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What Brands Do You Sell?

USA Hair is among the largest online retail stores for hair extensions and wigs. We carry different hair brands, including our own brands.

For example, for synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions, we carry the brand. We developed this brand as a solution for those who want to order high-quality hair extensions without breaking the bank.

As for our remy hair extensions, hair wigs, hair toppers, and men toupees, we carry the brand. We created this brand for those who wish to order the best hair quality such as remy hair extensions, or unique products that are hard to find such as men toupees.

Keep in mind that we also carry brands from other companies, and we are constantly trying to add new brands to our lineups. If you have a brand you'd like to suggest to us, please let us know!

For any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us!