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Sam Conan™ Luxe European Tape-In Hair Extensions - 20

Sam Conan™ Luxe European Tape-In Hair Extensions - 20" & 180g Full Volume Set

Sam Conan™ Luxe European Micro Beads Hair Extensions - 20

Sam Conan™ Luxe European Micro Beads Hair Extensions - 20" & 180g Full Volume Set

Sam Conan™ Luxe European Sew-In Weaves Hair Extensions - 20" & 180g Full Volume Set



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Sam Conan™ European Hair Sew-In Weave Extensions

Reveal Your Luxurious Transformation with Sam Conan™ European Hair Sew-In Weave Extensions

Introducing the pinnacle of opulence and transformative beauty: Sam Conan™ European Hair Sew-In Weave Extensions. For those who covet a dramatic, yet impeccably natural enhancement to their hair, these sew-in weaves offer an unparalleled experience. Crafted from the finest European hair, known for its silky texture, robust vitality, and lustrous finish, our sew-in extensions are the essence of luxury and elegance.

Hair quality: European Hair
Type: Sew-in extensions
Length: 20 inch
Weight: 180g (1 weft)
Brand: Sam Conan ™


Obsidian Midnight (Jet Black #1) - A deep, intense black that mirrors the enigmatic depth of the night sky.

Espresso Eclipse (Black / Brown #1b) - A rich blend of the darkest brown and black, reminiscent of a finely brewed espresso under a lunar shadow.

Majestic Mahogany (Dark Brown #2) - A deep, dark brown with the dignified essence of polished mahogany wood.

Velvet Truffle (Chocolate Brown #4) - A lush, decadent brown that evokes the indulgence of smooth, rich chocolate truffles.

Golden Ember (Chestnut Brown #6) - A warm, glowing brown with hints of golden sunlight filtering through autumn chestnuts.

Sun-kissed Quartz (Light Brown #8) - A light, radiant brown that captures the gentle warmth of sunlight on quartz crystals.

Amber Harmony (Honey Brown #12) - A harmonious blend of golden honey hues, offering a touch of natural sweetness.

Crimson Gold (Strawberry Blonde #27) - A lustrous blend of golden light and delicate crimson, reminiscent of sunlit strawberries.

Desert Mirage (Sandy Blonde) - A soft, sandy blonde that conjures images of golden dunes under a vast, azure sky.

Sunset Fusion (Strawberry Blonde & Bleach Blonde #27/613) - A radiant fusion of strawberry warmth and the lightest blonde, like a sunset blending into daylight.

Fiery Topaz (Ginger #30) - A vibrant, fiery hue with the sparkling warmth of a precious topaz gemstone.

Luminous Pearl (Bleach Blonde #613) - An ethereal blonde with the serene, glowing purity of a pearl bathed in light.

Golden Dawn (Blonde #60) - A pristine blonde that captures the first light of dawn, soft and illuminating.

Icy Elegance (Platinum Blonde) - A sleek, sophisticated blonde with the cool, refined brilliance of platinum.

Mystic Frost (Honey Blonde & Ash Blonde #12/24) - A mystical blend of honey warmth and the cool, distinguished tones of ash, like frost under a winter sun.


Excellence of European Hair

European hair is prized for its fine texture, versatility, and the ability to blend seamlessly with a wide range of hair types. The exceptional quality of European hair used in Sam Conan™ Sew-In Weave Extensions guarantees a look that is both breathtakingly natural and exquisitely beautiful, elevating your hair to new heights of glamour.

Premium Features:

  • Voluminous Length and Fullness: Each weave provides 20 inches of length and comes in a generous weight of 180 grams, designed to offer you a transformation that adds both volume and elegance to your natural hair.
  • Varied Color Selection: Choose from an exclusive range of 15 vibrant and natural shades, ensuring the perfect match for your hair color and allowing for a flawless integration.
  • Ultimate Quality and Luxury: With a price point of $1500, these sew-in weave extensions stand as a testament to unparalleled luxury and the highest standards of craftsmanship in hair enhancement.

Application Process for a Seamless Transformation:

  1. Cornrow Your Hair: Begin with clean, dry hair. Your natural hair is braided into cornrows that lie flat against your scalp, serving as the foundation for the weave.
  2. Sew-In the Weave: The Sam Conan™ weave is then sewn into the cornrows using a needle and thread, a process that ensures a secure and durable attachment without the need for adhesives or chemicals.
  3. Customize Your Look: Once the weave is securely in place, it can be cut, styled, and colored as desired. The versatility of European hair allows for a wide range of styling options, ensuring your new look is as unique as you are.
  4. Care and Maintenance: To maintain the beauty and longevity of your Sam Conan™ weave, treat it with gentle care. Regular washing, deep conditioning, and minimal heat styling will keep your extensions looking fabulous.

Why Sam Conan™?

Sam Conan™ is synonymous with the ultimate in hair enhancement luxury. Our European Hair Sew-In Weave Extensions are crafted for those who desire a transformative beauty solution without compromise. Offering an exquisite selection of colors, unparalleled quality, and a commitment to craftsmanship, Sam Conan™ invites you to experience the transformation of a lifetime.

Begin Your Journey to Unmatched Beauty

With Sam Conan™ European Hair Sew-In Weave Extensions, step into a world where luxury and beauty converge to create a look that is uniquely yours. Embrace the transformative power of the finest European hair and let your beauty aspirations become reality.

"Sam Conan™ - Transforming Beauty into Art."

Elevate your hair game with Sam Conan™ European Hair Sew-In Weave Extensions and discover the ultimate expression of luxury and style. Your journey to breathtaking beauty starts here.


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