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USA Hair ™ is the largest online hair extensions & wigs store in America.


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With thousands of positive customers reviews across America, USA Hair is America's favorite online hair extensions & wigs shop. 

Hair extensions in the USA? Wigs in the USA? You came to the right place!

You can finally stop searching online for the best place to order hair extensions from! USA Hair is your answer. All our hair extensions & wigs are made of high-quality hair and will blend seamlessly with your own hair for a natural and discreet result. USA Hair proudly offers clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, invisible wire extensions, fusion prebonded hair extensions, micro-loops hair extensions, nano-rings hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions, ponytail hair extensions, lace front wigs, hair toppers, men toupees, and much more at affordable prices! If you're searching for quality extensions, we're the real deal. All of USA Hair's extensions and wigs are offered in different hair colors, hair lengths, and hair qualities. Whether you're searching for black hair extensions or blonde wigs, 18 inches extensions or 26 inches human hair wigs, remy hair quality or synthetic hair quality, you can be assured that you will find exactly what you need on! All orders on USA Hair ship for free and are protected with our easy hassle-free return policy. Hair extensions in the USA and wigs in the USA are now easily accessible thanks to USA Hair!

Are you ready for your transformation?

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    Clip in hair extensions

    Let’s talk a little about the wide range of hair extensions available at USA Hair, one of which is our collection of high-quality clip-in hair extensions. USA Hair's clip-in extensions are great for anyone who prefers to only wear hair-extensions occasionally, since they are easy to install and even easier to remove. The clips attached at the top of the extensions help bond the wefts to your real hair and add extra volume to your look instantly. The best part is that you don’t even need a professional hairstylist to install these clip-in hair extensions for you as you can easily achieve this seamless and realistic look by yourself at home.

    Tape in hair extensions

    Tape-in hair extensions are ideal for those that have thinner hair and want more volume in its appearance. US Hair's tape-in extensions are exactly what its name entails; it comes with tape attached to the top of the extensions which you can use to bond the wefts in between parts of your hair semi-permanently. The tapes are durable and high in quality while the hair is realistic and lightweight so that it doesn’t cause any strain on thin hair. USA Hair's tape-ins have solid tapes so that your tape-in extensions stay firlmy in placed without any slip and without the tapes being too sticky. At US Hair, our tape-in extensions are made of high-quality remy human hair, so the result is always healthy and realistic, and the tape-in extenisons will blend seamlessly with your own hair.

    Micro-loop hair extensions (micro-beads)

    For that want to avoid glue and are looking for a longer-term solution to the problem of wanting more voluminous hair, micro-loop hair extensions are the way to go. Although they do require a professional hairstylist to install them for you, they last much longer and are more well-bonded to your hair than any other kind of hair extensions. These hair extensions, also called micro-beads hair extensions, micro-rings hair extensions, and micro-links hair extensions, are installed strand by strand, each of which features a small loop at the top, which creates an unbelievably realistic and discreet result in the end.

    Fusion hair extensions

    A popular type of 'strand by strand' type of hair extensions are fusion extensions, also known as pre bonded keratin hair extensions. USA Hair's fuson extensions are the best extensions for those with thick or coarse hair. Fusion hair extensions are an option popular amongst celebrities. These are probably at the top of the list when it comes to the most well-bonded hair extensions on the market, since each strand has a small amount of keratin glue at the top which is melted and bonded onto your hair using a fusion connector. Fusion hair extensions are realistic, durable, resilient, and completely worth the lengthy installation. Best installed by professional hairstylists, these hair extensions are ideal for those that plan on wearing extensions for a long period of time.

    Sew in hair extensions

    Sew-in hair extensions have been traditionally used as well as popularized by the African American community. These US Hair's sew-in extensions, which are also referred to as weave-in hair extensions often, are affordable to install but definitely require an expert hand. In terms of staying bonded to your hair for a long time without glue, there are definitely at the top of the list. USA Hair offers sew-in hair wefts & weaves in 100% real human remy hair to make sure the result is natural-looking and realistc

    Ponytail extensions

    Ponytail hair extensions are the quickest, easiest, and most efficient fix for anyone that’s looking to add more volume and length to their ponytail without having to wait for their hair to grow out. The best feature of US Hair's ponytail extensions is that they’re incredibly easy to install by yourself at home and just as easy to remove, all you have to do is wrap the extensions around the base of your ponytail and make it even more discreet and seamless by wrapping a strand of extra of hair around the top of the extensions.

    Invisible wire hair extensions

    invisible wire hair extensions are definitely at the top of the list when it comes to time efficiency, making them ideal for those that have packed schedules or are always on the run. The discreet and thin wire attached to the wefts of hair sits on the crown of your head and blends in with your real hair seamlessly. USA Hair's invisible wire hair extensions are an incredibly quick and easy way to add volume and length to your hair in just a matter of seconds, especially since you can find the best ones on the market at an affordable price on USA Hair.

    Nano rings hair extensions

    Another kind of hair extension that doesn’t use glue to bond to your hair are the widely loved nano ring hair extensions, which are also installed strand by strand. US Hair's nano-rings hair extensions, also known as nano-beads hair extensions ro nano-links hair extensions, are extensions with rings or loops attached to each strand that are 90% smaller than micro loops. Nano-rings hair extensions are absolutely undetectable and never fail to create an ultra-realistic look. The size of these rings also adds to the comfort of the hair and doesn’t add any strain to the roots of thin hair, making these hair extensions ideal to be worn for very long periods of time.


    You can reliably buy high-quality synthetic wigs and human remy hair wigs online at pleasantly reasonable prices on USA Hair! Change up your look with these affordable wigs in the USA. The main benefit of buying a wig from USA Hair is that you’ll receive your order in just a few days as all orders ship from the USA. Wigs have gained quite a good amount of popularity in this decade because of their many advantages and use. They’re commonly used for protecting natural hair from the damaging surroundings or concealing natural hair issues. The most notable plus point about wigs is that they’re extremely convenient. USA HAir wigs are actually super quick and easy to put on, the process takes just seconds. If you’re a busy person, USA Hair is the shop for you as our products are fast and easy to install.


    Hair toppers go by a list of different names due to the variety of available options for a user to choose to cover up their partial hair loss. Hair toppers are also known as wiglets, hairpieces, and hair enhancers as they serve the same purpose, covering up a specific area of the head that has been exposed due to partial hair loss. The commonly used term for hair toppers is "wiglets" since it looks like a good wig's miniature version. As the wig covers the entire head, wiglets or hair toppers cover the head's needed area to cover up the lack of hair. The different types of hair toppers are designed to use various easy methods to cover up your wanted area and make it look as natural as it can get.

    US Hair

    Shop Hair Extensions in USA With US Hair

    Hair extensions in the USA? You came to the right place if you wish to buy quality haire xtensions at affordable prices.

    Best hair extensions website

    Hair extensions in USA can easily be ordered online on America's favorite hair extension shop:! USA Hair extensions are soft, tangle-free, discreet and will give you longer and fuller hair. Hair extensions in America are usually expensive, but not anymore because we now offer in usa hair extensions that are affordable. Our favorite type of hair extensions are clip in hair because you can wear and remove them anytime you want. And it only takes 5 minutes! That’s what makes clip in hair extensions a best seller as one of usa hair extensions. Another popular type of hair extensions are permanent hair like weaves / sew-in hair extensions, which was the 1st method of hair installation to be introduced to the market.

    Hair USA 

    USA Hair extensions are also available as tape in hair: a discreet way of having long hair. If you are looking for more volume, we suggest micro-loop hair or fusion/pre-bonded hair extensions. We offer 2 qualities of hair extensions: 100% real human hair and synthetic hair. Both will give you longer and fuller hair, but with 100% real human hair, you can style the hair with your hot tools and style them as you please without any danger. USA Hair extensions are available in many colors, lengths, styles, qualities and thicknesses, which makes us your #1 reference for hair extensions in America and hair care products online in America. Hair extensions in America used to be available only in big cities until our store, USA Hair, made it easy to buy hair extensions online.

    Buy hair extensions online

    Hair Extensions shouldn’t be luxury, we believe all Canadians should have access to quality hair extensions at low prices. USA Hair extensions are possible because we have developed a sophisticated distribution system. As a result, you can find on USA Hair’s website the latest and hottest products. We are also designing and producing trendy wigs, soon you might refer to us as USA Hair Wigs because we will be offering countless styles of wigs! Our mission is to offer top quality hair at affordable prices for Canadians. We have a hassle-free easy return policy, all payments are 100% secured and we ship from America. This means that your hair extensions, wigs, hair care products and hot tools will be delivered to you quickly and safely. Shop hair extensions in America and hair care products online in America by browsing our website now.

    Human hair extensions

    Human hair extensions keep gaining popularity in America because they look more natural. Contrary to synthetic hair extensions, human hair can be styled with hot tools. If you feel that your hair line is getting thinner and short, you may consider purchasing human hair extensions. Human hair extensions are widely used in the field of fashion industry. Hair extensions on USA Hair are available in different shades such as: black hair extensions, brown hair extensions, blonde hair extensions, ombre hair extensions, and much more on America's best hair extension webiste. 

    Remy Human Hair Extensions

    Remy human hair extensions are the best in terms of price/quality ratio. Remy Human Hair Extensions are extremely versatile and flexible. However, they are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions due to its quality. One of the major drawbacks with respect to synthetic hair and its hairpieces is that it is difficult to manage and is vulnerable to damages. A human hair extension stands apart since it is the most preferred extensions by the customers and hair stylists. Now let us discuss some of the major reasons behind investing money in remy human hair extensions.

    • Easy to manage and style human hair extensions: One of the major advantages of wearing human hair extensions is that it can be styled in any ways such as hair straightening and curling. Although the extensions made of real hair can be dyed, we always recommend you don't change the color of the extensions. Changing the color of the hair extensions may damage them and shorten their lifespan. If you dye the extensions, this is done at your discretion and we cannot be held accountable if you are unhappy with the outcome.

    • Easy to wash and minimum maintenance : You can wash and rinse human hair extensions and manage them like a natural hair. Note that if it is properly taken care of, you can extend its longevity.

    • What are the differences between remy hair and human hair? Remy Hair Extension is one of the superior quality hair extensions available in the market. It is designed in such a way that all the cuticles are paired and positioned in the same direction. By doing so, the hair follicles are placed in exact direction. The hair strands are carefully aligned in a particular direction as and when it grows. It would help in eliminating further tangling issues when compared to standard human hair extensions and least expensive hair extensions. It ensures durability and lasts for a long period of time.

    How to wash clip-in hair extensions?

    • At first, you may pour large quantities of cool or lukewarm water into a bucket.

    • Remember to detangle the hair extension before they are immersed into the water. You should not twist or rub the hair. Include small quantities of mild shampoo and gently swash it.

    • Now thoroughly rinse the hair using cold water.

    • Remove the excess water by using a towel.

    • Allow the hair to get dried up. Ensure that it is not exposed under direct sunlight.

    • After it is completely dried, pick the hair extension and style it according to your needs and preferences.


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