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Why are prices so low?

USA Hair offers the most competitive prices in the market due to an efficient business model.

  • We operate our own factories, so we can produce high quality products at very low costs and pass on these savings to customers
  • We own other hair extensions companies & hair brands, such as Canada HairUK HairDubai HairAustralia HairTara HairQuality HairMes Rallonges, and a lot more
  • We buy in bulk, whether from China, Asia, Middle East, Europe or North America. We are one of the largest hair broker in the world
  • We're the official partner of over 1,500 hair salons in North America & Europe. Our products are worn by celebrities all over the world
  • We own all our warehouses in 5 different cities in North America
  • Before selling to consumers, we were (and still are) the supplier of hundreds of hair companies, hair shops, hair salons, and hair brands
  • Our team is composed of experts in the hair industry. Everything is produced in-house: product design, product manufacturing, product research, and product market
  • We're a pioneer of e-commerce, with in-house engineers that developed a robust e-commerce platform
  • We're an early adopter of artificial intelligence, which allows us to efficiently track & monitor every single aspect of our business
  • Furthermore, USA Hair has invested heavily in a sophisticated distribution logistics system which ensures that products reach customers promptly and efficiently, all while keeping prices low

By cutting out middlemen and relying solely on our efficient factories and distribution systems, USA Hair offers incredibly affordable prices that are impossible to match by competitors.