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You can reliably buy high-quality synthetic wigs and human remy hair wigs online at pleasantly reasonable prices on USA Hair! Change up your look with these affordable black wigs.

USA Hair Wigs | Online Wigs Store

The main benefit of buying a wig from USA Hair is that you’ll receive your order in just a few days as all orders ship from the USA. Wigs have gained quite a good amount of popularity in this decade because of their many advantages and use. They’re commonly used for protecting natural hair from the damaging surroundings or concealing natural hair issues. The most notable plus point about wigs is that they’re extremely convenient. USA HAir wigs are actually super quick and easy to put on, the process takes just seconds. If you’re a busy person, USA Hair is the shop for you as our products are fast and easy to install. USA Hair wigs are incredibly effortless to put on. Wigs are a great option if you want to change up your hair instantly without committing to it too much. Plus, you don’t have to sit through the long hours of dying, bleaching, perming, straightening, curling, or cutting your natural hair. These processes are expensive, very damaging to your natural hair, and are a big commitment which is why it’s safer to experiment with wigs. USA Hair Wigs also come in high-fashion hairstyles that are incredibly hard and expensive to reproduce in a hair salons. It’s safe to say that wigs help you get hair textures, hairstyles, and hair colors with confidence that you wouldn’t otherwise go for. Change up your look instantly and safely with USA Hair natural-looking wigs now!


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  1. B1707309-v4 - Short Black Synthetic Hair Wig
    Special Price $159.89 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  2. G1611224C-v4 - Long Brunette Synthetic Hair Wig
    Special Price $159.89 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  3. G1611202-v3 - Long Black Synthetic Hair Wig
    Special Price $159.89 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  4. G1611002C-v2 - Long Black Synthetic Hair Wig
    Special Price $159.89 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  5. DM1810844-v2 - Short Black Synthetic Hair Wig With Bang
    Special Price $159.89 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  6. G1904817-v2 - Short Black Synthetic Hair Braided Wig
    Special Price $119.89 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  7. 10" #1b/Gray - Short Colour Black/Grey Remy Human Hair Wig 10 inches #1b/Gray
    Special Price $311.80 was $389.99
  8. 10" Short Gray Remy Human Hair Wig 10 inches Gray
    Special Price $311.80 was $389.99
  9. 10" #1BT/27 Ombre Strawberry Blonde Remy Human Hair Short Wig 10inch
    Special Price $311.80 was $389.99
  10. 12" #1BT/27 Ombre Strawberry Blonde Remy Human Hair Short Wig 12inch
    Special Price $319.79 was $399.99
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74 items

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We offer hair extensions made of quality hair. Discover our premium remy hair extensions offered at affordable prices exclusively on USA Hair!



With thousands of satisfied customers across America, we are the reference in hair extensions & wigs!



All orders ship quickly for free from North America. Expect to receive your order within 2 to 8 business days. Your order is traceable online 24/7!



We accept returns for a full refund. We even pay your return fees, so you literally have nothing to lose! Read our return policy for more details.



We really care about you and your hair as much as you do! Our customer service team is at your disposal to answer any question you may have.



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  • Learn more about USA Hair's Black Wigs

    Buy Black Wigs Online

    You might be asking yourself “how does Kylie Jenner get that beautiful black hair with so much volume?” Black hair wigs! That’s the answer. Sure that might not always be the case, but a lot of the time the credit goes to a high quality black wig. 


    There are many types of black hair wigs you can find online right here at USA Hair including: 


    • Curly black wigs
    • Straight black wigs
    • Pigtail black wigs
    • Braided black wigs
    • Human hair black wigs
    • Synthetic black wigs


    For the best black wig that looks real, human hair is probably going to be your best option. No matter the reason you are looking to get a quality wig, USA Hair takes pride in offering some of the best prices around. Many of customers are repeat and love to submit photos of themselves with their new hair. 


    How much does a good black wig cost?

    It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for the more affordable purchase, then a synthetic wig is the way to go. Synthetic wigs can be found in the lower hundred dollar range at USA Hair!


    Does USA Hair sell black wigs with bangs?

    We sure do! Scroll up above to see our beautiful options for this selection. 


    What length black hair wig should I get?

    It’s really up to you! Considering the affordable prices offered by USA Hair, maybe you will want to try out both a short and long black hair wig to rock both styles!


    Black Full wigs allow you to go as wild as you like from unicorn or ombre colours and play around with the length and texture as well, so even if you have long curly hair you can buy a short straight black wig and no one will be able to tell the difference. Lace black wigs are becoming a firm favourite with wig wearers nationwide as they are a major improvement on the full wig. The base of the unit is made from a lace material and has a natural hairline. These black wigs will look more natural and resembles a scalp and the hair growing from it. Similarly to a full black wig, with the lace, you can have all of your hair covered however the main difference is the range of styles as with the lace you can tie your hair up at a ponytail without any the tell-tale signs of it being fake hair. The lace wig has a natural density and hairline and each individual hair is placed deliberately to look like it’s growing right from the scalp. A full wig usually has a set style that is difficult to change but a lace black wig allows for so much versatility and you can even add partings wherever you like and wear it half up or down. Black Wigs are available in all hair types from synthetic which are cheaper through to human hair. It is important to know that some online sellers are cheeky chappies, who will give you a mix of synthetic and call it human hair just to get a few extra bucks. Synthetic hair has come along way from its stringy and plasticky beginnings and now a days the untrained eye can’t tell the difference between good synthetic hair fibres from real human hair which is great if either your purse strings are tight or you have lots of wild ideas for colours and styles you like. The advantages of synthetic hair is that you can have any colour you imagine because it’s possible to create without damaging the integrity of the hair strands. You can also purchase heat resistant synthetic hair with gives you more styling options, so that you can use heated tools within reason. Human hair wigs will not last as long as synthetic hair but with good care a unit can last years. Always question the origin and grade of the hair. Where possible buy Indian remy hair. It is the most reasonably priced and is very high quality. Why buy online With the growth of the internet we can now buy everything online from groceries to houses. Therefore it makes sense to purchase a wig online especially if you live in an area where there are not many beauty supply stores or you want access to a wider range. When you buy online usually you can reduce the price as you don’t have the added fees of a physical location or staffing costs added on. If you have specific needs such as a custom colour or texture many, places can offer a customisation service or direct you to stylists who they have a good relationship with and even with a possible discount. Loyalty bonuses are common when you are a repeat customer or buy in bulk. This may not apply in the beginning but as you become a wig connoisseur, you will realise that one is never enough. Plus rope in your friends and family when you make a purchase so that you can access any deals.

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