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Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the hassle-free way to getting thicker and longer hair in no time. With clip-in extensions, you can conveniently and safely attach them to your head yourself in the comfort of your home in a few minutes, without having to appoint a hairdresser or bothering with products and equipment. It’s easy, quick, and safe to install and remove USA Hair's clip-in hair extensions! Our clip-in extensions are offered in different hair qualities, hair lengths, and hair colors. The most affordable clip-in extensions will be the ones made of synthetic hair, which is a great budget-friendly way of getting longer & fuller hair. If you wish to wear clip-in extensions where you can style them with hot tools, USA Hair's human hair clip-in extensions is your answer. Our human hair clip-in extensions look like real hair and will blend seamlessly with your hair for a dramatic result. If you're on the hunt for the best clip-in hair extensions out there, our remy hair clip-in extensions are our best hair quality. Remy clip-ins are of better hair quality than human hair clip-ins and will last longer. All our clip-in extensions are offered in different hair colors & hair lengths. Whether it's short clip-in extensions or long hair clip-in extensions, black clip-in hair extensions or blonde clip-in hair extensions, USA Hair has exactly what you're looking for. Get your hands on the best clip-in extensions in America today by ordering safely online from USA Hair! 

How to install USA Hair clip-in extensions?

All you have to do is part your hair, and attach the clips to desired sections of your hair, and voila! Kick up your appearance and change the style of your hair in an exciting way without having to commit to any permanent change with USA Hair clip-in extensions! Upgrade from thin and boring hair to luxuriously voluminous and gorgeous hair in an instant! Clip-in hair extensions will blend seamlessly in your hair for a discreet and a natural look, and are the ideal choice for those who want stress-free hair extensions, as these clips stay firmly attached to your hair. If you want to dramatically transform your look today, these beauties will be your perfect partner. USA Hair clip-in extensions will blend seamlessly with your hair for a natural and discreet result. Dramatically change your look with clip-in extensions now!



[+] How do I choose the right hair color?

There are 4 ways to find your color from the comfort of your home! Click here to find out how.



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  1. Jet Black #1 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $119.92 was $149.99
  2. Black/Brown #1b Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $119.92 was $149.99
  3. Dark Brown #2 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $119.92 was $149.99
  4. Honey Brown & Ash Blonde #12/24 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $119.92 was $149.99
  5. Bleach Blonde #613 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $119.92 was $149.99
  6. Ombre Chestnut Brown Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $119.92 was $149.99
  7. Ombre Blonde Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $119.92 was $149.99
  8. Ombre Light Blonde Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $119.92 was $149.99
  9. Ombre Balayage Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $119.92 was $149.99
  10. Blonde #60 Clip-in Hair Extensions - Human Hair
    As low as $119.92 was $149.99
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    USA Hair extensions

    Clip-in Hair Extensions

    Clip in hair extensions are perfect if you never had extensions before. They are easy to apply and remove. All you have to do is clip them into your hair whenever you want to dramatically change your look. You will find the best clip-in extensions on USA Hair at affordable prices. Get longer and thicker hair instantly with clip-in hair extensions!

    First of all, these extensions give you flexibility. You can apply clip-in yourself at home. It’s easy, safe, and quick. You can also remove your clip-ins whenever you please. USA Hair extensions clip-ins come with the hair clips pre-installed on the extensions. The hair clips are solid and won’t slip. They are made of quality materials so that your clip-ins can hold firmly to your hair all day long. The hair clips are also easy to use whenever you want to put in your clip-in extensions. Secondly, USA Hair is frequently referred to as the store with the best clip-in hair extensions because of how natural the extensions look. The clip ins offered on our website will blend naturally with your hair. Thirdly, there are many hair extensions qualities available. Our budget-friendly synthetic clip-on extensions are starting at only $59 and available in more than 20 shades. Our clip-in human hair extensions are the best-selling extensions because they look more real than synthetic clip ins. The best clip-in hair extensions are premium remy hair. It’s one of the best hair quality in the market. In addition of having all the benefits of clip-in human hair extensions, premium remy hair lasts even longer. You can apply hot tools on your clip-on remy hair extensions without any problems.

    Where to buy hair extensions clip in near me in the USA

    If you are googling clip in hair extensions near me, you may find a few hair extensions stores or you may find… nobody. That’s normal: hair extensions are a niche market. It’s quite difficult to find a reliable hair extensions shop unless you live in a big city. If you are searching for ‘Where to buy clip in hair extensions near me in USA?’, we are the solution for you. We are a hair extensions shop that operates exclusively online. As a result, we can offer quality hair extensions clip in at a fraction of the price you would find in a conventional store. No need for you to leave the comfort of your home. You can place your order directly on our secure website, and you will receive your clip in extensions in a few business days. All orders ship from USA and are traceable online 24/7. No duty fees, no long shipping delays, no negative surprises! Here are a few reasons why you should buy clip on extensions from USA Hair. Wether it's short clip in hair extensions or long clip in hair extensions, USA Hair sells the best clip in extensions. 

    Clip in hair extensions at affordable prices

    USA Hair became popular because we are offer affordable clip in hair extensions. We don’t deal with any middlemen, so we can pass on the savings to you without decreasing the hair quality. We offer quality clip on extensions and other types of hair extensions at the best value for money. Did you know that clip in extensions come in different hair qualities? It’s not your regular synthetic hair vs human hair clip-in extensions, it’s much more complicated than that. Hair quality can vary tremendously from one seller to another. Some sellers advertise their “real human hair extensions” at only $30… whereas others offer their real human hair extensions at $500. Why such a huge price gap? There’s a good reason for this: there are hundreds of hair qualities on the market. Paying $30 for a full head of real human hair clip in extensions is impossible, unless it’s stolen merchandise! You should expect to pay at least $75 for somewhat good hair quality. Then again, you are not guaranteed that the extensions will be durable. You will quickly find out that these hair extensions become tangled really quick and generally don’t last long. On the other hand, what about those sellers offering $500 human hair clip-in extensions? Undoubtedly, it must be very good hair quality if the seller is reputable. But let’s face it: who can afford such a high price tag? Unless you are a wealthy person or a celebrity, it is highly unlikely that you’ll be paying $500 for clip in human hair extensions. The great news is that we addressed this problem specifically. In the beginning, we were a hair extensions supplier selling $500 human hair extensions. Many of our customers were celebrities and top hair salons. Every day, we’d receive emails from people asking us if we were offering our products to a location near them. Exactly like you who may have been googling where to buy clip in hair extensions near me. We thought it was quite unfortunate that many people couldn’t benefit from the joy of wearing clip in extensions because of a high price tag and because hair extensions shops are all concentrated in major cities. We launched USA Hair to address this issue. The first thing we did was to develop a hair quality that would be suitable for everyday normal girl. No need for you to be a celebrity to wear hair extensions. You could simply place an order on a website that offers quality hair extensions at affordable prices, in a matter of a few business days, you will receive your order. Instantly, we were met with massive success. Americans really enjoyed the idea of buying clip on extensions from a friendly retailer like us. Here’s why: We accept returns hassle-free. Let’s be honest: buying from the internet is sometimes scary. There are so many horror stories about websites selling horribly cheap products… and to make things worse, the retailers are located outside North America! Most of the times, they are from China, and they are selling poor quality products under different website names each time. USA Hair is different because we are located in USA and we want you to be satisfied. What’s the point of keeping a product you don’t like? We crafted an easy-to-understand hassle-free return policy. In short, if you receive your hair extensions and you don’t like the color, for example, you can return it to us for a full refund if you respect our return policy requirements. To make things even better, we will pay your return fees. Yes, we will pay your return fees! You literally have nothing to lose by choosing us. Secondly, we offer quality hair extensions. It’s the best quality in terms of price/quality ratio. Our clip in human remy hair extensions clip in are made to last a long time and will blend seamlessly with your hair for a natural result. The most important factor about wearing hair extensions clip-in is that they must look natural. We conceived hair extensions that do just that. Last but not least, we are everywhere in USA because we are an online-based company. In other words, no need for you to leave the comfort of your home to find a reliable place to buy hair extensions. Many USA Hair clip in hair extensions reviews mention how the extensions are the best clip-in hair extensions they ever got. Indeed, our clip-in human hair extensions are considered by many the best clip in hair extensions. As a national hair extensions supplier and popular e-commerce website, we have thousands of satisfied customers. We deal with many more customers than the conventional hair extensions shop. Therefore, we can offer you great quality at a great price. USA Hair offers different types of hair extensions clip-in, including clip in ponytail human hair, ombre clip in human hair extensions, blonde clip in human hair extensions, silver hair extensions clip in, ombre hair extensions clip in, and much more. The best clip in extensions are on USA Hair! Shop among different types of clip ins such as short clip in hair extensions and long clip in hair extensions. 

    How to install clip in hair extensions?

    Learn how to install clip in hair extensions Clip ins are often considered entry level to the world of extensions. However the main advantage when compared to others types of extensions, is that you can install them in just a few minutes. So you can switch up your hair style whenever you want. In other words, you can install these extensions from the comfort of your home without having to book an appointment with a hairdresser. Consequently, hair extension clip in are the cheapest hair extensions because you only pay for the actual extensions, and not for the installation. You get a great style for a fraction of the price. Plus with the right care, clip on can last a very long time! You can use the money saved to buy different colours and lengths to get more versatility. Yes, you can put in clip on hair extensions yourself. This is why clip in extensions are the most popular type of hair extensions method. Once purchased your clip ins will arrive ready to go, while other hair extensions may be complicated and expensive to install. The process to put in clip in hair extensions yourself is very easy and straightforward. These are the steps on how to apply clip in extensions yourself: Before you begin, make sure that you use a hair comb with a pointy end (rat tail comb), a paddle brush, sectioning hair clips, hairspray, a mirror and hair ties. Give your hair a good brush, using the paddle brush, as this will allow you to keep it seamless and prepare it properly for the task ahead. It’s really important that before you put in the clip in hair extensions, your hair is free of any knots or tangles. Don’t skip this crucial step. Remember that you can open the clip in hair extension just by applying a little pressure on them. Don’t pressure too much. Clip in extensions on USAHair come with the hair clips pre-installed on the hair wefts. To open or close the hair clips, push them and the edges and they will snap into place. The comb will allow you to section your hair a lot better and in the end that’s what you need to focus on right off the bat. Try to get your partings as straight as possible. This will hide the extensions and make them easy to take out. The first section will go across the back of your head from ear to ear. You can use a mirror to check it is in the right place. Take a weft of the hair extensions clip in hair and place it just below the parting. Use the hair clips on each end to secure it to your hair and click them into place. They are really secure and won’t come loose . Hairspray on the roots will add extra hold and is super important if your hair is not very thick. The next section will be a few inches higher, just above the ear. You can add in an additional weft 1 inch above the second for extra volume and a seamless blend with your natural hair. Follow this pattern until you are 1-2 inches away from tour parting so you have enough hair to cover the weft.Keep the small wefts as they can be added to the sides of the head for extra volume. Maintain the same 1 inch distance from the ears in order to get the best results.Once all of the hair extensions clip ins are in place, go ahead and style as you want. You can curl, straighten or leave them natural. Add hairspray to finish then you are all done! In just 10 steps you can go from clip in extensions novice to pro. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but practice makes perfect. We are sure that you will fall in love with hair extensions clip in just as many others have. Give them a shot and you will not be disappointed! If you have any difficulties putting hair extensions clip in yourself, please don’t hesitate to send us an email! We will be more than happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. Clip in hair extensions can be bought on our website at low prices. Our company operates and ships from the USA, so delivery is very quick. You are also shopping securely by choosing because we comply with all American laws. If you want to get the best clip in hair extensions, visit USAHair. We are a national hair extensions distributor of quality hair extensions at low prices. This article will explain to you how to install clip in hair extensions in just a few easy steps! Clip in hair extensions have many advantages. But what should you exactly do once you get the extensions? How to install clip in hair extensions properly? Can you put in clip in hair extensions yourself? All of these questions will be answered in this guide teaching you how to be a pro in no time. 

    How much do clip in hair extensions cost?

    If you are browsing around to buy affordable clip in hair extensions, you are probably curious about the price of getting clip in hair extensions. In this short post, we will explain how much do clip in hair extensions cost and what to expect. The price of clip in extensions will vary according to: Length, Color, Thickness, Hair Quality. If you are looking for the exact price of clip in extensions, visit our hair extensions shop now. The best part about getting clip in hair extensions is that they are the most affordable type of hair extensions. The reason why is pretty simple: you don’t need a professional to install clip in hair, you can do the installation yourself in a few minutes. You can wear them and remove them whenever you please. This means you don’t need to book an appointment with a professional hairdresser that is certified in installing hair extensions. Automatically, you are saving lots of money! The best part about getting clip in hair extensions is that they are the most affordable hair extensions at this moment. The reason why is pretty simple: you don't need a professional to install real hair clip ins. If you have never never worn hair extensions before, real hair extensions clip in are a great start. Since there are no commitments with this type of extension, it’s a great way of testing out if hair extensions are something you like or not. Contrary to popular beliefs, clip in extensions are great even if you have thin hair. However, if your hair is too thin, then it may not be suitable for you, but this is hardly ever the case, unless you have a medical condition. If you never had clip in extensions or any other types of extensions before, we’d recommend you start with synthetic clip in extensions which are cheaper than remy human hair. This way, you can start with an affordable hair extensions method to see if you like it or not. If you do like it, then we’d suggest you go for the remy human hair clip in extensions because they are the best hair quality!

    Clip in hair extensions FAQ

    How to put in clip in hair extensions, how to clip in hair extensions, how to use clip in hair extensions, how to apply clip in hair extensions, how to install clip in hair extensions?

    Anatomically, clip-in hair extensions consist of wefts of hair that are tied to a clip at the end. The extensions can be secured to your hair with the help of clips at their ends. That means all you have to do is pop open the clips and then install them on your hair. I’m pretty sure you can manage to do that on your own! After all, haven’t we all spent a part of our childhoods installing random clips on our heads? I still remember installing colorful clips on my head as a child whenever I had the chance to. Installing clip-in hair extensions takes just as much effort, except you just need to be careful about how to place the clips so that your hair extensions look as natural as they possibly can! When it comes to clip-in hair extensions, you don’t have to worry about any collateral damage being done to your hair while you’re wearing clip-in hair extensions because they don’t cause any damage to your natural hair. Therefore, if you’re thinking of getting hair extensions but are worried about hair damage, you should definitely go for clip-in hair extensions.

    How long do clip in hair extensions last?

    The lifespan of the average clip-in hair extensions varies from about three months to about nine months.

    How much are clip in hair extensions, how much do clip in hair extensions cost?

    What is the cost of hair extensions? Clip-in hair extensions cost between $75 and $500.

    Do clip in extensions damage your hair, are clip in extensions bad for your hair?

    Clip-in hair extensions do not damage your hair! Despite what you might hear from others, clip-in extensions are pretty harmless and don’t damage your natural hair. There are other types of hair extensions that damage your hair if they’re not properly applied, but clip-in hair extensions aren’t one of them!