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Honey Brown & Ash Blonde #12/24  Hair Topper 14 inch for Thinning Hair Crown (Size: 5 inch x 4 inch, Weight: 60g) Remy Human Hair

Honey Brown & Ash Blonde #12/24 Hair Topper 14 inch for Thinning Hair Crown (Size: 5 inch x 4 inch, Weight: 60g) Remy Human Hair

Light Brown #8 Hair Topper 14 inch For Thinning Hair Part (Size: 2.75 inch x 5 inch, Weight: 45g) Remy Human Hair

Light Brown #8 Hair Topper 14 inch For Thinning Hair Part (Size: 2.75 inch x 5 inch, Weight: 45g) Remy Human Hair

Honey Brown & Ash Blonde #12/24 Hair Topper 14 inch for Full Coverage (Size: 6.5 inch x 6.5 inch, Weight: 95g) Remy Human Hair

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Full Coverage Hair Topper for full coverage, 6.5" x 6.5" 95 grams

For those who suffer from severe hair loss or hair thinning issues, USA Hair Toppers for full coverage are the perfect solution! This stage is where you lose a lot of your hair, and there is a much larger area of your head that has been exposed due to the absence of hair. This is when you barely have any hair left on a specific area, and it becomes harder to cover it up with the rest of your natural hair. To fix this, you will need a more extensive base for your Hair Topper with full coverage so you can completely conceal the affected area without the sides of the hair loss showing. The considerate amount of hair will also help blend in with the rest of your hair and make it look more natural.

It’s one of the best options for those experiencing advanced hair loss that is spread throughout the hair, rather than hair loss that is affecting a specific spot on the head. The topper is very discreet, lightweight, and a low-commitment choice that can be applied and removed safely in the comfort of your own home. The base dimension is 6.5 x 6.5 inches, making it our largest base available. It weighs in at just about 95 grams, providing extremely comfortable wear for hours! The topper is hand made - each and every hair hand stitched to mimic how your natural hair grows from your scalp. And with premium remy hair, it looks just like real hair!

The cap has five pre-installed silicon clips that snap into place with ease! And the base of the topper is made of high-quality monofilament, creating one of the most natural-looking hair toppers available! Click here to learn how to apply hair toppers for "full coverage".

  • USA Full Coverage Hair Toppers are perfectly safe and will not damage your hair.
  • No commitment. You can install & remove your Full Coverage Hair Topper whenever you please!
  • These Full Coverage Hair Toppers are made of 100% premium remy hair, one of the best hair quality on the market. Premium remy Full Coverage Hair Toppers last longer and will look natural because it will cover your hair loss impeccably.
  • They are made with a monofilament base, which make them the most natural looking toppers in the market. Each hair is hand stitched to the base to create the illusion that it's your own hair growing from your scalp.
  • The monofilament base is perfect for eveyday use since it's lightweight, comfortable and breathable.
  • Buy a Full Coverage Hair Topper today!

One of the best options for those experiencing *advanced* hair loss throughout the entire hair is our topper with full coverage! It’s a great choice for those who have thinning hair in general, rather than hair loss targeted at a specific spot. The base dimension is 6.5 x 6.5 inches… making it our largest base available! It weighs in at 95 grams and has 5 pre-installed clips made with silicon, providing a tight grip. Like all our clips, these open and close easily with just a little pressure!

Buy a Full Coverage Hair Topper today!

Type: hair topper

Quality: 100% real premium remy hair

Hair Loss Area: throughout, full coverage [+] SEE COVERAGE

Har Loss Stage: Advanced

Cap Construction: Monofilament base (Mono Base) 6.5" x 6.5"

Brand:  XO by ©

Recommendation: 1 set is enough for a full head

Hair Toppers Chart: Click here to view Hair Toppers Chart


14 inches


14 inches are 95 grams, hair density is 150%

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Human Hair14 inches

1. Thinning Hair Coverage Area

Size: 2.75" x 5.5"
Weight: 45 grams
Part (Large Coverage)
Size: 3-5.75" x 5"
Weight: 60 grams
Size: 5" x 4"
Weight: 60 grams
Full Crown
Size: 6.5" x 2.25"
Weight: 50 grams
Full Coverage
Size: 6.5" x 6.5"
Weight: 95 grams



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