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Earn Up to $100 with Your Shopping Experience Video!

We’re excited to offer our valued customers a fantastic opportunity! Share your shopping experience with us and earn up to a $100 gift card. Here’s your chance to participate:

How to Participate:

  1. Create a Video: Make a video at least 60 seconds long about your experience with our store. Discuss anything from shipping speed, customer service quality, to our competitive prices.
  2. Post or Send Your Video: Share it on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, or send us the file directly. Ensure your video is in English and avoids any curse words. 
  3. Be Genuine: Your video should authentically reflect your experience with our products or services.


  • Open to individuals 18 years and older.
  • Limit of two video submissions per participant.
  • Agreeing to let us use your video on our website, social platforms, and possibly for ads.
  • The video can either be horizontal or vertical.
  • Please refrain from adding music, unless it's royalty-free. 

Video Ideas:

  • First impressions of our online store.
  • Your shipping experience: Was it fast?
  • How did our customer service team do?
  • Assessing the value for the price.
  • Your overall satisfaction and likelihood to return.

Why Participate?

Sharing your story helps us grow and guides others. Hairdressers can earn a $100 gift card, while non-professionals can receive $30 for their contributions.

We’re eager to see your videos and hear about your shopping experiences. You’re the reason our community shines. Begin filming now and showcase what sets us apart!

Honesty is Key: We value your genuine feedback.

Get creative, share your experience, and earn up to a $100 gift card. Let’s start filming!


How to send your video?

Email us at or, depending on which store you made your purchase from.



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