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BLONDE WIGS - blonde human hair wigs & blonde synthetic hair wigs 

Are you looking for blonde wigs? You came to the right place! USA Hair is a wig brand specialized in blonde wigs. We offer different types of blonde wigs and all orders ship for free everywhere in America. The best blondes wigs are the human hair blonde wigs. Human hair is a hair quality where the wig is made of real hair, so the hair looks soft and real. USA Hair's human hair blonde wigs are available in different hair styles ranging from short blonde wigs to long blonde wigs. If you're searching for a more affordable hair quality when it comes to ordering a blonde wig online, we recommed our synthetic blonde wigs. Synthetic hair is considerably more affordable than human hair. Our synthetic blonde wigs look real and are great if you want to transform your look at a great price. The only difference is that synthetic hair can't be styled with hot tools, whereas with human hair blonde wigs you can. Therefore, if you're searching for the best wigs brand in USA, we are the answer you've been looking for! 

USA Hair Wigs | Online Wigs Store

The main benefit of buying a wig from USA Hair is that you’ll receive your order in just a few days as all orders ship from the USA. Wigs have gained quite a good amount of popularity in this decade because of their many advantages and use. They’re commonly used for protecting natural hair from the damaging surroundings or concealing natural hair issues. The most notable plus point about wigs is that they’re extremely convenient. USA HAir wigs are actually super quick and easy to put on, the process takes just seconds. If you’re a busy person, USA Hair is the shop for you as our products are fast and easy to install. USA Hair wigs are incredibly effortless to put on. Wigs are a great option if you want to change up your hair instantly without committing to it too much. Plus, you don’t have to sit through the long hours of dying, bleaching, perming, straightening, curling, or cutting your natural hair. These processes are expensive, very damaging to your natural hair, and are a big commitment which is why it’s safer to experiment with wigs. USA Hair Wigs also come in high-fashion hairstyles that are incredibly hard and expensive to reproduce in a hair salons. It’s safe to say that wigs help you get hair textures, hairstyles, and hair colors with confidence that you wouldn’t otherwise go for. Change up your look instantly and safely with USA Hair natural-looking wigs now!


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  1. DM2031446-v4 - Long Blonde Synthetic Hair Wig
    Special Price $119.84 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  2. 12" 12T613 - Short Color #12T613 Remy Human Hair Wig 12 inches Honey Brown / Bleach Blonde
    Special Price $239.68 was $399.99
  3. G1808604-v3 - Long Strawberry Blonde Synthetic Hair Wig
    Special Price $119.84 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  4. FU1904695-v3 - Long Blonde Synthetic Hair Wig With Bang
    Special Price $119.84 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  5. 16" #6t/6/613 - Short Color #6t/6/613 Remy Human Hair Wig 16 inches Chestnut Brown / Bleach Blonde
    Special Price $269.65 was $449.99
  6. G1904841C-v3 - Long Ombre Synthetic Hair Wig
    Special Price $119.84 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  7. Z1611011C-v3 - Long Gray Synthetic Hair Wig
    Special Price $119.84 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  8. G1904808B-v2 - Long Strawberry Blonde Synthetic Hair Wig
    Special Price $119.84 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  9. G1904833-v2 - Long Blonde Synthetic Hair Wig
    Special Price $119.84 was $199.99 As low as $79.90
  10. 22" 4T 4/24 - Long Color #4T 4/24 Remy Human Hair Wig 22 inches Brown / Ash Blonde
    Special Price $449.42 was $749.99
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  • Learn more about USA Hair's Blonde Wigs

    Buy Blonde Wigs Online - blonde human hair wigs

    Just look at all of these beautiful blonde wigs! From strawberry blonde to ash blonde or honey blonde, the options are almost too hard to choose from. Looking for some bangs? Check out the short blonde synthetic hair blonde wig up above. This is the best way to get beautiful blonde hair instantly! 


    Blonde hair wig styles at USA Hair include: 

    • Blonde curly wigs
    • long blonde wig
    • Blonde straight wigs
    • Blonde wigs with bangs
    • Blonde pigtail wigs
    • Blonde straight wigs
    • Blonde straight wigs
    • short blonde wig
    • blonde human hair wigs
    • cheap blonde wigs
    • long hair wigs
    • blonde wigs for sale
    • lace front wigs


    blonde hair wig & long blonde wig

    Save yourself some money and buy a blonde wig online. You will find it to be much cheaper than your local salon and the same quality. USA Hair offers different types of blonde wigs such as short blonde wigs and long blonde wig.

    What is the most popular blonde wig at USA Hair? Answer is blonde human hair wigs

    The short ombre blonde remy human hair wig has been the most popular lately! There are a few others that are close in popularity as well. Scroll above and see which would fit your style best. 

    How much does a blonde wig cost?

    So, what is the cost of a wig? The price can vary widely depending on many factors. If this is your first wig and you are looking for a more affordable option, try a synthetic blonde wig to get things started. 

    What is the best length blonde wig to get?

    Wigs don’t really come in lengths every two inches or so like hair extensions do. Most people usually go for a long blonde wig or a short blonde wig. See the selection up above to get started. 

    Blonde Wigs | Blonde Human Hair Wigs, Wigs in America & long blonde wig

    Hollywood celebrities such as the Kardashian sisters, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, and Kelly Rowland opt for the lace front wig since this type of wig matches any occasion. Hair stylists describe this hairpiece as dynamic and allow flexibility in style. It also looks natural, so many people will believe it’s your real hair and not a blonde wig that you are wearing. These wigs have been used in the film industry for more than a decade. However, it suddenly emerged as a fashion trend even for ordinary women. A lace front wig looks natural. It gives the appearance of a genuine hairline and flattens the edge between the wig and your skin. Lace front blonde wig offers a remedy for individuals suffering from hair loss issues. One of the most important advantages of wearing a lace front blonde wig is that it looks really natural and will conceal any hair loss issue you may suffer from. It’s also a great way of changing your hairstyle in a safe and discreet way. Contrary to other wigs types, this one really stands out as the most natural looking one because it creates an illusion that your hair is growing naturally and directly from the scalp. It creates a natural look and this is why many women and celebrities prefer to buy a lace front wig. The durability of lace front wigs depends on the material used. Synthetic lace front wigs normally last for one year if cared for properly. On the other hand, human hair lace front wig last longer (depending on maintenance). The virgin lace wigs, which is probably the best hair quality in the market, can last for many years depending on the maintenance. Prices vary but the synthetic one are inexpensive compared to the other categories. If you never had a wig before, we strongly suggest you start with a synthetic blonde wig. Synthetic lace front wigs may even be better than other wigs because of their affordability. No need for you to commit to one specific hairstyle and to spend a fortune on a blonde human hair wig or a virgin hair wig. Nowadays, synthetic hair looks real and people may actually be fooled into believing it’s your real hair. In order to install a lace front wig, there are a few things to keep in mind. The flatter your hair is under your blonde wig, the better the lace front wig will look. It’s easier with short or bob hair since you can simply wrap it with a wig cap or brush the hair away from your face and pin in place with the help of some hairspray. If you have longer hair, tie your hair into two French plaits tight against the scalp and cross them over just above the nape, secure them at the top and bottom with clips. You can also wear a wig cap to gather all your hair, it’s like a tight beanie that will hold all your hair in place. Apply an adhesive only after securing your hair. Use the correct adhesive or paste. Look for the glue specifically made for securing lace fronts and prevent them from moving. Perform patch testing to make sure you have no allergic reaction to the bonding agent. Wear the wig only after the test. You need waterproof glue if you plan to swim with the blonde wig on. Some women use skin protectors to act as wall between the paste and skin. Others attach double-sided removable tape if the wig will be worn only for several days. For those who choose the non-adhesive paste, test on your skin first just like the adhesive model. Allow it to stand for 20 minutes and determine your skin’s reaction. Last but not least, do not forget about your natural hair. You may forget to shampoo and conditioner if you wear the hairpiece only for one week. However, longer wear calls for regular care so the blonde wig does not become fragile or easily broken and dry. Dry your locks after washing your scalp and hair as a moist scalp under the wig can cause skin issues. Most of our customers prefer to simply wear the wig as is. This means you will have to remove the wig every day before sleeping, but at least you avoid going through complicated steps to have the wig installed on you 24/7. Synthetic blonde wigs are comparatively more inexpensive. Besides, it needs very little upkeep which is important for women with health conditions. Even as the price is cheaper, the man-made hairpiece still looks charming compared to genuine hair wigs. These extensions were designed using different kinds of imitation materials. In fact, many fashion-conscious females prefer this variety over other forms. You can even buy two or more products depending on the frequency of use.

    What about blonde wigs with bangs?

    When it comes to choosing the right wig, many women find themselves torn between a blonde wig with bangs and a more traditional style. While both can offer a beautiful look, there are some key differences to consider before making your final decision. Here's a closer look at both options: Blonde Wigs with Bangs: If you're looking for a wig that will help you make a bold statement, then a blonde wig with bangs is definitely the way to go. Bangs can really help to frame your face and add an extra touch of glamour to your overall look. Plus, they're perfect for hiding any unwanted blemishes or imperfections on your forehead. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that blonde wigs with bangs can be a bit high-maintenance. You'll need to make sure that you're regularly trimming your bangs to keep them looking neat and tidy. Otherwise, they can start to look a bit unkempt. Traditional Wigs: If you prefer a more classic look, then a traditional wig may be a better option for you. These wigs tend to be much simpler in style and don't require nearly as much upkeep. You can also find them in a variety of different colors, so you're sure to find one that compliments your natural hair color. The downside to traditional wigs is that they can sometimes look a bit dated. If you're not careful, you may end up with a wig that looks like it's straight out of the 1970s. To avoid this, be sure to choose a style that's modern and chic. So, which option is right for you? Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. If you're looking for a bold and glamorous look, then a blonde wig with bangs is definitely the way to go. However, if you prefer a more classic and timeless look, then a traditional wig may be a better option for you. Whichever route you choose, just be sure to rock your new look with confidence!


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