Fusion Hair Extensions Pros and Cons [ULTIMATE GUIDE 2022]


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There is a full range of hair extensions and if you’re looking for most popular, long-lasting and natural-looking hair extensions, you can’t go wrong with fusion hair extensions.

What are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion Hair Extensions, also known as Keratin Bond or pre-bonded hair extensions, are one of the advanced methods of applying hair extensions. Unlike most hair extensions, fusion hair extensions come in strands instead of wefts, so you’ve to attach the extension strand by strand to cover up your whole head. The tips of these hair extensions are infused with Keratin and are pre-bonded, which means that the glue is pre-installed at the top of each hair strand. You don’t have to purchase the glue separately for the application. The glue is made up of Keratin which prevents hair damage and adheres to your hair easily.

The keratin or the glue is heated using a specific tool so that you can easily fix the hair extensions to your hair. The hair strands are closely fused to your own hair.

Fusion hair extensions should be your go-to extensions since they look natural and blend easily with your natural hair. 

Fusion hair extensions are also known as

  • I-tip, U-tip, Flat-tip extensions
  • Keratin extensions
  • Pre-bonded extensions
  • Fusion bond extensions

How many fusion hair extensions would be needed?

It depends on how much hair you have. A pack of fusion extensions contains 20 strands that weigh 1 gram per strand.  For a full head, you’ll be needing 5 to 8 packs of hair extensions since your head would require a minimum 100 strands and maximum 140 strands.

How long do fusion extensions last?

The extensions would last up to 3 months or more if you take proper care of them. When your natural hair starts to grow out, the extensions would move along, therefore you need to get them re-positioned occasionally. The bonds will move downwards as your hair grows so it’s important that you get touch-ups from a professional every few weeks. 

Cost of Fusion Hair Extensions

How much do permanent hair extensions cost? The cost of fusion hair extension is around $75 per set. The hairdresser would charge between $2-$5 per strand. For full head installation, the cost would be between $160-$400. It depends on the number of hair strands you would be needing for your hair.

Pros & Cons of Fusion Hair Extensions

Every hair extension has its pros and cons, and prebonded hair extensions are no exception. Before you purchase fusion hair extensions, check out for pros and cons of these hair extensions

Pros of fusion extensions:

1) Fusion Hair Extensions can last for a long time

2) Fusion hair extensions give a natural look and blends seamlessly with your hair

3) Fusion hair extensions adhere easily to your natural hair

4) Fusion hair extensions are perfect for thick and natural hair textures

5) Fusion hair extensions are the most tried, tested, and recommended  way of getting hair extensions by the stylists.

6) Fusion hair extensions are the best way to get longer hair

Cons of fusion extensions: 

1) Fusion hair extensions require the use of glue and heat

2) You can’t install fusion hair extensions yourself, you need to get them installed by a certified hair extension technician 

3) Fusion hair extensions are not reusable

Pros of Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions can last for a long time

Yes, that’s right. Fusion hair extensions have a longer life-span unlike tape-in extensions and micro-ring hair extensions and cold fusion hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions last for 2-3 months whereas micro-ring extensions / cold fusion hair extensions have a life-span of 2 months. 

Speaking of pre-bonded hair extensions, they can last for 3 months or more which depends upon the usage and how much you take care of them. 

The longevity of the fusion hair extensions also depends upon the quality of the extension. If you’re looking for good quality extensions, check out USAhair.com.

It gives a natural look and blends seamlessly with your hair

Why fusion hair extensions are adored by celebrities? The reason being is that it gives a natural feel to your hair and effortlessly blends well with your hair. If you want permanent hair extensions, go for fusion hair extensions.

The hair extensions adhere easily to your natural hair

One of the major advantages of fusion hair extensions is that they have a strong hold. There are other hair extensions such as micro-bead extensions – cold fusion hair extensions – which use beads instead of glue at the tip of the strands which may result in slippage. Since the fusion hair extensions use glue to get attached to your hair they are not prone to slippage.

They are perfect for thick and natural hair textures

The fusion hair extensions are suited for thick and denser hair since the hair extensions can perfectly hold onto your thick hair without causing pressure to the roots and can be used to add volume or color to your natural hair, giving the appearance of real hair.

It is the most tried, tested, and recommended a way of getting hair extensions by stylists

Most of Hairstylist prefer fusion hair extensions over other types of extensions because they have a longer life-span, are flexible and give a natural finish to your hair. The hairstylists know just exactly how to attach the extensions to your hair. The process is lengthy but the result is worth it.

Best way to get longer hair

Whether you want to flaunt longer hair or go for face-framing short hair, pre-bonded hair extensions make it possible as it not only give you the desired length but also make your hair looks thick and voluminous. If you want colored extensions, that too is possible. 

The fusion hair extensions can easily be installed if you go to most nearby hair salon, unlike sew-in hair extensions. It’s difficult to find a hair expert who could sew hair wefts into your hair. You can easily find a certified local hairdresser who could install fusion hair extensions. 

Make sure, you get the hair extensions installed by a professional hair expert who holds expertise. 


Cons of fusion hair extensions

It requires the use of glue

The fusion hair extensions come with pre-installed glue found on the tip of the strands. The glue is melted using a heat gun/fusion connector that solidifies the keratin-infused bond, present in the extensions. The procedure is best performed by a hair professional who can heat the glue and use fingers to cool it down before attaching the extension.

Most people believe that glue can easily damage your hair which is a wrong belief. However, if are incorrectly installed, it can greatly damage your hair such. Due to this reason, many people opt for other hair extension methods over fusion hair extensions. 

A professional hairstylist is required to install these hair extensions

Before booking an appointment, you need to check whether the hairstylist is a professional or not. They should be certified in installing these extensions because the process doesn’t only require time but precision and talent otherwise it could turn out to be your worst nightmare. 

Fusion hair extensions take about 6 hours for a complete installation. On the other hand, tape-in extensions take about an hour. The time depends upon your hair texture, the number of strands and how experienced the hairstylist is but it does take a long time. 

The removal of the hair extensions also takes just as much time as applying the extensions. It’s time consuming. 

Fusion hair extensions are not easily reusable

Unlike other hair extension, it’s harder to reuse fusion hair extensions. The life-span is about 3 months or more depending upon the usage and care. Once you remove them, the process of cleaning the old glue and adding new glue is lengthy and a bit complicated. 


What are I-Tips Hair Extensions?

I-tip is a 3.5mm needle shaped fusion tip. It’s best for those who have got thin hair since it won’t cause any pressure to your roots. Don’t worry, the I-tips wouldn’t be noticeable as it allows for a seamless blend with your natural hair. With I-tips, you can style your hair by straightening your hair or curling it however you want to. I-tips can be installed using cold fusion and hot fusions methods. 

It’s up to you whether you want to go for cold or hot fusion methods since both of the methods are completely safe. The installation lasts for 2 months and can be re-installed 3-4 times before the extensions need to be replaced. 

What are Flat-Tips or U-tip?

In contrast to I-tips, U-tips or FLAT-tip are suited for thick and healthy hair. The Keratin glue bond facilitates a strong adherence as the tip is bigger. What’s impressive about the U-tip and FLAT-tip is that it can stay in your hair for a longer period of time. The extensions would neither slip nor fall as the extension have a stronger base. The only way to remove the bond is to crack it with a solvent. The installation lasts up to 2 months and needs to be re-installed 3-4 times.  During the time of reinstallation, more Keratin glue will be required to maintain the longevity of hair extensions. 

How to Install Prebonded Hair Extensions

To apply fusion extensions, it’s best to book an appointment with a hair stylist who would examine your hair, check whether fusion hair extensions are suitable for you or not and install the extensions without damaging your hair. 

 Fusion hair extensions will be attached strand by strand to the roots of your hair using specialized hair extension tools. The number of strands you’ll need depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Below are the steps you hairstylist will follow to install the fusion hair extensions successfully: 

  1. Comb through your hair thoroughly so there are no tangles or knots left in your hair especially around the roots. Before using the extensions, it’s a must that you should brush them thoroughly so they don’t have any tangles as well. The top hair extension strand will either be I-tip or FLAT-tip infused with Keratin bond. 
  2. The stylist will use a fusion connector to melt the layer of the keratin bond into a small strand of your own hair while the hair extensions are in position.
  3.  When the Keratin bond is heated, the hairstylist can shape and mold it using fingers. When the Keratin solidifies, it hardens to the point that tightly secures the fusion extensions into your hair. This ensures that the hair extensions hold to your hair firmly.
  4. Repeat Steps 1, 2, 3 for other sections of the hair. It’s an extensive procedure that will take time to apply. The procedure starts from the base of the head all the way towards the crown area of your head. The hair on the top hides the extensions so that no one could figure out that you’re wearing hair extensions. 
  5. Once the whole head is covered with extensions, the bonds sit against your scalp and they are covered by upper layers of your natural hair. The hairstylist then styles your hair to make it look natural
  6. Just as it takes time to apply, similarly it takes time to remove the hair extensions. An alcoholic solution is used to remove the Keratin Bond. This solution is applied to the roots of the extensions so that the keratin bonds break down and leave your hair.  


How to Take Care of Fusion Hair Extensions

Once you’ve decided to go for fusion hair extensions, it’s your responsibility to take care of the extensions so that they can last longer in your care. With a slight mishap and clumsiness on your part, you can damage your hair extensions and your hair. 

To be on the safer side, all you’ve to do is to incorporate these steps into your hair extension care routine to extend the life of your hair extensions and make them look fresh and brand new.  

#1: Don’t Wash Your Hair on a Daily Basis

If you’re  wearing the fusion hair extensions, washing your hair every day is certainly not a good idea. You might ruin your hair extensions just by shampooing it daily as it can weaken the Keratin glue bond resulting in hair damage. Thus, it’s advised to wash your hair no more than twice a week. Make sure you don’t scrub your hair aggressively or use the shampoo/conditioner on the bonds. Remember not to wash your hair upside down as this could destroy your hair extensions.

#2: Use a special Hair Extension Brush to remove the tangles

We use a regular comb for our hair, similarly, it’s best to use a special kind of brush intended for hair extensions to detangle the hair and remove knots. The brushes have really soft and looped bristles that makes it easy to brush the extensions. Remember to brush your hair before bedtime and before taking a shower as it prevents tangling of your hair and increases blood circulation. Start combing your hair from the bottom all the way to the top of your head. 

#3: Make a proper washing schedule

Although fusion hair extensions are reliable and long-lasting, care needs to be taken to ensure that they last long. Remember not to wash your hair until 72 hours after getting the hair extensions installed. Follow the guidelines given to you by your hairstylist. 

#4: Use A Heat Protectant When Using Hot Styling Tools

If you want to flat iron your hair or curl your hair, make sure you use a thermal heat protectant spray on your hair and roots to protect your hair from damage caused by excessive heat. Don’t iron or use hair styling tools on the glue bonds of the hair extensions since they are bonded with heat. If you reheat the bond, the hair extensions will get loose. Therefore, be careful when you’re using hot styling tools to style your hair. 

#5: Purchase good quality Shampoo and Conditioner for Your Hair

Hair products indeed play a key role when it comes to the appearance of your hair. Buy high-quality shampoo and conditioners suited for hair extensions. There are hair products available which are meant for hair extensions so you may want to opt for those. Check the ingredients of the products before buying. If it contains chemicals like sulfur and alcohol, don’t purchase it because it can break down the Keratin bond easily and strip off the essential oils from your hair. Always chose light-weight products that don’t cause build up. 

#6: Use a Silk or Satin Pillow Case

Whether you’ve hair extensions or not, it’s best to sleep on satin pillowcase since it prevents your hair from getting split ends and knows. Most renowned hairstylist recommends that you use a satin pillow cover.

#7: Avoid Salt And Chlorine Water

Salt and Chlorine can greatly damage your hair extensions and the tips of the extensions. If you’re planning to go to the beach or you want to swim don’t forget to wear a swim cap for the protection of your hair extensions. 

#8: Dry your wet hair extensions before you sleep

You should never fall asleep while your hair extensions are wet as it can easily damage extensions as well as the roots of your hair. Dry your hair and bonds before you go to bed to sleep. 

#9: Air dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer

It’s best to minimize the use of heat as it can greatly damage your hair. Why not let it air dry the right after you’ve taken a shower. Note that blow dryer can melt or damage your bonds resulting in slipping off your hair extensions. 

#10: Don’t forget to follow the aftercare instructions

After you’ve gotten your fusion hair extensions, you need to take care of them by using the right hair care products and techniques to ensure that your extensions look healthy and are in the best shape. Your hairdresser will recommend the products you should use and how to take care of your extensions, follow the aftercare instructions to make sure that your hair remains beautiful and healthy in the long run. 

#11: Braid Your Hair

You can make two side braids or a low braided ponytail before you’re off to bed. This will prevent tangling at the roots of your hair. 

#12: Get regular trims every 6 weeks

Just like regular hair needs trimming, similarly, it’s mandatory to get your hair extensions trimmed after every 5-6 weeks. It’s a great way to give life to your hair extensions and make them look neat, fresh and crisp.

Other Tips On How To Take Care Of Fusion Hair Extensions

Getting fusion hair extensions for the first time comes with a huge responsibility since you’ve to be prepared for taking care of your hair. You need to take care of the extensions exactly the way you take care of your own hair. You should get monthly appointments with your hairstylist so that they can keep in track of the status of your hair. Your hairstylist would make sure that your extensions aren’t loose, shape the ends of the extension and give a fresh new look to your extensions.

When you’re combing your hair, make sure that you’re using a brush that is suited for your extensions. Detangle your hair starting from the ends to the roots and it’s better to use a wide tooth comb to prevent hair fall out and reduce the pressures on the hair. The fusion bonds are vulnerable to damage, therefore, you need to guard your hair against heating tools like straighteners, flat iron, curling wands so that your bonds don’t get weaken over time. If you want to style your hair, always air dry your roots and start styling your hair from the bottom. 

When you’re washing your hair, use a soft and gentle hand to massage your scalp. Never rub your scalp aggressively which could lead to breakage and matting of hair. Buy a gentle shampoo that doesn’t strip off the moisture of your hair, making it look dry and flaky. If you’ve got longer hair extensions, it’s best to wash your hair under the shower, moving your head backward and gently massaging the scalp with your fingers. The shower is better than taking bath since the downward pouring of water can help rinse your hair from scalp to tips without you having to do extra work on the strands. 

Don’t flip your hair back and forth as this could put stress on your extensions and loosen the bonds. Speaking of conditioner and other hair products, use them in small quantity to avoid product build-up on your hair. 

How To Remove Fusion Hair Extensions

The fusion hair extensions are easy to remove. You only need to use an alcohol-based product such as Acetone to weaken the bonds of the hair extensions so that it’s easier to remove. The hairstylist would apply the acetone solution to the roots of the hair extensions and after a while, the hairstylist uses the hair extension tools to weaken the Keratin bond. Once the bond is loose, the hair extension can be easily removed. 

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Q1: What are the benefits of hair extension?

Hair extension can completely change your look in an instant! You can style the extensions according to your preferences be it ringlets, curls, beachy waves, etc. 

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Waiting for your hair to grow is a long process and it’s possible that you might not get the same volume and texture as you used to have. This is where hair extension comes to help. Whether you want to go to a wedding or hit the party, hair extensions are your best friend.

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