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Abigail - Long Redhead Remy Human Hair Wig 18 Inches [Final Sale]

Abigail - Long Redhead Remy Human Hair Wig 18 Inches [Final Sale]

Victoria - Long Brunette Remy Human Hair Wig 18 Inches [Final Sale]

Victoria - Long Brunette Remy Human Hair Wig 18 Inches [Final Sale]

Camila - Long Black Remy Human Hair Wig 18 Inches [Final Sale]

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Type: wig

Quality: 100% remy human hair

Brand: Quality Hair ™ by USAhair.com ©

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Get a total makeover with this qualtiy human hair wig, the real game changer and solution for damaged or sparse hair...  or simply to change your hairstyle!

  • This wig is made of real premium human remy hair that is silky, soft, and look & feel real!
  • Wig type: Lace Front 
  • Wig density: 130% 
  • Brand: Quality Hair ™ by USAhair.com © 

Why wear a wig?

If you suffer from hair loss or don't want the hassle of tending to your natural hair, then a wig is a great option. Allow yourself the flexibility to change character with different styles and color to suit any event, season or mood.

Wigs allow you to protect and save your hair from regular styling, allowing you to create a multitude of looks without ever having to worry about heat or chemical damage.

Natural Look This wig gives a natural look from the front, owing to the lace front design, giving you a flawlessly natural look.

High Volume The wig has a density of 130%, giving you a lusciously thick hair look.

How to wear a wig

USA Hair remy human hair wigs are available in a one size cap that will suit all head shapes and sizes. There are handy adjustable elastic straps located behind the ear tabs. You can make the unit up to one inch smaller for a secure fit. To install this wig, you have to tie your hair so that they’re as flat as possible. Next, apply a wig cap over your hair. The cap comes with the wig. The trick it to make your hair as flat as possible so the wig sits well. Using a wig cap over your hair (included in with the wig) will also help to avoid any bumps and keep your hair in place. Put on the wig and adjust the straps until it feels comfortable and well placed. The elastic band makes its size adjustable so that people of all head sizes can wear it. There’s no hassle of looking for a size that fits you. If there is lace around the hairline, remove the wig and carefully cut the lace using scissors. Be careful not to go too close the the hair, as the lace is transparent a few millimeters around the perimeter is ok. That is it! As your wig is pre styled, there is not else for you to do.

For hygienic reasons all wigs are final sale.

5 benefits of wearing a wig

  • Wigs are affordable & cost-effective
  • Allows you to explore innumerable hairstyle & gives you a chance to explore other colors and styles without commitment. Wigs allow you to have a hairstyle that would be difficult to replicate in a hair salon
  • Wigs make you look younger, doesn't damage your hair, and lets you hide hair loss
  • Wigs are comfortable & discreet
  • Wigs are easy to apply and easy to remove

USA Hair’s wigs are some of the best wigs that give a flawless appearance! Get yours today to secure a flawless look and hide your unruly hair!

Wig Measurements

  • The circumstances is 22"
  • Back to front from hairline to the top of neck is 15"
  • Side to side across forehead 15"
  • Side to side over top ear to ear 12.75"
  • Temple to temple across back 16"
  • Nape of neck 5"


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Shipping Questions

  • How much are shipping fees?

    Shipping is always FREE and all orders ship quickly from America!

  • When will I get my order?

    All orders ship quickly from America, so expect to receive your order between 2 to 9 business days!

Return Policy

  • Can I return or exchange an item?

    Yes, we accept returns for a full refund and we also pay your return fees. However, you must respect certain conditions. Click here to read our return policy.

  • Will I have to pay shipping fees to return my order?

    No. We will pay the shipping fee for you! Why? Because you placed your trust in us and that's our way of saying thanks even if you want to return your order. In short, you literally have nothing to lose by placing an order :)

  • Refund/Exchange Process

    1. Contact us

    2. Print the prepaid return label we will send you & bring your package to a local USPS office.

    3. Once we receive your return, we will issue you with a full refund or exchange your order (as per your request). Please note that it can take 5 business days after we receive your return before we can process your refund or exchange.

General questions about hair extensions

  • How long do hair extensions last?

    The durability of your hair extensions depends largely on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them. If you regularly wash and comb your clip-in hair extensions, they can last anywhere from 3 months to a whole year. Whereas for the other types of extensions, such as tape-in, micro-loop, sew-in, and fusion hair extensions, they’re a little less long lasting as compared to clip-in hair extensions. They can last anywhere from a month to three months. However, the ones that last the longest are the premium Remy hair extensions.

  • Can I dye the extensions?

    If you want your hair extensions to maintain their shine, glamour, and thickness, it’s best to leave them natural and not dye them. USA Hair doesn’t sell virgin hair, instead, we sell hair that has already been processed to utmost perfection. Therefore, dyeing the extensions or putting them through further process may damage the extensions. However, if you still wish to dye your extensions, you’ll have to do it on your own responsibility since you can’t return your extensions to USA Hair after they have been dyed. We recommend dyeing a small portion of the extensions to test the results before dyeing it all. We also recommend absolutely avoiding any processes that involve bleaching the extensions. If you’re not satisfied with the color of the extension when you receive them, you can easily send them back due to our safe return policy and get a full refund.

  • Can I use heat styling products on hair extensions?

    Whether you can or can not use heat styling products on hair extensions depends solely on the type of hair extensions that you bought from our company. If the extensions that you bought from USA Hair are made from 100% real human hair or premium Remy hair, then you can definitely use heat styling products on them as they are durable, long-lasting and super thick. However, we do recommend keeping the heat settings on low to protect the shine and glamour of the extensions just as a precautionary measure. However, if you’ve bought synthetic extensions, you can’t heat style them because they have already undergone quite a few processes and heating them will only ruin the shine and flair of your hair extensions.

  • Difference between Human Hair, Remy Hair, and Synthetic Hair

    Human Hair: Hair extensions made of real human hair are silky, soft, and can safely be styled with hot tools. These are your best bet for a natural look!

    Remy Hair: This hair quality is one of the best on the market. In addition to having all the benefits of real human hair extensions, premium remy hair lasts much longer.

    Synthetic Hair: The best factor about this quality is that they are budget-friendly. Synthetic hair extensions are the most affordable extensions and a convenient way of getting longer & thicker hair without any trouble.

General Questions

  • What are the payment methods?

    Payment methods are: Credit card, Paypal, and money order. In order to guarantee your own safety, we do not accept any transaction by telephone.

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