your hair look voluminous and denser or if you want to try a different hairstyle or suffer from hair loss. 

Precautionary Measures

If you don’t use your wig too often, you don’t have to clean it regularly. You can wash it every 2-3 months, but if you wear your wig daily, you need to wash it frequently. Before you wash it, gently comb through the wig and use a bowl of cold water to soak the wig. Add a gentle shampoo to the bowl and let the wig soak for 5 minutes. After that wash the wig with cold running water. Remember not to use hot water since it could damage your wig.

The lifespan of hair wigs is about 1 year if you take good care of it. It also depends on whether the wig is synthetic or real. Real hair lasts longer than synthetic. Make sure you take care of the wig by following the precautionary measures.

Hair Extensions Cost Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the benefits of hair extensions?

Ans: Hair extensions can completely change the your looks to the point of making you unrecognizable, because our hair is one of our most  prominent characteristic.  You can style the extensions according to your preferences be it ringlets, curls, beachy waves, etc. 

Furthermore, our hair extensions look real and natural since they are made up of 100% human hair. You don’t have to worry about the resulat looking fake. You can use them to enhance your natural beauty or simply switch things up from time to time just for fun. The plus point is they are available at reasonable rates at our online store. 

Q2: Where to buy Hair Extensions?

At, we offer high-quality hair extensions and wigs at an affordable price. You don’t have to look for anywhere else. Our company is a leading hair extension and wig brand that won’t disappoint you. 

Q3: How much do hair extensions cost?

Hair extensions cost between $60 and $500. This price range is for the hair extensions only, and excludes the price to have them installed. Temporary extensions don’t require a visit to the hair salon, but permanent hair extensions do. Therefore, the cost to get permanent hair extensions installed can vary anywhere from $100 to $500. It depends on which hair salon you’re visiting, what types of hair extensions you’re installing, and what other extras services you will be getting  at the salon. 

Why buy from

We have a full range of hair extensions and wigs that aren’t only marked at a reasonable price, but also guarantees quality and reliability. We make sure that our manufacturer observes high standards in the production of the hair extensions and wigs that are environmentally friendly, light-weight and can be used by anyone.

Thank you for reading our ultimate guide to how much hair extensions cost!

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