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How to Install Sew-In Hair Extensions

This year is all about stylish trends; whether it be the clothes, shoes, or hair, every category has its own set of trends that everyone is following. For hair, the trend that most people have been obsessing over lately is the different kinds of hair extensions and the kind of hairstyles you can create with them. Sew-in hair extensions have been blowing up the internet with their simplicity and manageability. But with the pandemic over our heads and the salons shutting down, it is better to do it all on our own. If you want to know how you can install sew-in hair extensions on your own, then you are in the right place. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

#1 What Are Sew-In Hair Extensions:

There is a never-ending list of hair extensions that you can find online and in physical stores. The variety of hair extensions available can help you choose the perfect one for yourself by matching it with your requirements and needs. No matter what the need is, whether it is just beautifying your real hair, changing the entire look, or just covering up the hair loss, you can always find the perfect set of hair extensions for it. One of the most commonly used types of hair extensions these days are the sew-in hair extensions. What are sew-in hair extensions you might ask? Sew-in hair extension is a kind of hair extension that is installed with the help of a special sewing technique. The hair is first braided into a cornrow and with the help of a needle, the hair extensions are weaved into the hair and then tightly secured. All of your hair is braided into tight cornrows so only the hair extensions are showing at the end, your real hair is just tightly braided and hidden under the hair extensions. There are different types of sew-in hair extensions, varying from color to size to texture. We will be talking about the how’s and what’s of sew-in hair extensions further in the article in detail. So keep on reading to know all about it!

#2 How to Install Sew-In Hair Extensions?

Sew-in hair extensions have been the talk of the town ever since they were introduced as a proper trend online. Every other influencer and celebrity is seen showing off their healthy look, beautiful lock everywhere they go. Most of them have even revealed that they had sewn-in hair extensions installed and are loving the experience. You too can enjoy sew-in braids without breaking the bank, and look your best whenever, wherever! Here is how you can install sew-in hair extensions on your own, in the comforts of your house without a hassle.

Step 1: Choose the Right Length

The first step that you must pay attention to when installing sew-in hair extensions is choosing the right length. If you want the extensions to be longer than your real hair then opt for the hair extensions that are somewhat longer than your real hair. It all depends on what you desire for your new look. As your hair will be braided and secure inside, it won’t matter what your real hair length or texture is. You can experiment and choose your preferred length and texture for the hair extensions.  

Step 2: Choose the Right Color

The next step to installing the sew-in hair extensions properly is to choose the right color. Determine what the color of your real hair color is and then choose the hair extensions of the same color. This will help the hair extensions blend in easily and look as natural as they can get. Or, if you have blonde hair, you can easily pick any shade of blonde and color it along with your real hair later on to get the exact color. Bleaching your real hair as well as the hair extensions is not advised as they can get damaged bit by bit, but if it helps you match the color of your hair to your hair extensions, then mix things up and get coloring!

Step 3: Choose the Right Seller

With the length, texture, and color correctly decided, surf the internet for the ideal website that provides the finest quality hair extensions and offers a wide range of variety to choose from. Many testimonials and influencers have stated that and are two of the most trustworthy website that offers their customers with the most high-quality products at extremely affordable rates. They are not only a well-known brand that is trusted by millions of people from around the world, but they are proven to have the best customer and delivery services. They deliver your favorite hair extensions to your doorstep within a few days. Proceed to your next step by visiting US Hair or Canada Hair and choose the right hair extensions for yourself. Scroll through the endless list of hair extensions and pick out the one that matches all your requirements perfectly.

Step 4: Gather the Right Equipment

With the hair extensions finally delivered and in your hands, it is time for you to install them right away. Before you start installing the sew-in hair extensions, you must gather the right tools and equipment. The basic tools or equipment that you must collect along with the hair extensions before starting the installation are; a hairbrush to make sure that your hair is smooth and well-brushed. Make sure that there are no tangles in between when you are working on them. You will also need to brush out the hair extensions when you are done installing them. A comb to separate your hair into clean sections and to brush your hair from the ends when you are done braiding them. Other than that, you will need a threading needle for the hair extensions so you can sew them into the braids without a hassle. Last but not least, you will need durable rubber bands or thin hair ties to secure the braids from the end and preventing them from getting loose. You can also use bobby pins to secure them in place instead of using elastic ties.

With all these tools and equipment ready on the table, you can finally start the process. Make sure you take a chair with you because this process will take some time and you will need a platform to rest on from time to time.

Step 5: Prep Your Real Hair

After you have gathered all the tools and equipment, start preparing your hair for the process. First off, brush your hair thoroughly and make sure there are no tangles that can become a barrier when you are braiding your hair. After that, as an optional step, you can moisturize your hair with a serum or refreshing oil so it can stay healthy throughout the process. Or you can just take a nice, nourishing shower before starting this entire process so your hair can be clean and ready to be braided.

Step 6: Braid Your Hair into Cornrows

Now that you are ready with the extensions and your hair prepped for the installation, you can start braiding your hair. First, part your hair into different sections and braid each section one by one. Make sure you braid your hair into tightly secured cornrows so there is no space for them to loosen down. Work on one section at a time and secure each cornrow on the back of your head with the help of elastic bands or bobby pins. Don’t hesitate in using more than one because you have to make sure that they are secured and fit in one place. If they get loose at any point, so will the hair extensions, and will eventually fall off.

Step 7: Sew-In the Hair Extensions

Now it is time for the final, most difficult yet fruitful step; sewing in the hair extensions. When you are done braiding your hair into cornrows and securing them in the back, get the needle ready. The specific needles for the sew-in hair extensions usually come with the extensions but if it doesn’t, you can always buy it online or visit a hairstylist for advice. It is similar to most sewing needles but the one used for sewing in hair extensions is more curved to prevent the needle from pinching the scalp and to avoid any accidents. Put a durable, thick thread into the needle hole and make sure to secure the end with a knot. After that, place the weft of hair extensions onto the braid and loop the needle around the braid and the hair extension to sew it in place. Repeat the process and keep looping the thread around your real hair and hair extensions until the entire weft is sewn perfectly to your hair. Do the same with other braids, one by one, and take breaks in between to prevent exhaustion. When you are done attaching all of the sew-in hair extensions to your braid, gently brush them all back and get rid of any tangles. In the end, style them however you want and experiment all you want. And voila, here you have it, the accurately installed sew-in hair extensions.

#3 Why Choose Sew-In Hair Extensions?

Sew-in hair extensions have been favored by many celebrities and influencers online and everybody seems to love them for some reason. Do you want to know why they have been so heavily demanded recently and why you should choose to get sew-in hair extensions too? Well, you are in the right place because we are here with some of the reasons why you should choose sew-in hair extensions:

Adds Length and Volume Easily:

Sew in hair extensions help add length and volume to your head as the extensions themselves are so thick and full of volume. As all of your hair is tightly secured into braids, the hair extensions do the job when it comes to giving the impression that you have healthy and full hair. You can get your desired length by simply choosing longer hair extensions and then installing them in place using the instructions mentioned above.

Are Easy To Manage:

Sew in hair extensions are very easy to manage as they are tightly sewn into your hair so there is no chance of them loosening down so easily. The secure installation allows you to brush them and experiment with them all you want. You can even take showers with these extensions on and treat them like your real hair. They don’t have to be washed very frequently and they don’t get damaged often even after the use of heating tools or different products.

Can Help You Grow Your Hair:

It is proven that sew-in hair extension helps you grow your real hair. Yes, you heard it right, as your real hair is tied perfectly into braids and is secured tightly with the hair extensions, it allows them to grow from within and underneath the hair extensions while they safe from any outer damage. The hair extensions protect the real hair from getting dirty or from getting exposed to any harmful chemical or treatment. The healthy cycle for the hair helps them stay healthy and grow while you have fun with artificial hair extensions.

Are Easily Available Online:

Sew in hair extensions are one of the most demanded and loved types of hair extensions available online. With the demanded rates getting higher and higher every day, most online brands and websites are starting to offer a variety of sew-in hair extensions. You find different colors, textures, and lengths for these sew-in hair extensions almost anywhere. The variety will help you choose the perfect sew-in hair extensions for yourself at an extremely affordable rate.

Are Complete Safe for the Hair:

Most hair extensions require you to use different tools or solutions to help put them in place but with the sew-in hair extension, you can ensure the safety of your hair as it does not requires any harmful tools or solutions. You just have to carefully sew the hair extensions on and you are good to go. Not only will your real hair be safe and tucked away into braids, but you will still get to have a complete hair experimenting experience.

Looks Very Natural:

Many testimonials have stated that sew-in hair extensions are one of the most natural-looking extensions in the list of hair extensions. They are carefully and precisely sewn along with your real hair, just near your scalp so it gives it a very natural look. The hair extensions look just like your real hair attached to your scalp. You can tie them up, braid them or style them however you want, they will always look just as real as your actual hair.

#4 How Are Sew-In Extensions Removed?

We talked about how to install sew-in hair extensions but now let’s talk a bit about how they can be removed. The procedure is very simple, you just have to simply snip the thread off delicately one by one. Yes, it that easy; use a pair of sharp and pointy shears and cut off the thread that is holding your braids and hair extensions together. Be very precise at every step at one mishap can lead to you cutting your real hair or the extensions. Snip it all off one by one and pull on the hair extensions to take them off completely. Repeat the process patiently and after a few concentrated moments, your hair will be extension-free! You can then go ahead and untie your hair from the braids and brush them thoroughly with a clean brush.

#5 Why Should You Visit a Specialist for the Installation?

In this guide, we talked about how you can install sew-in hair extensions on your own in the comforts of your home. But we have to tell you this, it is mostly advised that you consult a specialist for the procedure instead of doing it on your own. But why? Well, there are several reasons why you should seek professional help if you want sew-in hair extensions. First off, it is because the professionals have the right tools and techniques to perform the installation. It requires a lot of precision and delicacy to perform this task and it is likely to go wrong with you looking in the mirror, trying to get the spot right each time you want to weave the thread through braids. Also, the process takes a lot of time so it is better to sit back and relax and let the professional do the right thing. So in the end, it is still advised that you have a stylist install the sew-in hair extensions for you instead of you doing it on your own.

We hope that this guide helped you clear all your queries related to sew-in hair extensions and helped you decide if they are the right option for you. So wait no more and grab your favorite sew-in hair extensions now and get to work. Experiment a little and have a great hairstyling experience. Happy styling!