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#1B Black / Brown Hair Toupee For Men | Hair Replacement System For Men PU Topper - Remy Human Hair

#1B Black / Brown Hair Toupee For Men | Hair Replacement System For Men PU Topper - Remy Human Hair

#1B65H Salt & Pepper Hair Toupee For Men #1B65H | Hair Replacement System For Men PU Topper - Remy Human Hair

#1B65H Salt & Pepper Hair Toupee For Men #1B65H | Hair Replacement System For Men PU Topper - Remy Human Hair

#365 Silver Gray Hair Toupee For Men | Hair Replacement System For Men PU Topper - Remy Human Hair

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Type: men toupee

Quality: 100% real premium human remy hair

Base: PU Topper, base between 0.04 and 0.06 mm for maximum comfort, discreetness, and natural-looking appearance. Size 8" x 10" & hair density is 90%-100%, 6 inch hair length

Brand: Quality Hair ™ by ©

V-Loops Technology: Hair toupees are made with our unique V-looping technology, which provides better ventilation and comfort for the wearer. The way these professional toupees are looped, results in the most natural look since the hairline becomes practically invisible and blends in seamlessly with your own. All USA Hair men toupees include a free tape-in roll and 1 glue bottle for an easy-breezy installation.  

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Who said only women get to enjoy and feel confident with their wigs, toppers, and hair extensions? Men can also enjoy the perks of having luscious hair with the help of men’s hair toupees. What are those, you might ask? Well, keep on reading to learn all about them!

#1 What Is a Hair Replacement System?

Many people suffer from hair loss and they tend to lose their confidence due to this condition. If you are one of those men who are suffering from major or prominent hair loss then you are the perfect candidate for the hair replacement system. There are tons of ways to cover up thinning hair or prominent hair loss and baldness but one of the most effective ways is using Hair Toupees. There is a variety of hair toupees available for men who have thinning hair or bald spots. Each toupee hair replacement system is made to cover a specific area of the head to cover up the hair loss.

#2 What Are Men Toupees Made Out Of?

Several hair toupees retailers will offer toupees that are partially made of real human hair, and the remaining hair (typically grey or white) will be made of synthetic hair. This is not the case with USA Hair's toupees! Men’s hair replacement systems provided by USA Hair are made of 100% human hair, regardless of the hair color. We offer men toupees in black shades, brown shades, blonde shades, salt and pepper shades and even full grey shades. Each toupee is made of 100% real human hair for a natural long-lasting result. Not only that, but USA Hair also makes sure that the components used for making hair toupees are durable and of high quality so they can last longer and give the customer the best value. For instance, we offer toupee hair replacement system with a PU base. The PU base makes the topper very durable for a long term use and it's anti-slip texture helps the topper stick to the head properly. Furthermore, the base is made to be as thin as possible to procure maximum comfort and a more natural look, the thickness of the base is only between 0.04mm and 0.06mm. It also provides a more realistic scalp look which makes it possible to work with multiple hairstyles.

#3 Why Should You Go For Men’s Toupees?

As it has been mentioned before, there are so many other ways to cover up thinning hair or hair loss. But we still suggest using hair extensions for men, more specifically men’s hair replacement system, also known as men’s toupees. But you must be thinking, why should you choose men’s hair toupees? Well, worry no more because we are here to tell you all about why choosing USA Hair's men toupees is the best option for men who suffer from any kind of hair loss or baldness. Here are the reasons why you should go for men’s toupees:

  • Men’s toupees are the best kind of men’s artificial hair replacement because they cover the bald area or the showing scalp completely.
  • Men’s hair replacement systems, also known as men’s toupees are very easy to put on.
  • Men’s stick-on hairpieces are the most realistic looking option among the many others. That makes it easier for the wearer to feel more confident that their hair replacement system looks real, just like their natural hair and most importantly will stay in place and not move.
  • Men’s toupees are super lightweight and comfortable, which allows men to have a stress-free overall hair experience.
  • Lastly, men’s toupees sold on USA Hair are anti-allergy, which means that men with different skin types and sensitivity can get the best out of them and feel safe without having to deal with allergies and reactions.

#4 What Is the V-Loops Technology?

This hair replacement system uses USA Hair's unique V-looping hair technology. The V-loops men toupees are designed to look the most natural possible by providing a more invisible and most natural looking hairline. V-loops toupees provide better ventilation so that they are also comfortable to wear. This helps the wearer have a comfortable and hassle-free hairstyling experience.

#5 How To Apply Hair Toupee?

Like we mentioned before, hair toupees are extremely easy to apply. Here are few simple steps that you can follow to install a hair toupee:

Step 1: Clean the scalp that is showing from your thinning hair or the bald spot with the help of rubbing alcohol. This will help get rid of residues that may interfere with the stickiness of the glue/tape.

Step 2: When you are done cleaning, align your toupee to your head and use a marker to mark the right spots where you think your hair toupee sits best. Then remove the hair toupee to proceed.

Step 3: Now for this part, there are two ways to do it. If you are using a hair tape, cut the tape into small pieces and place them over your bald spot. Then gently press on them a few times. But if you are using glue, use a considerate amount of glue and spread it evenly across the bald spots.

Step 4: When you are done applying your choice of adhesive, position the toupee over your head and gently press it onto the glue/tape. Make sure to keep pressing it gently to make sure it is set and stuck in place.

Step 5: When it is secured in place, style it however you want! It’s that easy!

All USA Hair men toupees include a free tape-in roll and 1 glue bottle for an easy-breezy installation.  

#6 Where Can You Get the Best Men’s Hair Toupee?

After reading all the benefits and uses of men’s hair toupees, if you are convinced that they are the best male hair replacement option for you then you need to get your hands on one of them now! But you must wonder, where to get a toupee that is available in the color and measurements that I require and also affordable? You can get the best human hair toupees at Do you know what the best part is? Men Toupees on USA Hair are available at extremely reasonable prices, which means you don’t have to break the bank to feel confident and look your best. As it's usually the case with USA Hair orders, your order will ship for free and delivered quickly.

We hope this thorough guide helped you get to know all about men's hair toupees with a PU topper base. Wait no more and try one for yourself!

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REAL HUMAN HAIR: Natural Beauty! Our most popular choice, real human hair extensions offer a silky, soft texture that blends seamlessly with your own hair. These extensions provide a natural result, matching your hair in texture, curl, and color. Ideal for styling with hot tools, they allow you to create any look you desire. Real human hair extensions offer incredible value, striking a perfect balance between quality and affordability. Brand: XO Tara Hair ™

PREMIUM REMY HAIR: Luxury and Longevity! Our premium remy hair is the epitome of hair extension quality. Unmatched in smoothness and durability, these extensions ensure hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction for a consistently thick, lustrous look from top to bottom. Incredibly soft and silky, remy hair retains its vitality and elasticity over time, making it the best choice for those seeking top-tier quality and long-lasting elegance. Brand: XO Quality Hair ™

SYNTHETIC HAIR: Affordable Elegance! Our synthetic hair extensions are a budget-friendly solution for anyone seeking a style transformation. These extensions are perfect for those who want a beautiful look without the higher price tag. Easy to care for and available in a range of styles, synthetic hair is a great choice for those new to hair extensions or for occasional wear. Brand: XO Tara Hair ™


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Please note that these lengths might look different on you depending on your height.

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All our clip-in & invisible wire extensions are available in full head sets that are made of high-quality hair. The higher the grams, the more hair is attached to each weft. The reason we provide these weight options, is to help you find a set that is suited to your own haircut and hair thickness.

If you have thin/fine, medium to long hair and you want to add volume and length, without overwhelming your look, we recommend 'Standard' hair extensions.

If you have average thickness, medium to long hair and want to add volume and length, our 'Thick' set is your ideal match because it created the perfect balance of length and volume.

If you have short, layered or thick hair and would like to add length to your hair, go for the 'Very Thick' set. This set will give you the most natural look since it matches your own hair thickness and will blend seamlessly with shorter hair cuts.





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