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Hair extensions that can be heated

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Whether you can or can not use heat styling products on hair extensions depends solely on the type of hair extensions that you bought from our company. If the extensions that you bought from USA Hair are made from 100% real human hair or premium Remy hair, then you can definitely use heat styling products on them as they are durable, long-lasting and super thick. However, we do recommend keeping the heat settings on low to protect the shine and glamour of the extensions just as a precautionary measure. However, if you’ve bought synthetic extensions, you can’t heat style them because they have already undergone quite a few processes and heating them will only ruin the shine and flair of your hair extensions or wigs. Since human hair extensions react to anything just like your own hair would, it’s predictable of them to become damaged by environmental pollution, harsh chemicals, and heat. Using them too often can easily damage your extensions which is why it’s better to buy synthetic hair extensions if you’re looking for something to wear daily. This damage can be avoided by using high quality shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products while washing your extensions regularly. Keep your extensions soft and shiny by using essential oils. Avoid heat styling your extensions too much or at least without the use of heat protectant. A harmless way to style your real hair extensions into different textures is to use overnight rollers.

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Buy hair extensions that can be heated is a great move because you can style the extensions to your preference using hot tools. Keep in mind that if you wish to buy hair extensions that can be heated, it's crucial that you buy hair extensions made with human hair. Synthetic hair extensions will melt if you try to heat them. We advise you apply heat only to hair extensions made of human hair. Human hair extensions are delicate just like your own hair and if you subject them to too much heat, or style them too often they will get damaged. Always make sure to use a heat protectant and try not brush it when its wet as it’s more prone to damage in that state. Every night before you go to sleep try and tie the hair into a loose braid to make sure it stays detangled and looking neat. Use a deep conditioning mask once a month for extra protection.