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Together, we can defeat scams. 

Our customers helped us take the fight to scammers last year by reporting suspicious emails, texts, and phone calls. Each report matters. We made significant strides to protect our customers:

✔ We initiated takedowns of more than 250 phishing websites and 100 phone numbers that were used as part of impersonation scams.

✔ We referred dozens of bad actors across the globe to law enforcement to help them ensure these scammers are held accountable.


Be careful installing apps or software

USA Hair will not ask you to install an app or download software in order to receive a refund or to get help from customer service.

Never pay over the phone

USA Hair will not ask you to provide payment information, including gift cards (or “verification cards,” as some scammers call them), for products or services over the phone.

Always verify orders directly with us

For any question related to an order, always check Your Orders on

Be wary of false urgency

USA Hair will not pressure you to act now. Scammers may try to create a sense of urgency to persuade you to do what they're asking.

If you receive communication — a call, text, or email — that you think may not be from USA Hair, please report it to us.