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Quality Hair is a brand of hair extensions and a brand of wigs. The Quality Hair brand is owned by USA Hair. If you're in the business of buying only high-quality premium hair extensions or wigs, the brand Quality Hair is what you need. Our brand Quality Hair is made with premium remy hair. One of the major advantages of wearing Quality hair extensions or Quality Hair wigs is that it be styled in any ways such as hair straightening, curling and even permed. You can also apply dye in order to match the natural hair color. The cuticles of human hair extensions are not removed during the process of manufacturing. The shelf life of human hair extensions would last for a longer period of time and it remains intact even after constant use. You can wash and rinse Quality Hair hair extensions & Quality Hair wigs and manage them like a natural hair. Note that if it is properly taken care of, you can extend its longevity. A human hair extension reduces all the effort and time in managing your hair during morning and night. It keeps all the hair styling equipments at bay. You can say 'Good bye' to split ends if you opt to wear a Quality Hair extension or Quality Hair wig. It allows you to eclipse all the minute split ends which keep your hair fresh, cool and healthier all the time. One of the unique features of Quality Hair extensions and Quality Hair wigs is that it can be styled that exactly match the theme of an event. Owing to the supply of human hair extensions from various countries, the clients can choose from a range of Quality Hair extensions and Quality Hair wigs. They often arrive in different types such as Mongolian, Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian and European. You can select the best ones which blend well with your ethnicity. Remy Hair is highest quality human hair money can buy. The most important difference between Remy Hair and standard human hair is that cuticles of Remy Hair are kept intact using time-consuming and labor-intensive processes during its manufacturing. Each and every hair in a set of Remy Hair Extensions and Remy hair wigs must be hand-sorted to check that all cuticles are flowing in the same direction and are the same length. The result is that cuticles are aligned in a single direction that ensures the hair falls naturally and remains soft, shiny, silky and tangle-free throughout its lifetime. Given the care and time that goes into making Remy Hair Extensions compared to standard hair extensions, it is clear to see why Remy Hair produces the best quality extensions on the market. Why Is It an Advantage to Have the Cuticles Still Intact? The cuticle layer is the outermost layer of the hair strand that protects the innermost layers of the hair shaft. The cuticle also determines how well your hair can be styled and how it feels. Another important function of the cuticle is that it keeps the moisture locked into the hair for shiny and silky hair that can revitalize itself. Remy hair with intact cuticles have naturally more movement and body to create an authentic look. .

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