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Permanent Hair Extensions

Where can you get permanent hair extensions? The answer is on USA Hair! Permanent extensions are hair extensions that must be installed by a professional hairdresser. They're perfect if you wish to wear hair extensions 24/7. It can be inconvenient having to wear & remove hair extensions every day, so with permanent extensions you have the advantage of wearing them day in & day out for period of time. USA Hair permanent extensions are available in different types of hair extensions such as tape-in extensions, micro-loop extensions, fusion extensions, nano-rings extensions, and sew-in extensions. Our permanent hair extensions can be ordered online in 2 different hair qualities: human hair and remy hair. Human hair permanent extensions are soft and look real. Human hair blends seamlessly with your own hair for a natural result. Remy hair, our second hair quality, is a higher quality of hair. Not only does remy hair share all the benefits of human hair, but it also lasts longer & has better top-to-bottom thickness ratio. Remy hair permanent extensions on USA Hair are the recommended extensions if you're looking for the best hair quality we offer. What are you waiting for? Get the best permanent extensions now with USA Hair! 

USA Hair ™ is the largest online hair extensions & wigs store in America.

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Tape in hair extensions are the best hair extensions for thin or fine hair.

Tape in extensions

Micro loop hair extensions are the safest hair extensions technique because no glue or heat is used!

Micro beads hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions are the best extensions for coarse and thick hair.

Fusion extensions

Sew in hair extensions are the most affordable permanent extensions and perfect if you have coarse/thick hair.

Hair wefts indian remy hair extensions

Nano Rings hair extensions, are one of the safest techniques for your hair because no glue is used.

Nano Rings hair extensions

Premium remy hair is one of the best hair quality on the market. Available in tape in, micro loop, fusion, and sew in extensions.

Indian Premium Remy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions tools are important when installing hair extensions. Discover's affordable hair tools.

Installing hair extensions
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  1. Lace Brush On Wig & Toupee Glue, Extreme Hold Silicone Adhesive 1.4oz by Walker Tape
  2. Sew In Extensions Kit, Weaving Needles & Threads 4 pieces combo sets
  3. Nano-Rings (Nano-Beads) Extensions Kit
  4. 28 Inch Tape-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
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  5. 28 Inch Nano-rings Hair Extensions (Nano-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $83.88 was $139.99
  6. 28 Inch Micro-loop Hair Extensions (Micro-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $83.88 was $139.99
  7. 28 Inch Fusion Hair Extensions (Pre Bonded Keratin) - Human Hair
    As low as $83.88 was $139.99
  8. Strawberry Blonde & Bleach Blonde #27/613 Nano-rings Hair Extensions (Nano-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $39.97 was $49.99
  9. Dark Auburn #33 Nano-rings Hair Extensions (Nano-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $39.97 was $49.99
  10. Strawberry Blonde #27 Nano-rings Hair Extensions (Nano-Beads) - Human Hair
    As low as $29.96 was $49.99
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  • Learn more about USA Hair's semi-permanent hair extensions

    USA Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

    There are wide variety of hair extensions which are available and most of people including fashionistas ponder over the type of hair extensions they require.

    The hair extensions are usually made out of synthetic and natural human hair.

    Synthetic hair extensions are designed using silicone, while they are cheaper, one of the major drawbacks is that it is not possible to either dye the extensions or dry them using heating equipment such as a dryer.

    On the other hand, human hair extensions can be manipulated in anyway. It can be dyed and styled according to the needs and requirements of an individual. It will have a better blend with the natural hair. They can last a very long time with the proper care.

    Types of permanent hair extensions and where can I get permanent hair extensions?

    Micro-loop hair extensions

    Micro Loop hair extensions, are also termed as ‘Micro Link’ or ‘Micro bead’ or ‘Micro-Ring‘ is a type of hair extension which consists of twisting the extensions along the natural hair and clipping it with a plier and metal bead to secure it. It could be one of the best choices especially for women who wish to avoid any type of glue or heat when installing hair extensions. The estimated time it takes to install this extension method is about three hours, but can go up to six hours.

    Sew-in hair extensions

    Sew-in hair extensions are one of the best options for women who have extreme thick locks. It is a process which involves braiding the natural hair into an ancient traditional African style ‘Cornrow’. These types of extensions are sewn into the braid with the help of a needle and a thread containing cotton. One of the major highlights of this type of hair extensions is that it is best suited for different hairstyles. It is not advisable to apply it tightly since it might strain the scalp and be uncomfortable. As a result, sew in hair extensions are not suggested for women who have a fine hair. The application process is can be long and you may experience great difficulties in finding a hairdresser that is experienced in installing sew in hair extensions.

    Tape-in hair extensions

    Tape hair extensions which are often nicknamed as ‘permanent extensions’ are very easy to apply. Tape in hair extensions are installed quickly and easily. The tape of the extension is double sided so can be sandwiched on both sides of the hair. The average lifespan of this extension is about six to twelve weeks. Even though it is a not the most durable type of hair extensions, it is quite simple to handle and manage. The total time taken to complete the application is about forty minutes to maximum one hour.

    Fusion hair extensions

    Fusion hair extensions are regarded as one of the favorites and popular extensions. A pre-bonded extension blends well with the natural hair by using various adhesive including glue as well as keratin. There are chances of breakage if not handled properly. The application process would last for more than four hours and the average lifespan is about six months. A professional hair technician makes use of adhesives which could damage the natural locks if not done properly. The process of application involves the use of a hot glue gun to attach the extension to the natural hair. On the other hand, a heat clamp is used for pre-bonded hair extensions.

    Invisible Wire hair extensions

    Invisible Wire hair extensions are installed in a few seconds only. These extensions sit on the head like a headband, supported by an invisible wire which is attached to each side of the fabric. The thin and undetectable wire slides on to your head easily and will seamlessly disappear within your hair.

    Ponytail extensions

    We all know it takes months to grow out hair that is long enough for a full and thick ponytail which is required for some events and occasions. Thankfully, with Wrap Ponytail Extensions you won’t have to wait months!

    Nano-rings hair extensions

    Nano-rings extensions are a safe technique to opt for. The technique includes securing individual hair extensions in tiny rings. The bonds of nano-ring hair extensions are so small, approximately 90% tinier than micro-rings, that they’re undetectable when they blend with your natural hair, making your hairstyle look incredibly realistic and silky. It’s a comfortable and discreet method even for those with very thin or fine hair.

    Clip-in hair extensions

    Clip-in hair extensions which are sometimes referred to as ‘Clip-in-wefts’ are available in synthetic hair and natural remy human hair. One of the major highlights of this method is that users can easily apply and detach this extension whenever required. The total time taken to execute this application is about five to fifteen minutes. This type of extension does not contain the presence of any sorts of chemical solutions and no heating is required. Moreover, you don’t need a hairdresser or any professional assistance in installing clip in extensions. Therefore, you are automatically saving a considerable amount of money since most hair extensions installation requires professional assistance. Clip in hair extensions are the most popular type of extensions… and also the cheapest hair extensions available.