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Amazon Hair Extensions & Wigs vs USA Hair Extensions & USA Hair wigs

Should you order hair extensions on Amazon or USA Hair? Should you order wigs on Amazon or USA Hair? Discover the differences between Amazon hair extensions & Amazon hair wigs and USA Hair extensions & USA Hair wigs! If you're unsure if you should buy Amazon hair extensions / Amazon hair wigs or hair extensions & wigs on USA Hair, read this! We're going to explain you exactly the differences between Amazon hair extensions and USA Hair extensions, as well as the difference between Amazon hair wigs and USA Hair wigs.


Who has the best hair extensions prices and the best wigs prices between USA Hair and Amazon?

As an indepedent hair extensions company, we don't have to share our sales with Amazon. We get to sell our hair extensions and wigs directly to you with no other 3rd party involved. Indeed, the fact that no middlemen are involved when offering our high-quality hair extensions and wigs makes us considerably more affordable than what you'd find on Amazon. When ordering on USA Hair instead of Amazon, you benefit from reduced cost and you don't participate in enriching Jeff Bezos further than he deserves. 

Since USA Hair offers you high-quality hair extensions and wigs with no middlemen involved, you get to order affordable hair extensions and affordable wigs at better prices than Amazon hair extensions and Amazon wigs.

Indeed, it's not free for sellers to sell hair extensions on Amazon or to sell wigs on Amazon.

Using Amazon as a mean to sell hair extensions or wigs doesn't come cheap for the merchant. Merchants listing hair extensions and wigs on Amazon must pay big bucks for the opportunity to do so. In addition of paying fees on unit sales, merchants must also pay Amazon a referral fee for each item sold. The referral fee charged by Amazon will be a hefty 15%. As if these Amazon costs added weren't enough, there are additional fees such as Amazon FBA services for shipping, customer service, returns, and also endless other costs such as advertising on Amazon, long-term storage fees, and premium account services. All theses Amazon costs are passed on to you by the merchant selling hair extensions or wigs on Amazon.

With USA Hair, we never incur any of those fees since we sell hair extensions and wigs on our secured own website:, and not on Amazon. As a result, we can offer you high-quality hair extensions and wigs of better hair quality and better prices than the ones you'd find on Amazon.

But that's not it. 

USA Hair offers a free & exclusive Rewards Program! For every dollar you spend on USA Hair, you earn reward points that can be used as in-store credit when shopping on USA Hair. The more you order on USA Hair, the bigger your in-store credit balance will be. You can use your in-store credit to order any hair extensions or wigs from USA Hair. 

We also regularly offer deals and coupons on hair extensions and wigs. It's almost impossible to find a coupon that works on Amazon, especially when it's for ordering Amazon hair extensions or Amazon wigs. However, USA Hair is different. There are different hair extensions coupons and wigs coupons that you can redeem on the website to get exclusive hair extensions deals and exclusive wigs deals.  

Verdict: USA Hair is the winner.



USA Hair free shipping versus Amazon's "free" shipping 

USA Hair offers free shipping on all orders, all year-long. Period.  Whether you're ordering hair extensions or wigs on USA Hair, you can be certain that we'll never charge you any shipping fee. You can't say the same about Amazon hair extensions or Amazon wigs. In order for you to be eligible for free shipping when ordering Amazon hair extensions or Amazon wigs, you must order over a certain amount imposed by Amazon or enroll into a costly paid subscprition membership (Amazon Prime) that needs to be renewed every single year just for you to benefit from free shipping. There's no other options! This the only way for you to maybe benefit from free shipping when ordering hair extensions on Amazon or ordering wigs on Amazon. This conditional free shipping offer from Amazon isn't even offered on all hair extensions and wigs sold on Jeff Bezos' website, but regrettably only for a few unpopular hair extensions and wigs. Not to mention that you run the risk of being charged additional fees by Amazon for import fees & duty fees if the seller ships outside of USA which is the case most of the time. Since USA Hair ships all orders from USA, whether you ordered hair extensions or wigs, you will never have to pay any duty fees or import fees! We believe free shipping should be simple, clear, and with no strings attached. 

With USA Hair, we have a transparent free shipping policy. In short, everything literally ships for free on USA Hair.

Read this again if you need to: everything literally ships for free

✓ There's no minimum order requirement for you to benfit from free shipping on USA Hair

✓ You don't need to enroll into a costly paid subscription of any sort for you to get hair extensions or wigs shipped for free by USA Hair

✓ All products sold on USA Hair ships for free, no exceptions. 

✓ All orders ship from USA, you will never pay any duty/import fees!

Every single order placed on USA Hair is processed quickly and will ship for free everywhere in USA. All orders ship from USA! 

USA Hair extensions & wigs are delivered in 2 to 9 business days in general. We use the same shipping carriers than Amazon: USPS, FedEx, Purolator, UPS, and more. In short, we pick the most efficient delivery company to ensure that hair extensions & wigs are delivered to you quickly, safely, and for free. Amazon doesn't have any edge over us when it comes to delivering your hair extensions or delivering your wigs in USA


Verdict: USA Hair is the winner.





USA Hair is more flexible than Amazon in terms of payment methods.  You can pay on USA Hair with credit cards and PayPal.

On Amazon, you're limited to credit card payments.

There's no difference between Amazon and USA Hair when it comes to order protection.  

✓ Didn't receive your order? USA Hair will reship it. 

✓ Not satisfied with your order? Return it (at our cost) and get a full & curteous refund. 

✓ Questions? USA Hair's customer service team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions. 

In contrast to Amazon hair extensions and Amazon wigs, the extensions & wigs you will find on USA Hair are availabe in many more colors, lengths, hair qualities, and hair thicknesses. USA Hair carries over 3,000 different types of hair extensions and wigs that all went through strict quality control. Not only is it easy to find the perfect hair extensions and the perfect wigs using USA Hair's user-friendly & secured website, but you also get top hair quality regardless of which type of extensions you order. Whether it's clip-in extensions, invisible wire extensions , tape in extensions, ponytail extensions, or any other types of extensions or hair wigs, you can be sure the ones you will find on USA Hair are made of top quality hair. 

USA Hair extensions and USA Hair wigs are softer and will blend more seamlessly with your natural hair. The same can't necessarily be said about Amazon hair extensions and Amazon wigs.  

Our customer service team are top hair experts that can address all your concerns efficiently. Amazon reps can only assist you with genral inquires such as the delivery and returns, they can't help you with detailed and specific questions about hair extensions and wigs . But with USA Hair, you get unlimited access to top hair experts that will help you choose the best hair extensions and the best hair wigs for your unique hair type or hair needs. Our hair experts will assist you in selecting the best hair extensions shade that will match your hair the most naturally and will be at your disposal for any questions or comments you may have. All of USA Hair's customer service team are located in USA. We operate only from USA serving our American customers with pride. Can Amazon say the same? 

Need help find the perfect hair extensions color? We got your back! 

Can't find your hair color? USA Hair can help! There are 4 ways to color match without risk from the comfort of your home: 

Method 1 - Get 2 free color swatches from USA Hair 

You can request 2 free color swatches from USA Hair so that you can see the color in real life. Our hair color swatches are shipped by USPS and will be delivered in a few business days.

Method 2 - Order USA Hair extensions samples 

We offer hair extensions samples so that you can test the hair quality yourself without committing to a bigger purchase. You can order clip in extensions samples, tape in extensions sample, fusion extensions samples, and micro loop extensions samples. Whether it's for human hair samples or remy hair samples, it's easy to order online hair samples on USA Hair! All samples order include a free gift card that you can redeem on the website for future purchases! 

Method 3 - Order USA Hair color ring, 30 colors in total 

USA Hair color ring includes all our 30 human hair colors such as jet black, chestnut brown, ombre balayage, blonde, and a lot more! Our full 30 color rings include a free gift card that can be redeemed on USA Hair! 

Method 4 - Send us a selfie 

Keep in mind we're only an email away! Please never hesitate to send us an email if you need help choosing the right hair color for you. You can also send us a selfie and one of our hair experts will assist you in picking the best hair color for a natural and discreet result! 



Verdict: USA Hair is the winner.



Amazon Hair vs USA Hair

Amazon hair extensions & Amazon wigs, VS USA Hair extensions & USA Hair wigs 

Last but not least, USA Hair is a pioneer of hair extensions and wigs in USA. We didn't build our company off Amazon's web traffic. We did it ourselves, by providing excellent customer service and quality prodtcts. USA Hair is known in USA as the best hair extensions brand and the best wigs brand for how affordable the extensions & wigs are while being of high quality. Despite never selling on Amazon, USA Hair became USA's favourite online hair extensions & wigs shop. As a decade-long company, we have better understanding of how hair extensions & wigs work and how to manufacture them in a way that will satisfy all your needs. We have strict quality control process to ensure the extensions & wigs you buy on USA Hair are always soft, tangle-free, blends naturally, perfect color, and the hair is thick from top to bottom on every single order. Contrary to Amazon sellers selling Amazon hair extensions and Amazon wigs, we are experts in our field where we wrote lengthy guides about hair extensions and wigs on our blogs & produced detailed videos explaining everything you need to know about hair extensions and wigs. Our customer service team is composed of hair experts that can answer all of your hair extensions & wigs questions efficiently. On Amazon, you may find the same seller selling through different account names. Whereas USA Hair never changed its name, not even once. We were always called USA Hair since the day our company was founded. We never tried changing our business name. All the reviews you see about our company are real honest customers reviews. It's been 10 years now that customers are reviewing USA Hair regularly, and we've always scored highly in customers satisfcation for hair extensions & wigs. Our existence depend precisely on the long-term relationship we have with our customers and the notoriety of our hair extensions brand & wigs brand. We talk the talk and walk the walk!

Verdict: USA Hair is the winner.


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Hair Extensions Amazon Alternatives

Amazon hair extensions

If you're searching for Amazon hair extensions alternatives on the internet, it may be because you either had a negative experience shopping hair extensions on Amazon or you're not too sure if it's the right thing to do. In this short article, we'll explain you what makes USA Hair different than Amazon hair extensions vendors, and why purchasing from a well-established retailer such as USA Hair is a better decision than buying hair extensions from Amazon.

First of all, it's hard to know how reliable a hair extension vendor is on Amazon. It's a known fact that many hair extensions companies offer poor hair quality when it comes to hair extensions! It seems many people had negative experience wearing extensions and that's a shame. Wearing hair extensions shouldn't be a negative experience. However, it can very well be one if you don't shop smart. USA Hair is a leading hair extensions and wigs company with thousands of satisfied customers all accross North America. By shopping your hair extensions on USA Hair instead of Amazon, you're sure of buying quality extensions backed by thousands of reviews.

Secondly, reviews on Amazon can unfortunately be manipulated by the seller. That's the drawback of relying on only 1 source of reviews. Obviously, this goes against Amazon terms of service. Despite Amazon suing sellers who employ illegal and unethical techniques in manipulating reviews in ther favor, it's still a shameful practice that keeps on happening. Whereas with USA Hair, we are being reviewed all around the internet. You can read reviews about USA Hair on independent blogs, independent Youtube reviews, and many other websites specialized in reviews such as Google reviews and Facebook reviews. We can't (and don't want to) filter any of these reviews. We believe honest customers reviews is what makes a business great. We read all customers reviews and continuously improve our products and our customer service to ensure that USA Hair customers are more than delighted with their purchase. This is how we built our customers base! We didn't rely on Amazon vast network and huge audience to build our brand. Our brand was built directly from and we grew organically from there because the quality of our products is really superior and we cut costs everywhere to pass on the savings to you.

Thirdly, when shopping hair extensions on USA Hair instead of Amazon, you get fast & premium customer support. Expect to get replies really quickly from our company. We also have in place a hassle-free return policy that you may not find on Amazon. Indeed, if you don't like the product purchased and your product is eligible for return, we have an easy step-by-step process. Our company also pays your return postage fees so you literally have nothing to lose by giving us a try. Our hair extensions package has a section with a color tester where you can see if the color of the extensions would match your natural hair color with opening the main package.

Last but not least, all orders ship from America so expect to receive your order really quickly. Buying hair extensions on Amazon is tricky because frequently, sellers are located outside of North America. Shipping can take a very long time when the package comes from outside of North America. You also run into the risk of paying extra duty fees to US customs, otherwise your package won't be delivered to you. These additional surprise fees can be as high as 30% of your total order value.

Amazon Hair Extensions Alternatives

Why buy Hair Extensions from USA Hair instead of Amazon?

Why risk buying hair extensions from Amazon if you're located in America? With USA Hair, prices are even more affordable than what you would find on Amazon. That's because sellers offering hair extensions on Amazon have to pay additional fees to amazon in the form of fixed fees, storage fees, and a percentage of the total order. With, we don't pay any fees to anybody. So we can pass on all the savings to you. In short, USA Hair extensions are of better quality than amazon hair extensions and more affordable. Shipping is quick, orders ship from America, customer service is based in the USA and returns are accepted hassle-free with your shipping fees covered by our company.