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I received the wrong item

Packaging details don't match what's shown on the invoice (Example: packaging says 18 inch, but the invoice shows 22 inch)
We understand that you expect to receive the products you ordered, and receiving the wrong item can be frustrating. Regardless of how careful we are with the packaging and shipping process, human mistakes can happen. That's why we you need you to contact us if you received the wrong item, and we can easily fix this without additional charges for you. We want to make sure that you get what you paid for. However, you need to contact us within 5 days after receiving your order.

Product inside the package doesn't match the packaging details
Our products are not packaged in advance. They are picked & packaged the same day, through a process that involves several associates. Our team goes above and beyond to carefully inspect and package each product on the same day it's ordered. We take special care in organizing our warehouses to prevent any mix-ups. Hair lengths, colors, qualities, thicknesses, and textures are all separated into different sections in our warehouses to guarantee that every package contains the exact item ordered. The process is carefully logged and monitored. Rest assured, when you receive a shipment from us, you can trust that you'll be getting exactly what you paid for. If you believe that the product inside the package doesn't match the packaging details, please contact us within 48 hours after receiving your order so that we can start an investigation.