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Ultimate Guide On Hair Toppers For Thinning Hair 

>Hair loss can be one reason people lose their confidence and lose hope in feeling like themselves again. This is where the variety of hairpieces come in handy and save the day. From wigs to extensions to hair toppers, you have a list to select from. Hair toppers have become very trendy ever since they were introduced to help conceal such a severe problem and make people feel confident again. Do you want to know all about hair toppers, from what they are to how they work to what to buy? Well, you are in the right place! We are here with a detailed guide to help you understand what hair toppers are. So here we have it, “Hair Toppers Explained.”

#1 What Are Hair Toppers?

>Many people suffer from hair loss, and most of them tend to lose their confidence through the process. But instead of losing hope and confidence, there are tons of options that they can try to look like themselves again and regain their lost confidence. The readily available options in the market these days are wigs, extensions, hair topper, etc. These options can help you cover your hair loss and feel confident and happy wherever you go. But you must wonder, what are hair toppers? The two other options, wigs and hair extension, are pretty standard on the internet, but what about hair toppers? Don't worry, because we are here to tell you everything you need to know about hair toppers. If you want to know all about hair toppers, from what they are to how to wear them, where you can find them, to how to choose them, then you are in the right place! First off, let's get rid of the simplest question.

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What are hair toppers?

> Hair toppers are hairpieces specially designed to conceal one's hair loss without making it look too fake or unnatural. They help cover different areas of the head that have been exposed due to the various stages of hair loss. They are somewhat similar to wigs and extensions, but they are used to conceal a specific area and not the entire head. They come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the need of the buyer and the stage of hair loss. Some of the hair toppers provide coverage on the top of the head, while the others focus on concealing the sides and the back of the head. Not only that, but there is a kind of hair toppers that is specially designed to add volume to thin or fine hair that seems to expose the scalp a lot.

>Hair toppers go by a list of different names due to the variety of available options for a user to choose to cover up their partial hair loss. Hair toppers are also known as wiglets, hairpieces, and hair enhancers as they serve the same purpose, covering up a specific area of the head that has been exposed due to partial hair loss. The commonly used term for hair toppers is "wiglets" since it looks like a good wig's miniature version. As the wig covers the entire head, wiglets or hair toppers cover the head's needed area to cover up the lack of hair. The different types of hair toppers are designed to use various easy methods to cover up your wanted area and make it look as natural as it can get.  

>One thing that you must keep in mind is that none of the hair toppers are provided in a 'one size fit all' solution because everyone has different head sizes, hair types, and the affected hair loss area. Each hair topper is specially designed to fit the customer's head perfectly and suit their needs just like they want it. Every piece provides satisfying coverage to the area where the customer has suffered from visible hair loss. Here at USA Hair, we design each hair topper to look and feel natural, so it blends in with your real hair. Some of the hair toppers give coverage to more than just one area, making it the perfect alternative to a full wig. With high-quality hair toppers, you can efficiently address your partial hair loss problems without spending too much money or making it look too fake. But you need to apply some tips and tricks when buying the perfect wig topper, which we will be discussing soon in this detailed guide.

#2 Who Needs a Hair Topper?

>With the ‘what are hair toppers?’ question on the side, we can finally talk about who needs hair toppers. If you look at the general use, almost anyone can opt for wigs and hair extensions if they want to style their hair or if they want to make them look longer. They can be used to transform one’s look completely. But if you look at hair toppers, they are specially made to serve a purpose, help people out, and help them cover their bald spots. They are designed to cover a specific area or a side of the head instead of covering the entire head like a wig. It helps create a natural-looking patch of hair that blends in with the rest of your real hair. Here are two types of people who need hair toppers and can get the best out of the easy-to-handle hairpieces.

People with Prominent Hair Loss:

>The first and the most important type of people that need hair toppers are the ones who are suffering from significant hair loss. Many people have lost a fair amount or a patch of their patch from a specific spot to some injury, disease, health issues, or hair-related problem. They can easily opt for the hair toppers and conceal that particular spot with a lack of hair or straight-up balding. If they have less hair in that area, they can use hair toppers to add more artificial but realistic-looking hair and make it look fuller and healthier. Or, if someone has a bald spot on their hair due to the lack of hair, they can use a healthy hair topper with fuller coverage to make it look like they have hair on that specific spot, just like the rest of the hair. The hair toppers are supplied in various types and forms, depending on where the customer is suffering from balding or prominent hair loss. We will be talking about the coverage areas further in the guide.

People with Thin Hair:

>Now comes the second kind of people that need hair toppers and can get the best out of them. People who have very thin hair or have minor bald spots due to the lack of healthy and thick hair can use hair toppers to cover it all up. People with thin and fine hair tend to have hair problems because their hair is unhealthy and thin. They break easily, and it results in them having subtle bald spots and the scalp showing. But all of these problems can be fixed by a couple of hair toppers made with high-quality hair that cover up any damage and make their hair look natural. All they have to do is examine themselves and spot where the damaged area is and finally choose the hair topper for that area. As they are super easy to set and carry, you can solve your thinning hair problems effortlessly. They can even choose the fancy-looking options to try out a unique style by styling your hair just like the hair topper. They won’t even have to worry about the hair toppers looking like they are fake or just a patch of hair sticking out like it does not belong there. That is because they are made out of such high-quality material that they blend in with the real hair easily, making it look like there was never a lock of hair or a bald spot.

#3 How To Select a Hair Topper?

>Now that you finally know who needs a hair topper, we can move onto the rest of the guide. If you are one of the people mentioned above, you must learn how to get your hands on the right hair topper. As mentioned before, hair toppers don't come in a 'one size fits all' solution. Instead, they are made especially according to the buyers' needs, and it comes in a variety of sizes. Not only that, that variety of hair toppers also vary from the part of the head where they are needed, as well as the hair textures and hair colors. Not only that, but you can quickly get a hair topper just to add a bit of volume to your hair. A few simple and easy steps can help you choose the right type of hair topper to overcome all of your hair loss problems. Mentioned below are a couple of simple and easy to implement steps, tips, and tricks to choose the perfect hair topper for yourself. Keep on reading to know more about the how's and what's of choosing a hair topper.

Requirement No.1: Determine Your Hair Loss Level:

>The first step to getting the right hair topper is to determine your hair loss level. It gets easier to choose the right option when you know how bad the problem is. If you know the amount of hair loss, you will be able to select the right amount and thickness of the hair topper hair to cover up the affected area. The stages of hair loss can be determined by the amount of hair you have lost in the process and the area exposed due to that loss. Here is a list of hair loss levels that can help you classify the amount of hair that you have lost and how much of the scalp is exposed without the hair.

Beginning Level Hair Loss:

>The term beginning-level hair loss explains it all. But for the detailed explanation, beginning-level hair loss is the stage where you have just started to lose hair. It is the stage where your hair starts to get thin, and you start to lose a small but visible amount of hair. Your scalp starts to show in the background, but not as much. On this level of hair loss, you usually lose hair on the top of your hair. But this stage can be covered up by a hair topper with a smaller base size to cover up only the required area.

Progressive Level Hair Loss: 

>The progressive level of hair loss is when things start to get a little serious. This is the stage where you start to lose more hair, and your hair becomes thinner and thinner. At this level of hair loss, your scalp starts to show noticeably through the sparse areas of the less amount of thin hair. You will even notice that your hair is losing its strength more than usual. At this point, you will need a bigger, preferably medium or large-sized base for the hair topper to give more coverage and volume to your bald spots and hair.

Severe Level Hair Loss:

>This is where things get a little risky, and as you can tell by the name, this level makes the condition even more severe than any of the levels. This stage is where you lose a lot of your hair, and there is a much larger area of your head that has been exposed due to the absence of hair. This is when you barely have any hair left on a specific area, and it becomes harder to cover it up with the rest of your natural hair. To fix this, you will need a more extensive base for your hair topper with full coverage so you can completely conceal the affected area without the sides of the hair loss showing. The considerate amount of hair will also help blend in with the rest of your hair and make it look more natural.

>The term base keeps coming up, so I must think, what is that base area and what is it made of? Well, don't you worry, because we will definitely talk about it later in this guide.

Requirement No.2: Measure Area Affected By Hair Loss:

>The hair toppers' main job is to cover the entire area that has been affected due to partial or severe hair loss. But that can only work if you choose the right hair topper. We talked about the first step, which is determining your hair loss level, and now comes the second step, which is measuring the affected area. You need to measure the area correctly to know what size of hair toppers and coverage you need to get to make it look natural and clean. There are challenging and fast rules on how to measure your hair loss-affected area. You can easily just pick up a measuring tape, measure the entire area, and you are good to go! But to break the process down for the ones who find it difficult, here is how you can do it without a hassle.

  • Find a good measuring tape with correct numbers printed on it, so you don't mix up the measurements and get accurate results. Make sure to get a bendable one so you can easily measure all the curves without a problem.
  • When you get the right measuring tape, brush your hair out from the spot where you suffer from significant hair loss or thin hair. Ensure to keep all the hair brushed to the side, so it doesn't come in the way of getting the right measurements.
  • After that, first, measure the widest point from front to the back of where the spot is exposed. Remind yourself to try twice, so you get the perfect measurement.
  • When you are done with the front and back, measure the length from left to right of your head's exposed area. Make sure to try this twice as well and note down the right measurements.
  • After this, go ahead and add an inch to both the measurements to make sure the hair topper that you get is slightly bigger than your exposed area to make it look natural. This will cover up the area's edges and prevent it from peeking out from under the hair toppers.
  • This will help you get the right measurements, but if you think the measurements you have are bigger than what is available on the online stores or physical shops, have one of your friends, family members, or anyone measure the area. Ask them to follow the same steps to avoid any mishaps.
  • We are sure you will find your perfect size after this. But even after this, you don't, consider getting a wig to cover up your measured area better and have full coverage.

>Follow these super-simple steps, and you have the second requirement all complete!

Requirement No.3: Select a Base Type:

>Now that you are done determining the hair loss level and measuring the affected area let's move on to the third requirement, and that is selecting your required base type. The term base was repeated in the headings above, and we are now going to talk all about it in detail. The word base is pretty much self-explanatory, but for the ones who don't know what they are in terms of hair toppers, bases are the area under the hair topper set onto your hair. This is an essential part of the hair topper as it is supposed to sit on your head perfectly and make the hair topper stay in place; even though the hair toppers come with already attached clips, you still need the base to be the right size and texture to help sit on your head without a problem. There are two different types of bases available in hair toppers, and you can choose them by matching them to your requirements. Here is the list of the most commonly used bases for hair toppers and when you should choose them!

Lace Base:

>First comes the basic base for hair toppers that is the classic base. This base is the most commonly used base by customers. The classic base is ideal for people who are suffering from hair loss on the front of their head or the crown. Not only that, but people with thin hair on the crown can also opt for the classic base for their hair toppers so they can better and broader base to cover up that area. This type of base features wefts or rows of hair for stronger and better grip. As they will be covered by your natural hair and blend in together, the difference between your real hair and the wefts won't be noticeable. Lace base is fairly cheaper than the rest of the bases and is easily available as well. 

Monofilament Base / Mono Base

>Now comes the second and generally preferred base by people who suffer from visible hair loss, which is the monofilament base. The monofilament base is ideal for people who suffer from hair loss from the head's visible area, such as the top middle part. This type of hair consists of each hair attached to a soft mesh material of the hair topper. The mesh material and the hair individually tied to it helps give it a very natural look. If you look at it closely, it gives it an appearance of real hair growing from the scalp. This base helps the hair topper look more real and gives a more natural coverage on the visible part of the head. This type of base is the best in terms of affordable prices along with high-quality. But the luxurious monofilament bases are more expensive than lace bases, and are hard to find in good quality online. The material and quality of monofilament hair toppers is always worth it all, so choose the best one for yourself to get a comfortable hair experience. At USA Hair, we offer monofilament hair toppers of made of real remy human hair extensions at affordable prices with FREE shipping everywhere in America!  

Requirement No.4: Choose the Hair Type, Color, and Length:

>With the base types on the side, let's talk about our next and the most crucial step, the hair color, type, and length. This is going to be well detailed and adequately explained, so sit back and relax and get all the information you need to get the final step right. Now that all the measurements and technical parts are done, it is the turn for the appearance. The appearance matters the most because even if you get the measurements and base right if you don't get the appearance right, it will completely ruin your look. So you need to follow these three simple steps when shopping for hair toppers and choose all of them according to your requirement and liking so you can get the perfect hair topper. Here is the list of the last steps to choose your ideal hair topper.

Hair Color:

>When you are done with all of the measurements and examination, you need to move on to your hair topper color. Choosing the right color is very easy on USA Hair! You can request 2 free color swatches that will be delivered to you in a few business days online. These color swatches are perfect when you're unsure which hair color to choose from. If you prefer having our full color-ring (25 shades), it's only $15 and free shipping (and you get a $15 gift card too1). We can also assist you in picking the perfect shade if you send us a selfie. Moreover, we offer samples at low prices so that you can test the hair quality as well. All samples come with gift cards. By choosing the right hair color for your next hair topper, your hair topper will be able to blend in with your real hair easily and look natural, just like your natural hair.

>Tip: It is recommended that you do not dye or bleach your hair toppers as it will ruin the hair's quality and destroy the texture, which will, later on, differ from your real hair. But if you end up getting the wrong color, don't worry; USA Hair has a hassle-free return policy

Hair Type:

>Now on to the hair type; make sure you choose the hair type that matches your hair type. For instance, if you have curly hair, go for the curly hair texture. Like that, go for wavy hair toppers if you have wavy hair and straight texture if you have naturally straight hair.

>Tip: if you have curly or wavy hair, choose the same texture for your hair topper. This will help you get the same texture when you have your hair in the natural state. Not only that, but if you straighten your hair in the future, you will be able to straighten the hair topper as well since USA Hair toppers are made of real remy human hair extensions, and it will blend in properly. But don't forget to use a heat protectant on both your real hair and the hair toppers to prevent any damage.

Hair Length:

>Last but definitely not least, the hair length. The hair length of the hair topper is one of the most critical parts. Why, might you ask? It is one of the features that help the hair blend in and look natural as your real hair. If you go for a hair topper longer than your hair, then it will stick out and make it look fake and weird. The same is the case with a short hair topper; how would a small chopped-off length of hair in the middle of your real long hair? So it is essential to get the right size to fit it entirely on your head and let it blend in with the real hair.

>Tip: If you end up cutting your long hair into a shorter length after buying the long hair topper, don't worry, you can always carefully cut it to the same length as your real hair, and you are good to go. Make sure you cut it correctly and follow the right direction to prevent it from messing up.

#4 Coverage Areas for Hair Toppers:

>It was mentioned before in the guide that you need to know where the damage is so you can get the right hair topper for that specific area. Different parts on the head face the most hair loss, and the hair toppers are commonly available for those spots and areas. If you have trouble determining what the area is called or selecting the right term to describe, you are in the right place. We are here to help you out and make your hair topper experience better than ever. Here is a list of coverage areas for the hair toppers that have the most hair loss. Not only that, but hair toppers are commonly made to conceal these specific areas, so if any of these coverage areas are similar to your affected area, then it will be easier for you to get the perfect hair topper. Keep on reading to know all about it!

Part Area:

>Your head's part area refers to the area where you separate your hair into two parts from the middle on the top of your head. This is one of the most common spots where most people lose suffer from hair loss. It makes it harder for a person to cover it up when they part their hair from the middle. Even ponytails can be a hassle because the scalp starts to show form between the hairs. This is where a good, high-quality hair topper comes in handy. You can mention this coverage area when you are buying the hair topper, and you will get the right recommendation. 

Hairline Area:

>The hairline area refers to the front area of your head. The line connecting the forehead to the hair is called the hairline, and most people suffer from significant hair loss from this area. It is hard to cover up compared to the rest of the parts because it is right in the front, and the lack of hair makes it difficult to conceal it from bangs or such tricks. To fix this problem, you can always get a hair topper that covers this specific area. You can mention this coverage area when you are buying the hair topper, and you will get the right recommendation.

Crown Area:

>The hairline area refers to the head's top and back, where the skulls start to curve a little and towards to back. People with health issues or old age usually suffer from hair loss in this area. It may not be that hard to cover this area, but the thin and barely-there hair makes the scalp show through the gaps. You can get a hair topper to get a fuller coverage on the back and make the back of your head look healthy. You can mention this coverage area when you are buying the hair topper, and you will get the right recommendation.

#5 How To Wear a Hair Topper?

>With all the measurements, appearance and areas properly selected and out of the way, you have to order the hair topper accordingly. It is better if you get something similar and close to your requirements if you cannot find the same thing. When you finally get the hair topper delivered to you, it is time to wear and feel confident again! As it was mentioned before, hair toppers are not really hard to assemble or to put on. It does not require any particular product or tool, and it stays on properly until you take it off; it is that easy! They are just a couple of easily manageable steps that you can follow to put on your hair topper the right way. Here is a list of steps to put on your hair topper without a hassle.

Step No.1: Prepare the Hair Topper:

>The first thing that you must do is prepare the hair topper. You can prepare it by brushing the hair with a hairbrush that has relatively soft bristles. Get rid of all the knots and tangles, so it does not become hard for you to put on. And later on, you won't have to brush the hair when it's already on to prevent it from getting dissembled. When it is properly brushed and tangle-free, check to see if there is anything stuck in the hair and get rid of that too. After that, the hair topper is good to be assembled.

Step No.2: Position and Secure the Hair Topper:

>Now that your hair topper is clean and ready to assemble, open all clips that are already attached to it. Once all of them are open, position and place the first one an inch above the area that has been affected by hair loss and clip it on properly, then pull on the base slightly and press it down over your head to prevent any creases or bumps from forming. When everything is in place and set, clip on the rest of the hair clips toppers on the side and the back. Make sure to move your head a little and see if it has been set in the right place and is secure entirely. For extra surety, or if it is still moving, add a few of your subtle clips and secure them in place.

Step no.3: Style the Hair Topper:

>With the hair topper secure and in place, you are free to style it however you want. Make sure to brush the hair to avoid any tangles lightly. Don't forget to spray on a healthy amount of heat protectant spray over your hair and the hair topper to protect them from getting damaged from the styling tools' heat. Remind yourself not to tug or pull the hair too much because it might result in it losing its initial position. Tie it up in ponies or braids, do whatever you are like with it; it all comes down to your imagination and creativity.

#6 How To Clean Hair Toppers?

>As you always clean your hair every one to two days to keep it clean and prevent dirt from building up in it over and over again. This helps your hair stay healthy and clean, and it also appears better than ever. Same is the case with wigs and hair toppers; you need to clean them once in a while to get rid of any impurities and dirt. It helps the hair of the hair topper appear clean, shiny, and healthy. But, you don’t have to wash them that often; you can always wash them once or twice a month. Try not to use harsh shampoos or conditioners that can damage the quality or texture of the hair toppers; go for something soft and gentle that helps make the hair appear shiny and healthy, Besides that, keep brushing your hair toppers gently with a soft hairbrush to remove any knots and tangles. Always store them after brushing thoroughly, so they don’t get all tangled up when resting. Or, you can always hang them on a hook to keep the hair straight and prevent any creases or fold lines from forming. In the end, always take proper care of your hair toppers so they can last long and give you the benefits for a reasonable amount of time. This way, you will get the most out of the hair toppers and get the worth of your money. 

>We hope that this detailed guide helped you get all the vital information about hair toppers and know what they really are. Not only that, but we also hope that this guide helped you answer all of your questions and clear all the confusion you have regarding hair toppers. Use this guide to get the best hair topper experience and feel confident with your new look. Lastly, if you want to get the best hair toppers and other hairpieces at extremely high-quality and reasonable prices, then it is time for you to visit now! They provide the best hair toppers in a wide variety so that everyone can get the perfect piece that matches all of their requirements.