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I received a legal letter from your company. What should I do?

If you received a legal letter from our company, start by verifying the legitimacy of the letter by emailing

There may be different reasons why you received a legal letter from our company. The details of why you received this letter will be clearly explained in the letter. Please note that our customer service department can't assist you in this matter. The most common reason why you'd receive a legal letter from our company is because your transaction has been flagged as fraudulent by your credit card provider. There are a few options at your disposal to fix your legal matter with our company:

  1. You can agree and settle the amount outlined in the letter. If you do so, there's no more legal proceedings.
  2. You can disagree with the letter, but you will have to consult with a lawyer on how to proceed and what are your options.
  3. You can call your credit card, and tell them that the transaction is not fraudulent. If you do this and your credit card doesn't report the transaction as fraudulent anymore, the legal letter you received is automatically voided, and no further actions are required from your end.