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Artificial hair integrations can be made of 100% human hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is usually very cheap and a great choice if you don’t want to spend too much on extensions. However, they don’t always look natural. You cannot apply hot tools on synthetic extensions nor can you dye them. 100% human hair is the most popular artificial hair integrations. The majority of the hair extensions offered on USA Hair are made of 100% human hair. The major difference with this hair quality is that it looks considerably more natural than synthetic hair. You can apply hot tools on the extensions; you can wash them, and dye them. In other words, you can do with human hair artificial hair integrations whatever you would do with your own hair. But keep in mind that they are more expensive than synthetic hair. It is also crucial that you get quality human hair extensions if you want to dye them. Most retailers will supposedly offer 100% human hair extensions that you can dye, but the extensions will turn out to be cheap human hair mixed with synthetic hair. We all like to change up our look dramatically once in a while, and what better way is there to do it than dyeing your hair a brand new color? You can avoid the scary commitment by just dyeing your real hair extensions. Since premium virgin remy hair hair extensions haven’t undergone any treatments, you can dye them whenever you want with the help of a professional stylist. It’s important to avoid box dyes and remember to buy the lightest shade of the extensions available if you plan on dyeing them a bright color since that diminishes the need for bleach. We wouldn’t recommend bleaching or dying your extensions too much since the human hair will react just like your own would. You can find realistic and soft synthetic hair on the market but it’ll never be as good as the real thing. Real hair extensions have the authentic shine and soft feel that no other extensions will ever be able to imitate. Often, some vendors can scam you by giving you real hair that is mixed with synthetic hair to sell their cheap product at a higher price so it’s important to check by running your fingers through it to see if it tangles easily. You can also tell the difference by looking closely for any synthetic fibers that stand out from between the bundles of real, soft hair. If you want your hair extensions to maintain their shine, glamour, and thickness, it’s best to leave them natural and not dye them. USA Hair doesn’t sell virgin hair, instead, we sell hair that has already been processed to utmost perfection. Therefore, dyeing the extensions or putting them through the further process will only damage their extensions. However, if you still wish to dye your extensions, you’ll have to do it on your own responsibility since you can’t return your extensions to USA Hair after they have been dyed. We recommend dyeing a small portion of the extensions to test the results before dyeing it all. We also recommend absolutely avoiding any processes that involve bleaching the extensions. If you’re not satisfied with the color of the extension when you receive them, you can easily send them back due to our safe return policy and get a full refund.

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