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The best hair extensions & wigs in America 

High-quality hair extensions & wigs at affordable prices in America

USA Hair is the best hair extension and wigs distributor in America which provides its customers with high quality and reliable hair products ranging from wigs and hair extensions to tools and equipment.

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Your hair plays a great role in making you look top notch and glamorous. A shiny and voluminous addition to your hair gives more extra points to your whole appearance than you think. External beauty begins from hair which is why it’s essential to make sure your hair looks full, thick, and silky. This requires many products and tools to make your hair look perfect at all time. USA Hair has all the hair extensions and wigs you’d need to step up your hair game instantly! Our first and foremost aim is to provide our customers with high quality and trendy extensions and wigs for them to keep looking up-to-the-minute.

Our mission

USA Hair is a well-known and authentic shop that is famous among high-end hairstylists. Over the years, the shop has become a benchmark for high quality wigs, hair extensions, hair products and equipment. Before USA Hair became known for its quality products, the hair market was a risky place where you couldn’t really find the accurate shade or texture for your hair which was realistic enough to give you an authentic finish. Now thanks to USA Hair, shopping for hair related products is easier than ever as we hold a wide range of hair extensions, wigs, and tools that will match exactly with your natural hair. What’s more is that our team personally designs, creates, markets, and delivers every aspect of the products to ensure top quality and precision for our loyal customers. USA Hair also sells hair products from other top brands. Since hair products are often expensive enough to break your bank, our main mission is to offer high-end hair extensions and wigs at affordable prices at the tips of your fingers.

Any doubts you could ever have about the credibility and authenticity of USA Hair will be instantly diminished as soon as you see the undeniably high quality of our products. All our products go through quality tests before being shipped to ensure top results for every one of our customers. Although the saying goes “quality not quantity”, USA Hair is exceptional in both. Not only are our products one of the best on the market, but we also hold a wide range of variable products to fulfill all of your hair related needs. We keep in mind the different needs, expectations, and standards of our diverse audience while making our products. The team of USA Hair works harder each day to be better and more inclusive of every single client so they can buy all their hair products from just one shop.

Our team dispatches all orders from the USA and makes it easy for all clients to track their packages and be aware of every single step along the way. USA Hair also offers a guaranteed return policy with absolutely no hassle and for a full refund. Every single transaction that goes through our website is completely secured and guarantees utmost privacy for your personal information and data. Our team works hard to make sure you can comfortably shop for all that you need without worrying about any troubles. Look no further for all your hair related needs because we’ve got it all.

All our orders are shipped from North America, so it’s always quick and traceable and there is no duty fees paid. We also accept returns hassle-free for a full refund. Moreover, all the transactions through our website are 100% secured and guarantees maximum levels of security. If looking for the best wigs, hair extension and hair products, search no further because at USA Hair we’ve got it all.


We put the customer first.

Our main principle is that every single member of our team at USA Hair stays dedicated to giving only the best to our loyal customers. The team is diverse in all terms but the one thing that binds us all as one is our want to provide high-quality material and work hard for our passion that is hairdressing. For us, crafting these wigs, extensions, and hair-related tools isn’t just a job, it’s our favorite hobby. Top notch customer service is also another one of our top priorities as we believe companies can only flourish if they make a reliable bond with their clients. Every comment sent in from our customers is well reviewed and used to learn and better our work, even more, to satisfy our clients according to their needs. We always take note of our customers’ feedback and are always available to serve you with anything related to our products or hair. However, if any one of our customers is still dissatisfied with anything concerning our products or service, USA Hair has a perfectly safe return policy which allows you to get a full refund. By this, we let all our clients know that their satisfaction is our first priority over anything. When it comes to delivering our products safely and quickly, we have a solid logistic system ready at all times to deliver whenever need be. The best part of it all is that there’s absolutely no duty fees at all because orders ship from the USA!

USA Hair has trusty partnerships with many successful hair salons and our team works hard to keep it that way and form more relationships with even more well-known hair businesses to help both of our companies flourish more and more. Aside from salons and hair related organizations, individual hairstylists are also one of our top priorities. This allows our clients to have a diverse range of products to choose from. To maintain this, we periodically offer sales and discounts on all our products for our business customers.

Our prices might seem surprisingly low to some nd that’s because high quality hair related products are known to be sold at very high and often unaffordable prices. Our goal is to make sure our customers can comfortably shop for high end wigs, hair extensions, and tools without breaking their bank. USA Hair’s team is full of people that have been in the hair industry for many years and have professional experience in everything hair related. This allows us to buy in bulk from a few trusted middlemen and sell those top quality products at a lower price for our customers. Having a lot of experience in this industry, we know exactly which product to buy. We are aware of the ups and downs of the prices at every company and level and that makes it easier for us to decide which cost is ideal for our clients.

USA Hair has an internal network and connections with hair companies all over the world. That helps us offer our customers the best shopping experience supported by safe and advanced technology which allows you to shop for your favorite products at pleasantly low prices in almost no time and absolutely no hassle. USA Hair doesn’t only provide quality products, but our team is also extremely considerate about the needs and expectation of our clients, making our customer service top notch. We work hard to take part in bettering the American economy by providing merchandise that is customized perfectly for our diverse audience. Company


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